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The Pavilion 八角亭谜雾 Episode 6 Recap

Obviously one step away from the truth, but Xuanliang failed to seize this opportunity and watched the other party run away, naturally he was unwilling. He called the police in time, then got into the police car back to the city and told Yuan Fei in detail about the causes and consequences, as well as speculations about the incident.

Xuan Zhen was eighteen years old when she was killed, and now Xuan Liang has reason to suspect that the murderer wanted to kill her daughter. Liu Xinli found a brooch in the cemetery. According to the brooch, he boldly speculated that the 417 case and the Bajiaoting case were probably done by the same person. His views were approved by Xuanliang, but Yuan Fei fell silent.

The members of the task force suggested that the case should be investigated together, and perhaps the real culprit could be found faster. Unfortunately, because there was not enough substantive evidence, the superior rejected the application. The bureau meant that they should concentrate on winning the 417 case. As for 19 years There is no need to investigate the previous deposition case.

Yuan Fei analyzed the key points of the 417 case, combined with the Bajiaoting case 19 years ago, and found that the two motives were very similar. Taking into account the silhouettes of female murderers discovered from surveillance before, Yuan Fei felt that Xuanzhu was very suspicious, and there seemed to be an elusive sense of mystery. If you questioned and traced it, I am afraid that many people would be hurt.

As Tian Haipeng’s condition worsened and even hallucinations appeared, he was eventually sent to the hospital for treatment. Yuan Fei rushed as soon as he received the news and asked him about what happened a few days ago. However, Tian Haipeng didn’t know after asking three questions, especially when it came to important issues, he would show a flustered state. Considering that Tian Haipeng’s emotional ups and downs are too great to be easily stimulated, Yuan Fei only needs to stop questioning and leave first.

Because Xuanzhu is away all year round, Xuan Nianmei has a rather unfamiliar impression of her. At the same time, influenced by her aunt, her attitude is naturally indifferent. However, after talking with Xuanzhu for a while, the two people were inexplicably similar in both their thoughts and personalities, which gradually made Xuan Nianmei a good impression, which greatly tolerated each other’s existence.

In the next few days, Xuan Nianmei often stayed with Xuan Zhu and went to the Western restaurant for dinner with her. Just as Xuanzhu was going to answer the phone, a few gangsters came in from the door and poured ice water on Xuan Nianmei’s head without saying a word, scolding her for being a slut. Fortunately, the police quickly arrested several people back to the police station. Xuan Liang rushed to beat the gangster, but was stopped by the police.

Although the gangster did not say who was instigated by him, Xuan Liang knew that the matter was related to Zhu Wensheng, and immediately went to the door to warn him that if he dared to harass Xuan Nianmei again, he would not let Zhu be spared even if he did his life. Family. The security guard subdued Xuanliang and handed it to the police. Yuan Fei took him back home and couldn’t help complaining that he was about to toss himself, the detective captain, out of it.

Xuanliang sprained his waist during the argument, and the whole family concerned and asked them. They were relieved when they learned that his injury was not serious. Yuan Fei talked to Xuanzhu in private, and after a long brief period of time, he asked about Xuanzhen again.

However, Xuan Zhu didn’t want to answer at all, and didn’t want Yuan Fei to continue his investigation. When she went to school the next day, Xuan Nianmei offered to let Xuan Zhu give her away. Seeing the moment Xuan Nianmei walked into the school, Xuan Zhu stood at the school gate and fell into deep thought, as if seeing her old friend again.

Tian Haipeng’s situation gradually stabilized. Ge Fei suspected that he was guilty of a guilty conscience and decided to investigate in the school dormitory. As a result, many photos were found in his room, including Xuan Nianmei. After Yuan Fei learned of the incident, he immediately went to the hospital to make a transcript. Tian Haipeng knew that he could no longer conceal it, and simply revealed the truth, admitting that he was the man in black who followed Xuan Nianmei that night.

It turned out that Xuan Liang could not find his daughter that day, so he called Tian Haipeng and asked him to use Mu Ge’s contact information. Tian Haipeng knew that Mu Ge looked simple on the surface, but the social relationship was complicated. Because he was worried that Xuan Nianmei would be affected, he personally went to the bar where Mu Ge frequented and saw Xuannianmei, Zhu Shenghui and others.

The reason why Tian Haipeng was not visible in the bar monitoring was that he entered through the back door and wanted to persuade Xuan Nianmei and Mu Ge to go home early. However, Zhu Shenghui suddenly appeared, and later Xuan Nianmei left the bar, and he came from the teacher. His instinct wanted to protect the female students, but eventually met Xuanliang.

Tian Haipeng explained that he did appreciate Xuan Nianmei, and there was no excessive behavior other than that. As for the photo, Xuan Nianmei took the initiative to ask him to take the photo, and she also knew the identity of the man in black. In fact, Tian Haipeng had talked to Xuanliang, hoping that he could give the children more freedom and space. After all, seeing Xuan Nianmei’s complaint on the homework book, she knew that this girl was very depressed at home. I never thought that when he was following Xuan Nianmei, there was a mysterious person behind him witnessing the whole process, but the other party turned too fast to see the face.

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