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Truth 真相 Episode 1 Recap

An unnamed body was found on the west coast of Binhai Road in Hanjiang City. The police opened a case for investigation. It has been confirmed that the deceased Chen Xin, female, 31 years old, and the suspect Wang Dazhi have been arrested and brought to justice. Wang Dazhi confessed that on November 10, 2017 (the day after the incident), he went home and found his wife was hanging in the toilet, so he came back and divided the body.

When Lin Yuanhao came to the Forensic Identification Center of the People’s Procuratorate of Hanjiang City, he saw Lin Lan in the trace examination laboratory deducing the trajectory of the corpse case. He smiled and said if the reasoning is useful, what do the prosecutors do? Lin Lan was about to argue with him. Yan Qingyun, director of the Judicial Expertise Center, said that Lin Yuanhao is a new colleague, and Lin Lan took him to the technical office to get familiar with it.

Lin Lan first took Lin Yuanhao to the poison laboratory and introduced Jiang Ni, the head of the forensic department, nicknamed Jiang Yidao; then to the electronic data laboratory, introduced the head Lu Chaoqun and assistant Ji Qingqing; and the psychology laboratory was in charge. Person: Yang Bo; person in charge of the audiovisual laboratory: He Gu. Lin Yuanhao is familiar with the resumes of each person in charge. He did detailed homework in advance, and he also knew that the Hanjiang Judicial Appraisal Center is the highest-standard forensic appraisal center in the province, with the country’s top appraisal equipment.

Lin Lan graduated from the University of Political Science and Law majoring in trace science and has been engaged in trace work for 6 years. After graduation, she entered the Criminal Investigation Division of the Public Security Organ of Hanjiang City for internship, and then entered the Hanjiang City Procuratorate’s Forensic Appraisal Center as a worker. Lin Lan bluntly said that he already understood so clearly that he didn’t need to introduce it by himself, and turned away.

Lin Yuanhao wrote materials about the previous incident and reported it to the banquet office, saying that his mistakes should bear the consequences. The banquet office laughed and said that before he came, he had understood the matter clearly, and he wanted Lin Yuanhao to hold back. The energy in my heart is used at work. , Waiting to see his results, he asked Lin Yuanhao to take the materials back.

At the case meeting, Tu Min, the head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Hanjiang City, told everyone: Wang Dazhi threw the body part into a handbag after he was divided. He was discovered by a group of self-media entertainment at the seaside and posted on the Internet. Now the public opinion is very fermented. Hurry, in order to solve the case as soon as possible, I hope that the procuratorate will assist in the investigation.

Zhao Yunlei, the prosecutor of the People’s Procuratorate of Hanjiang City, spoke: The public security organs interrogated Wang Dazhi, and he only admitted to the broken body. The traces found at the scene by the public security organs judged that Chen Xin was probably injured before his death. Although Wang Dazhi was suspected to be very serious, there is currently no evidence to prove his murder. Lin Lan suggested that Wang Dazhi had been outside last week. After returning home, he found his wife hanged himself. Through an autopsy, Jiang Ni determined that the deceased had died of mechanical suffocation.

Lin Lan believes that besides suicide, there is homicide that caused this result. Zhao Yunlei claimed that Wang Dazhi said that he was afraid to call the police because he was afraid of taking drugs, and that he did not dare to call the police. Lin Lan judged from the blood stains on the floor and bathroom and the bruises on Chen Xin’s arms that Chen Xin was subjected to a long-term domestic violence. She was probably dragged to the toilet after being strangled or starved to death.

The banquet office then introduced to everyone that Lin Yuanhao was transferred by the Provincial Procuratorate to do trace inspection work, and he asked Lin Yuanhao to express his opinion. Lin Yuanhao said that reasoning is useless. What is needed now is evidence. If the uniqueness of the evidence cannot be found, the case cannot withstand scrutiny. Lin Lan was not convinced, and was about to argue, and was pushed onto the seat by the banquet. Zhao Yunlei said that other corpses were found in the current top priority. Lin Yuanhao applied for a re-examination, and the Banquet Office agreed.

