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Truth 真相 Episode 4 Recap

Song Baiyu returned home, and Wen Xiaowan had not yet returned. She worked as the secretary to the general manager of Zhijie Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. Song Baiyu called Malaysia and told him that the batch of goods in his hand hadn’t moved recently. After the wind had passed, he came to think of a solution. He would remind the batch of customs and let Malaysia take time to come to him to wash the pen. After Song Baiyu locked the things in the safe, Xiao Wan came back, and the two were gentle.

The evidence chain of Chen Xin’s case is complete and the case can finally be closed. Lin Lan is relieved. Lin Yuanhao said that only with sufficient evidence can the sentencing and conviction be rigorous. These evidences often determine the fate of a person. Lin Lan lamented if Peng Juan and Chen Xin If they understand the law, they will not use such extreme means to save themselves.

Lin Yuanhao said that they will work hard to achieve judicial justice and restore the truth of the case. Lin Lan appreciates his approach to tracking Song Baiyu. Lin Yuanhao said that he will not affect his work due to personal feelings. This is the most basic professional criterion. He seriously suspects that Lin Lan came in through the back door. Lin Lan retorted her. It was the first place to come in.

Lin Yuanhao judged that Wang Dazhi’s case had nothing to do with the Gu Ping case 14 years ago. If blindly superimposed on it, things would become more obscure. He believed that the focus should be on the new case.

The banquet office found Lin Yuanhao and told him that Lin Lan was leaving his job, hoping that he would pick up the job of trace inspection. Lin Yuanhao wondered that Lin Lan was willing to follow up the Gu Ping case. The banquet office was worried that Lin Lan would be emotional and afraid of her. Getting deeper and deeper, let Lin Yuanhao give him an answer after considering it.

After work, it rained like a note, Lin Lan took Lin Yuanhao’s car home. On the way, Lin Yuanhao deliberately brought up the Gu Ping case 14 years ago. Lin Lan said that he felt that his father’s death was strange and conspired. It was so easy. Given the opportunity, she will not give up tracing the truth. After arriving home, Lin Lan offered to go to Lin Yuanhao’s room to grab a coffee. The two saw Song Baiyu at the door. Song Baiyu came over and asked Lin Yuanhao if he arranged for the police to investigate himself? Lin Yuanhao explained that he was doing things according to the procedure, and Song Baiyu went to sit at home.

After arriving home, Song Baiyu was still furious. Lin Yuanhao made coffee and persuaded him to calm down. Song Baiyu reluctantly said that his proposal should be forgotten, otherwise the two of them really worked together Lin Yuanhao and killed their relatives, and he would die. At this time someone knocked on the door, and Lin Yuanhao’s father Lin Zeshi came. He complained to Song Baiyu that his son would not help him with the business, so he ran over.

He only found out where he lived when he asked the banquet hall. He saw that Lin Lan was likable, and after some inquiries, Song Baiyu got up and said goodbye. Lin Zeshi insisted on staying at night. Lin Yuanhao’s expression was painful. Lin Lan felt funny when she saw it. She said goodnight and went back to the room. She secretly saw Lin Zeshi sitting and drinking coffee by herself. The next morning, Lin Lan hurried away as soon as he tidied up, while Lin Yuanhao meticulously arranged the items before leaving.

At the case meeting, the banquet department introduced Zhong Mingyue’s responsibility for the Gu Ping case brought out by Wang Dazhi’s case. He also brought prosecutors Sun Ming, Qian Yang and assistant Zheng Cong. Zhong Mingyue informed that the Gu Ping case was ten. In a cultural relic theft case four years ago, the gang committed the case. The cultural relics have extremely high historical research value. At that time, a task force was established. However, due to only a background of video surveillance, insufficient evidence, and the sacrifice of the investigators, the case was not solved. Now that they have new clues, they want to restart the national treasure theft case.

Li Shuang interrogated Peng Juan. Peng Juan said she didn’t know what was in the brocade box. She didn’t know about Wang Dazhi and didn’t dare to ask. Li Shuang went on to interrogate Wang Dazhi. Wang Dazhi confessed that he had been identified by someone and that what he had stolen in the museum was a fake. The reason why I kept hiding at home for 14 years was because I couldn’t sell it, so I just stayed like it. After Hu Mingyue found the cultural relic appraisal expert Qin Xiuwen after appraisal, he also determined that this was a high imitation fake.

