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The Pavilion 八角亭谜雾 Episode 5 Recap

Nineteen years ago, Xuan Liang had an unexplainable relationship with the factory flower Han Xueping under the catalysis of alcohol. Because of this, he missed the time to pick up Xuan Zhen and caused irreparable consequences. Now that the Dongchuang incident has been reported by the local media, Xiuyuan is out of control and questioning Xuanliang, and believes that he messed up the relationship between men and women and indirectly caused the death of his sister. All resentment and guilt should not be transferred to the child.

Xuan Liang suppressed his grief and anger and rushed out, and ran to find Han Xueping alone to settle the account, but unexpectedly she called the Xuan family on the spot that they were all dead stars. In the end, Xuan Liang smashed the glass of Mu Ge’s house in a rage. Han Xueping was reluctant to respond. When the police received the news, they immediately dispatched the police, and even Liu Xinli, Yuan Fei and others arrived.

Han Xueping saw Yuan Fei and repeatedly reminded him not to cover Xuan Liang because of his relatives. On the other hand, Yuan Fei noticed Xuan Liang’s injured arm, so after taking pictures of the scene, he evacuated the onlookers and persuaded Xuan Liang to go back and explain to Xiuyuan. It was clear, but Xuan Liang wanted to avoid his daughter thinking too much, and planned to find the reporter who wrote this report. Until Yuan Fei repeatedly enlightened him, he finally recovered his calm.

When I returned to the hospital ward, I happened to see Xuan Nianmei and Xiuyuan coming to deliver meals. However, Mrs. Xuan found that Xuan Liang was sitting next to him and was silent. It seemed that the atmosphere was not right. So she always confused Xiuyuan’s question in front of everyone. She was so angry that Xiuyuan left the ward directly, Xuan Liang couldn’t help but sternly stopped her mother. .

Ding Luolie and his wife followed Manager Wu’s suggestion, took the initiative to find the local propaganda department leader, and invited them to watch a Kunqu Opera performance. After the performance was over, Minister Wang spoke highly of it. Before leaving, he urged Ding Luolie and Zhou Yamei to find some good local seedlings for cultivation. By the way, I wish the performance a success in the next two days.

After Xuanzhu had dealt with the matter at hand, she dragged her luggage and flew back to Shaowu. After getting off the plane, she did not arrange a hotel, but directly took a taxi to the hospital. She met her mother who was about to be discharged from the hospital, and the two siblings accompanying her. On the way home by car, Mrs. Xuan recognized Bajiaoting, but as soon as the voice fell, everyone fell silent.

After many years, Xuan Zhu returned to her former residence. Looking at the familiar street scenes and room furnishings, she couldn’t help feeling mixed, especially Xuan Nianmei’s appearance, which really surprised her. Xuanzhu recalled the past in the room, while Xuanmin was taking care of her mother next door. Suddenly she heard her mother take the initiative to mention her dreams some time ago. He dreamed that a big fat boy called her grandma. This made Xuanmin, who was eager for a child, extremely sad. .

Zhou Yamei knew what Minister Wang meant, and she also knew that young people nowadays have no interest in learning opera, not to mention there will be rare talents. Ding Luolie suddenly remembered the Xuan Nianmei he had seen some time ago. He thought that the girl could be admitted to the Kunqu Opera Troupe. So the couple thought about it and came to Xuan’s house with anxiety, but after seeing Xuan Liang, they hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

The police began investigating Tian Haipeng and visited the school and surrounding areas and found that everyone had a very good opinion of him. In order to understand Tian Haipeng more intuitively, Liu Xinli and the army took the initiative to come to the door. Unexpectedly, Tian Haipeng was embarrassed and even pretended to be asleep to avoid questioning. When the two of them had just left, Tian Haipeng quickly took the photo of Xuan Nianmei from the wall and hid it behind the bedside table.

Originally Xuanzhu was going to the hotel with her luggage, but she decided to stay at home with Xiuyuan’s help, but Xuanmin had a very bad attitude towards her. On the day of Xuanzhen’s death, Xuanmin bought the burning paper and went to the Octagonal Pavilion, where his sister was killed. He suggested that Xuan Nianmei should burn the paper with herself so that the souls could rest in peace, but Xuan Nianmei strongly opposed it.

At the same time, Xiuyuan discussed with her husband that Xuan Nianmei should follow Xuan Zhu to go to school in Shenzhen. After all, big cities have rich educational resources. Unexpectedly, Xuanliang was anxious on the spot and warned Xiuyuan to dispel this idea if she still wanted to live a good life. In fact, there are many things buried in Xuan Zhu’s heart, and these things can’t be told to others. Mrs. Xuan saw the strangeness and hoped that she would not suppress herself. As soon as the voice fell, Xuan Zhu couldn’t control his emotions and ran upstairs, opening the closet and recalling the scene of herself hiding in it and cursing Xuan Zhen.

Yuan Fei went to the archives room to get the Bajiaoting archives. He always felt that there was a connection between this case and the 417 case. Xuanliang braved the heavy rain to worship his sister. When he arrived at the cemetery, he saw a mysterious man standing in the distance through the rain and fog. He was about to walk over when he turned and left. At this moment, there was a bunch of roses in front of Xuanzhen’s tomb. Xuan Liang seemed to think of something and chased the mysterious man madly. Unfortunately, the other party ran too fast and quickly disappeared in the heavy rain.

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