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Truth 真相 Episode 2 Recap

Wang Dazhi insisted that he just fainted Chen Xin and she committed suicide. Li Shuang pointed out that according to the results of the trace inspection: no one has used the rings for a long time, so it is impossible for Chen Xin to commit suicide on the rings. Wang Dazhi finally confessed: He went home that day, and Chen Xin took the initiative to tell him to throw away the drug injection kit.

He was so angry that he beat her because the drug addiction was so tight that he lost money by playing cards. , He used the rope to restrain Chen Xin. As usual, Chen Xin had been begging for mercy, but this time her mouth was very hard until Wang Dazhi knocked her out. Two days later, he returned home and found that his wife was dead. The cowhide rope was not burnt when he was dissected, and he threw the toilet into the toilet.

Chu Zhaoquan Lin Yuanhao and Lin Lan did a good job. Lin Lan was about to leave, Lin Yuanhao proposed to go to the backyard to check the material evidence to ensure that the evidence chain is complete.

Soon after Lin Lan went home, she discovered Lin Yuanhao was moving things in her yard. She quietly followed and twisted his arm, but Lin Yuanhao fought back against the wall. Lin Lan confidently said that this is her home, but Lin Yuanhao didn’t expect Lin Yuanhao Said it was his home from now on. It turned out that Lin Xiaojuan, Lin Lan’s aunt in France, had rented the house to Lin Yuanhao. Lin Lan called and questioned her aunt.

Her resignation report has not been approved yet. Aunt’s explanation is that there is no pressure and motivation. After hanging up the phone, Lin Yuanhao asked Lin Lan to move, but Lin Lan disagreed. Lin Yuanhao pointed out that the head of the house is Grandpa Lin Lan, and her aunt is now the first heir. As for the aunt who rented the house without Lin Lan’s knowledge, it is their personal conflict. She can apply for off-site mediation.

Lin Lan suggested that she could pay the rent. Lin Yuanhao disagreed. Lin Lan had no choice but to tell this family that the family was the relics left by her father and her childhood memories. Her father was a policeman. After his death, she and his aunt depended on each other. She has agreed. The aunt went to accompany her after leaving the job, but it takes some time to pack her things. Lin Yuanhao proposed a one-week deadline, during which the two would live in a room without disturbing each other.

Wang Dazhi’s defense lawyer is Song Baiyu, a senior partner of Hongtu Law Firm, and he told Wang Dazhi that he is only a criminal suspect now.

Chief Zhao convened a meeting and claimed that Wang Dazhi’s case had a new discovery: the public security organs re-locked the cowhide rope as a tool for the crime, because Zhao Yuanhao found a new cowhide rope in the backyard of Wang Dazhi’s house. If he did burn one before, and He didn’t know the new leather rope, so his confession and physical evidence would not match up, there were doubts in the case, and the investigation had not yet ended.

Lin Lan forcibly got in the car and wanted to go to the scene with Lin Yuanhao. Lin Yuanhao found a suspicious point at Wang Dazhi’s house and applied to the water company to check Wang Dazhi’s household water records. He deliberately drove Lin Lan away.

When Lin Lan chased Lin Yuanhao, her heels got cracked. She went to the appraisal center to find Jiang Ni and borrowed a pair of new shoes. Jiang Ni told her that after the identification of the streak on Chen Xin’s neck, she judged that someone was still strangling her neck with a rope. , It is possible to cause such a big damage.

Lin Yuanhao reported to Zhao Chu: Wang Dazhi’s water meter was a smart meter. After Chen Xin was strangled, that is, the day after Wang Dazhi left home, the water meter walked over until Wang Dazhi came back. At this time, Lin Lan didn’t change her shoes and ran over and said that she applied for an investigation experiment, and Chief Zhao agreed to let the two of them cooperate to continue the investigation.

Lin Lan and Lin Yuanhao simulated the shrinkage of the leather ropes in three samples, and the results infer: Chen Xin committed suicide to blame Wang Dazhi. She replaced Wang Dazhi’s leather cord with a highly shrinkable leather cord, and after making all preparations, she deliberately angered Wang Dazhi to beat herself. When she woke up the next day, she opened the flower wine and poured it on the leather cord. After that, the flower wine was turned off. The leather cord around her neck was already tightened, but it became tighter and tighter as it slowly dried, causing Chen Xin to suffocate and die. So when Wang Dazhi returned home, Chen Xin was indeed dead. Chen Xin hated Wang Dazhi so much, so he took Wang Dazhi into the water at the expense of life.

The police found a new suspect with motives and suspicious behavior: They locked a netizen of Chen Xin: Peng Juan, the owner of a leather goods store, and they unexpectedly discovered that Peng Juan turned out to be Wang Dazhi after showing Peng Juan’s photo to Wang Dazhi. Wang Dazhi’s ex-wife, her leather goods shop was also opened by Wang Dazhi. The two have been maintaining a deformed lover relationship. Chen Xin found out a few years ago, but they were both violently treated by Wang Dazhi. friend. It’s just that Peng Juan has not been in the city before and only came back a few days ago.

After Lin Lan watched Peng Juan’s video, she felt that she had a problem. When she applied to watch the follow-up video, Lin Yuanhao was already watching it, and he also thought that Peng Juan did have a problem.

A week ago, Song Baiyu approached Lin Yuanhao. He was helping the law firm to form a team of experts. He wanted Lin Yuanhao to work with him. Lin Yuanhao refused, saying that the two had talked about the nature of the law when they were in school. But on this issue, they are not the same.

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