Li Shuang ridiculed Wang Dazhi’s clever methods and replaced the real with the fake. Even if he is caught, it can only be regarded as a theft, but the museum theft cannot be done by one person. There must be a criminal gang behind him. Wang Dazhi said that he stepped on the spot two months in advance, found a blind spot monitored by cameras, and climbed to the warehouse with the ventilation ducts on rainy days. Later, when he was old, he washed his hands and did the security.

He responded fluently. Li Shuang took out the background of a highly disguised man captured by surveillance that year and asked Wang Dazhi to identify him. Wang Dazhi admitted that he was himself. Li Shuang asked him if he had any accomplices and if anyone instructed him to steal cultural relics, Wang Dazhi asked to see a lawyer.

After Lu Chaoqun calculated the height of the suspect according to the height of the reference object, he judged that the person in the surveillance could not be Wang Dazhi. Lin Lan felt that a barrister like Song Baiyu personally defended the security of the company he cooperated with. Lin Yuanhao was collating information, and Song Baiyu sent a message saying that he was waiting for him downstairs in the procuratorate.

Lin Lan’s motorcycle broke down after work. When she saw Lin Yuanhao’s car, she ran over to hit the car. Song Baiyu was also in the car. On the way, Lin Yuanhao asked Song Baiyu what was in his bag, and would check him if he didn’t tell him. Song Baiyu was on fire and asked Lin Yuanhao to stop, saying that he was a lawyer who knew the law and knew what he was doing, Lin Yuanhao Ask him to take the things down, Song Baiyu said it was for his father.

Lin Lan and Song Baiyu got out of the car together. She asked Song Baiyu if he knew the blue and white square bottle with entwined branches and patterns. Song Baiyu said that he did not understand antiques. He heard the banquet office talk about the theft of cultural relics, but he helped Wang Dazhi fight it. The corpse case has been done with all his righteousness and will not help him anymore. Lin Lan apologizes for being abrupt. She then found Lin Yuanhao and said that there was a major discovery. Although Song Baiyu’s answer to the Gu Ping case was not revealed, his slight expression changed. Lin Yuanhao closed the door and blasted her away. Lin Lan waved her fist unconvinced. left.

In the evening, Wen Xiaowan gave Mr. Zhao’s signature to Song Baiyu. She said that Song Baiyu was different from Lin Yuanhao. Song Baiyu said that they were the front and back of the mirror.

The next day, Lin Lan did not give up. She imitated Song Baiyu’s micro-expression and asked Yang Bo to interpret it. Yang Bo’s helpless micro-expression was only her subjective judgment and could not be counted.

Lin Yuanhao and Lin Lan discussed that Song Baiyu was just a child fourteen years ago. Zhong Ming went over and said that after public security screening, there are dozens of companies across the country that can burn this kind of highly imitation porcelain. Team Tu just called and hoped that they would shorten the screening time on a technical level. Lin Yuanhao suggested using spectral analysis. The two were experimenting. Zhong Mingyue called and said that the police had found the source of the imitation product at Erlong Mountain, and they went there immediately.

On the way, Li Shuang told the two people: They have learned from the nearby people that the imitation product is not mass-produced. After screening, people who can reach this level of firing in Erlongshan have locked three people: Qian Cheng, Liu Baocai and Feng Jie, but After interrogating the three of them, they did not admit that they had burned the imitation. Now they can only temporarily detain them for 24 hours in the name of assisting in the investigation. When the time comes, they are afraid that they will destroy the evidence. Time is running out. They need to find clues as soon as possible.

Lin Yuanhao and Lin Lan came to Qiancheng’s house and Feng Jie’s house to search. They soon found imitation porcelain in Feng Jie’s house.

Song Baiyu called the other party and told him that Feng Jie had been arrested, so he didn’t panic and dealt with the problem by himself. In addition, he had already settled the urgent customs declaration, and he could just wait for the shipment from Malaysia.

Fourteen years ago, Wang Dazhi and a man traded in cultural relics. The man also gave him a high imitation, saying that he would leave it for him to get away. If the police did not find him after the shipment, they would smash it.

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