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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 14 Recap

The next day Gu Xixi deliberately asked Yin’s grandmother Yin Sichen’s favorite and disliked dishes in order to retaliate. She deliberately made a yam that Yin Sichen didn’t like and took it to the company, and also in front of other colleagues. He personally fed it to Yin Sichen. Yin Sichen had to endure to eat for the sake of face. Gu Xixi saw that Yin Sichen had arrived and left.

Yin Sichen found a note on the other box. It turned out that Gu Xixi had also prepared an improved yam for Yin Sichen. After Yin Sichen tried it, he thought it was delicious. After returning home at night, Yin Sichen also fought back and asked Gu Xixi to come to the company to deliver meals to himself every day, so that the employees could see that they were happy and happy, and Gu Xixi had to agree.

When Gu Xixi went to deliver the meal the next day, he deliberately took Yin Sichen to the staff restaurant for dinner. He acted like a coquettish at Yin Sichen during the whole process, so that Yin Sichen lost his previous high-cold iceberg appearance in front of the employees. Not to be outdone, Chen kissed Gu Xixi in public. Gu Xixi didn’t expect to take herself in, and didn’t want to make trouble anymore, and left quickly. In the evening, Gu Xixi was calculating the turnover and profit of her store.

Yin Sichen took a look and said that Gu Xixi’s profit was too low, and pointed her out so that she should learn to guide customers. Gu Xixi was deeply inspired. , In the store, a lottery was organized, and the prizes were accessories that matched the clothes, so that customers unknowingly convinced Gu Xixi’s aesthetics and outfits, thereby attracting customers for a long time.

Shang Ke was deducted twenty points by Mu Ruona last time, so he wanted to make up for Mu Ruona, so he brushed up his score. He bought a bunch of vegetables to make a supper for Murona, Mu Ruona. It was very useful and added points to Shang Ke, and the relationship between the two was very sweet.

Ran Xiwei called Shang Ke and said that he hoped that he would help him meet Yin Sichen and resolve the misunderstanding between the two. When Shang Ke went to make an appointment with Yin Sichen, Yin Sichen said that she was going to help Gu tonight.

The masquerade held by Xixi didn’t have time, and Shang Ke was stalking, saying that Yin Sichen valued sex and despised friends, he must go, and he would also help him arrange a few more people, so that the party would be lively and Shang Ke also took care of it. Under the task of preparing the costume. Shang Ke took out two photos and asked his assistant Xiaoxin to prepare dark clothes for Gu Xixi and light clothes for Ran Xiwei.

However, Xiaoxin remembered the wrong person, causing the two of them to wear the wrong clothes and mistake Ran Xiwei for Ran Xiwei. Gu Xixi led to the rooftop to wait for Yin Sichen, Shang Ke told Yin Sichen that Ran Xiwei was wearing light-colored clothes for him to remember. After a while, Gu Xixi came in light-colored clothes. Yin Sichen mistakenly regarded her as Ran Xiwei, so he asked her to come with herself. On the other side, Ran Xiwei was trapped because of an elevator malfunction.

Yin Sichen regarded Gu Xixi as Ran Xiwei, saying that the relationship between the two of them was probably just a misunderstanding of others and not like it. Perhaps Ran Xiwei’s liking was also an illusion. He never thought he and Ran Xiwei could become lovers. , And also let Ran Xiwei keep a distance from herself in the future, and she has someone she likes. Gu Xixi mistakenly regarded these words as Yin Sichen speaking to herself.

She left without saying a word, and sent a message to Yin Sichen that she understood that she would go to Lin Xiaoya’s house to stay first, Yin Si. Chen didn’t know what happened after receiving the news. After Gu Xixi left, Yin Sichen didn’t want to stay at the ball anymore. Ran Xiwei was also rescued by Shang Ke, but she was still very disappointed when she failed to see Yin Sichen. The next day Ran Xiwei went to the Xixi store to find Gu Xixi and said that she wanted to give Gu Xixi an interview, Gu Xi Xi agreed.

Gu Xixi’s indifference to Yin Sichen made him feel something is wrong. This Shichen Ke called him and said that the person Yin Sichen saw last night was Gu Xixi. Only then did Yin Sichen know the reason, so he called quickly. Look for Gu Xixi. But at this time, Gu Xixi was so devastated because of the fabric problem that she didn’t receive a call.

When she rushed to the scene, Mo Zixin had heard Lin Xiaoya say that he was helping with the situation. Gu Xixi hurried forward to help together, and waited for the two to finish. Yin Sichen felt worried. He worriedly asked about Gu Xixi’s condition, but Gu Xixi was very indifferent. Yin Sichen wanted to explain what happened last night, but Gu Xixi said that he was really busy and let Yin Sichen Give her some personal space.

Yin Sichen could only watch Gu Xixi and Mo Zixin leave, Mo Zixin took Gu Xixi to dinner, and asked what happened to Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen. Gu Xixi was in a bad mood at first. Drinking wine, I talked to Mo Zixin about his depression. Gu Xixi quickly became drunk. When Mo Zixin went back with Gu Xixi on his back, Gu Xixi suddenly said, “I like you.”

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