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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 13 Recap

Although Gu Xixi said that he did not disclose this to the media, Yin Sichen still did not believe it. After he taught Gu Xixi, he returned to the company for a meeting. Eric also learned from the Internet that Gu Xixi refused. He called Yin Sichen and said that even if he refused, he should talk to himself in person instead of letting himself see the news on the Internet. The angry Eric canceled his meeting with Yin Sichen next Wednesday.

According to the plan, Yin Sichen decided to persuade Gu Xixi to apologize to Erics. Gu Xixi called Lin Xiaoya at home, wondering if Lin Xiaoya had leaked the news. Lin Xiaoya was worried that the voice was too loud when talking with Gu Xixi in the restaurant before, and Gu Xixi wondered if it was true. The news was leaked from her side. It was indeed her own fault. She went to the bedroom and waited for Yin Sichen to return. She accidentally turned on the recorder and heard Yin Sichen say that she wanted to realize her wish.

After a while, she heard Yin Sichen calling outside. When Yin Sichen called Fei Ang, she said that it was very simple to convince Gu Xixi. Just set up the situation and let Gu Xixi submit. Gu Xixi listened. When I got here, I left sadly. Who knows that Yin Sichen said that he would never do that again. This time I must rely on my sincere heart to impress Gu Xixi. After only half of hearing Gu Xixi misunderstood Yin Sichen, Fei Ang said The person who leaked the news to the media was found. After a brief investigation, it was found that the person and Ran Xiwei were very close.

After returning to the room, Yin Sichen turned on the recording pen and heard the apology message recorded by Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi also said that he wanted to ride the Ferris wheel with Yin Sichen again, and said that he was willing to accompany Yin Sichen together. Go to Erics to apologize and explain clearly, Yin Sichen asks Gu Xixi to have dinner together at noon tomorrow.

The next morning, Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya’s Xixi store opened, and when they were busy until noon, Fei Ang came to pick up Gu Xixi to find Yin Sichen. Gu Xixi went to the appointment with a bad face. She took the gift prepared by Yin Sichen, but refused to listen to Yin Sichen’s explanation. She accused Yin Sichen of not changing at all, and said that she was willing to temporarily close the Xixi store and Yin Si. Chen went to Erics to apologize together.

Yin Sichen wanted Gu Xixi to open the present, but Gu Xixi said that he couldn’t afford it, so he turned and left. Yin Sichen wanted to chase him out, but Fei Ang came to report at this time that Erics had arrived. Yin Sichen had to go to Erics first, and took Erics to the Xixi shop, explaining Gu Xixi. The reason for rejecting Erics was also proposed his own alternative plan, but in the end Erics rejected Yin Sichen.

After Yin Sichen returned to the company, he did not blame the employees for incompetence as before. Instead, he said that he was responsible for this matter. If someone wants to leave the company, he can write a recommendation letter himself. The employees feel that Yin Sichen is better than before. With a human touch and willing to stay and continue to work hard, Yin Sichen also talked about the plan he had prepared before.

When Gu Xixi went home, she saw the gift Yin Sichen prepared on the table. She opened it curiously and found that it was the coin she had thrown by mistake in Milan before, and a small note, inviting Gu Xixi went to ride the Ferris wheel together. Gu Xixi realized that she had misunderstood Yin Sichen. She went to Erics to apologize and said that Yin Sichen had made a lot of efforts to acquire Zhongai. If possible, He was willing to play for his love.

Eric was persuaded by Gu Xixi, but he was not a tough person. He knew that Gu Xixi’s future had just begun. He also knew that Yin Sichen respected Gu Xixi’s dream. In the end, he was still Persuaded by Gu Xixi, he agreed to Yin Sichen’s proposal. The next day Yin Sichen learned that it was Gu Xixi who had persuaded Erics. He was also very grateful for Gu Xixi’s help. Gu Xixi was painting in the garden, so he asked Yin Sichen to sit aside. Looking at Yin Sichen secretly, his men involuntarily painted a portrait of Yin Sichen.

Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya originally signed a group of models to take a set of photos, but the models were secretly poached by Ran Xiwei. The two rented a studio and photographer for a day. When they were wondering where to find a model again, Mo Zi Xin happened to come to visit the class, and the two asked Mo Zixin to watch it temporarily. Soon Yin Sichen also came to visit the class.

Seeing that Mo Zixin was here, he suddenly became jealous and said that he could also be a model. During the shooting, Yin Sichen kept looking at Mo Zixin with a murderous look, and accidentally spilled Coke on Gu Xixi’s shirt, and Gu Xixi distressedly asked Yin Sichen to lose money. After Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen got home after a busy day, Yin Sichen took out a thick red envelope and asked Gu Xixi who performed better with Mo Zixin or himself. Gu Xixi said his expression was too bad.

One point is deducted, but Yin Sichen still gives him one point for compensating himself. Yin Sichen was still dissatisfied. He approached Gu Xixi deliberately to scare her. Gu Xixi was a little shy when he was suppressed by Yin Sichen. At this time Song Ma brought a glass of milk and said that Yin Sichen prepared it, and Gu Xixi said more Give Yin Sichen one more point. This is the number one. Yin Sichen also deliberately asked Gu Xixi if he wanted to teach her how to be a qualified Mrs. Yin, and Gu Xixi fled.

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