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Truth 真相 Episode 3 Recap

Lin Lan ran into Song Baiyu during the trial of a case. Song Baiyu’s defense was wonderful and won the lawsuit on behalf of the parties. After walking out of the court, Lin Lan wondered how Wang Dazhi was just an ordinary security team captain, how could he afford to hire a lawyer like Song Baiyu. Song Baiyu explained that this was a benefit for employees. He told Lin Lan that he and Lin Yuanhao were friends.

Song Baiyu met Wang Dazhi in prison and told him that the case was clear and that he would probably be convicted of insulting the corpse. Wang Dazhi quietly told Song Baiyu that there was a key on the counter at Peng Juan’s house and there was something in the cabinet.

Lin Lan applied to Chief Zhao for a trip to Wang Dazhi’s hometown. She believed that Peng Juan and Wang Dazhi were closely related and the case was not that simple. Lin Lin reminded her to observe the principle of supervision and not offside.

Lin Lan, Lin Yuanhao, and Li Shuang went to Wang Dazhi’s hometown to find out about the situation. An old man in the courtyard scolded them for taking good care of people, and said that the reason for Peng Juan and Wang Dazhi’s divorce was that she was barren.

After returning, Lin Yuanhao applied to Zhao Department to retrieve Peng Juan’s medical records and re-examine Peng Juan’s leather. They found that Peng Juan had a miscarriage operation five years ago, which caused great damage to her uterus, and the chance of her getting pregnant again was very small. Although there was no such record in her medical record, Ji Qingqing found it in her electronic file.

Lin Yuanhao’s experiment results showed that this leather rope is the most absorbent of all leathers, and they found it at Peng Juan’s house.

Li Shuang and Zhao Chu went to Peng Juan’s house to investigate. Song Baiyu was there when they went. He explained that he was investigating his client’s case and left when they came in. He met Lin Yuanhao and Lin Lan downstairs, and left in a hurry after only saying hello.

Li Shuang asked Peng Juan if the leather was purchased separately. Peng Juan said that she didn’t remember, and asked her to identify Chen Xin, but she also said that she didn’t know him. Li Shuang pointed out that Li Xin’s miscarriage was because Peng Juan was jealous of her and pushed her back to the hospital. Peng Juan excitedly rebutted that it was not the case, her lie was self-defeating. Li Shuang asked if Chen Xin’s suicide tool was provided by Peng Juan. Peng Juan’s psychological defense was compromised and she cried so hard that she was taken back to the detention center.

Lin Lan learned from Wang Dazhi’s hometown: Wang Dazhi is not a good person. Peng Juan was five months pregnant and was beaten to a miscarriage by him.

Peng Juan confessed: Wang Dazhi is a scumbag. She wanted him to die, but she couldn’t do it. She hated Chen Xin and all women who could give birth to Wang Dazhi because she could no longer be a mother, but Wang Dazhi could still be a father, but Chen Xin wanted to commit suicide by herself. Not long after she got married, she discovered that Wang Dazhi was taking drugs. At first, Wang Dazhi was willing to take time to coax her, but after one or two times, she lost patience and started domestic violence. Her own leather goods store was opened by Wang Dazhi with money.

With Chen Xin, she was able to suffer less, so she knew that Chen Xin was going to escape, so she told Wang Dazhi, and then Wang Dazhi beat Chen Xin even more powerfully. Chen Xin learned that she didn’t want to give birth to Wang Dazhi’s child after she was pregnant, so she thought of suicide. She found her own idea. Peng Juan felt that this was an opportunity, but she didn’t expect that Wang Dazhi’s death would be found on her. Li Shuang proposed that Peng Juan had committed a crime by offering a murder weapon to cause others to die, and that he was inhumane.

Lin Yuanhao and Lin Lan found a brocade box in Peng Juan’s house. After returning to the appraisal center, the prosecutor of Dongshan Provincial People’s Procuratorate, Zhong Ming, came. He and Lin Yuanhao were colleagues in the province. Chief Zhao said that the brocade box they found in Peng Juan’s house might be 14 years ago. Zhong Mingyue was responsible for the stolen national treasure “Blue and White Lotus Pattern Square Bottle”, so he rushed over as soon as he heard about it. Zhong Mingzhao told them that it was the first case that he had just entered the prosecutor’s office to handle.

It was a national cultural relic. Various departments attached great importance to it. A joint police and prosecutors investigation team was established. The public security officer was responsible for handling the case by Lin Lan’s father. Lin Yuanhao applied to investigate Song Baiyu right away, because his appearance at the scene was abnormal, and he found out that Song Baiyu was with Pengpeng when Song Baiyu went out. The Zhao arranged for Lin Lan to do an identity test immediately.

Li Shuang went to the law firm to find Song Baiyu and checked the briefcase routinely. Song Baiyu was very cooperative, but when Li Shuang opened the bag, he found that there was only a bag of peanuts inside. He extracted Song Baiyu’s shoe prints and checked the safe, but the safe was full of documents and found nothing.

Four hours ago, Song Baiyu came to Peng Juan’s house and took a belt for her to help repair. When Peng Juan went out to look for tools, Song Baiyu took the cultural relic from her cabinet. After that, he bought a pack of peanuts and threw the leather shoes in front of the peanut stall by the way. After getting off the car, he put his things in the trunk, changed a pack of peanuts and put it in his leather bag. Then I called the boss and said that the pen wash has been obtained.

Lin Lan wakes up from a nightmare at night, and she dreams of the scene when her father salvaged her from the sea when she was a child.

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