After the meeting, Lin Lan applied to the banquet office and didn’t want to go to the corpse dumping scene with Lin Yuanhao. The banquet office told her that Lin Yuanhao was a technical expert in the province. Lin Lan should learn from him. He told Lin Lan before leaving. Stand the last guard before you.

The two came to the beach where the bodies were thrown away. Li Shuang, a criminal investigator of the Hanjiang City Public Security Bureau, said that they had carried out a carpet search on the beach, and there was no gain so far. Lin Yuanhao applied to investigate the city sewers. He had thought of a few, Zhao Yunlei Arrange now. Sure enough, they found other corpses in a sewer. Lin Yuanhao explained that he got the answer based on changes in ocean currents, because the underground water pipe would flow back every year during ocean currents, and the site where the corpse was thrown was very far from the mouth of the underground pipe. close.

Wang Dazhi was arraigned. When asked whether he knew Chen Xin was pregnant after five years of marriage, Wang Dazhi was stunned.

Lin Lan discovered several suspicious points when investigating the scene: First, Chen Xin bought a brand new women’s woolen coat, but it was not in her own size at all. Later, she was tested by a forensic doctor and Chen Xin was in pregnancy. One more thing, Chen Xin polished several pairs of high-heeled shoes very clean. She usually wears flat shoes at the door, and she did not find a spare sanitary napkin at home. She asked Jiang Yidao for a test. Chen Xin was indeed pregnant. There was a medical record three months ago, but there was no time to file and check, which shows that she is still hesitating about whether or not to have this child. It is very likely that she has not told anyone.

Wang Dazhi learned that Chen Xin was pregnant before his death. Although he was emotional, he still insisted that Chen Xin committed suicide. Lin Lan’s application for investigation and interrogation progressed simultaneously. The banquet department reminded Lin Lan that she is not a prosecutor, and that this application should be applied by the Zhao Department. Is Lin Lan a little anxious because Lin Yuanhao is a step faster than her, Lin Lan does not admit it.

In the interrogation room, Li Shuang interrogated Wang Dazhi, Zhao Chu, Yan Chu, and Tu Min were watching real-time monitoring behind the glass. Lin Lan called Shang Lin Yuanhao to do a simultaneous survey with her.

Li Shuang asked Wang Dazhi the tool Chen Xin was hanging on. Wang Dazhi said it was an old belt. Lin Lan told Chen Xin that she was not tall enough for the roof ring after taking measurements on the spot, and Wang Dazhi said that she stepped on a stool. Li Shuang asked him the height of the deceased’s feet off the ground, and Wang Dazhi stammered and said that it was thirty or forty centimeters. Lin Lan and Lin Yuanhao found that the height was wrong after field investigation. After Li Shuang painted the scene of Chen Xin’s suicide described by Wang Dazhi, Wang Dazhi immediately changed his words and said that it was only a dozen centimeters above the ground, and Lin Yuanhao judged that it should be a rope loop.

Li Shuang directly asked Wang Dazhi about domestic violence. Wang Dazhi admitted that he had a history of drug abuse. He beat Chen Xin several times with a cowhide rope. The last time she was strangled was this time, but only strangled her. Li Shuang pointed out that Wang Dazhi was lying.

A year ago, Lin Yuanhao dealt with a health care product fraud case. As a result, the health care product owner spent money to hire a lawyer from Hongtu Law Firm for mediation. After paying the victim, the public security organ dropped the case. Lin Yuanhao was angry and unscrupulous. The merchant defrauded the old man’s hard-earned money to lose his money. He wanted to stop the victimized old man to testify together, but they only wanted to settle the matter with the compensation.

The old people gathered around Qian’s boss and persuaded him not to do so in the future. Boss Qian was so embarrassed that he waved his fists in anger. Lin Yuanhao couldn’t get used to his arrogance, so he stepped forward and gave him a punch. The guy shouted: The prosecutor has hit someone and threatened to sue him. Later, the video went viral on the Internet, causing a bad influence, and Lin Yuanhao was suspended.

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