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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 22 Recap

Originally, Fang Ruoyu thought that as long as she was in the material company, she would be able to stay away from Gao Daxia and completely get rid of her entanglement. However, she seemed like a ghost, and she could meet up even if she had breakfast. Gao Daxia sat next to him unceremoniously, banging on the side while eating breakfast, probing in a disguised form that he had been to the Martell Hotel.

However, Fang Ruoyu didn’t buy it at all, pretending to be confused on the inside and out. As a result, he just asked for two taels of white wine, and Gao Daxia broke it out as the joint code, which made him quite helpless. Fang Ruoyu has a soft and gentle attitude, hoping that Gao Daxia can let herself go and stop suspicion, but Gao Daxia should never have the original intention, insisting that he is a fox whose tail can’t be covered, and sooner or later he will have to show it.

The Northeast Bureau received an order from the central government to assign Fu Jiazhuang to Dalian to contact the Soviet Red Army and discuss the establishment of the Dalian Municipal Party Committee and a democratic government. Fu Jiazhuang knew that the “old uncle” would definitely join the Kuomintang spies, so he decided to set up an ambush at a designated place before he left, so that he could catch them all.

Gao Daxia failed to catch up with the thief, but saw the thief gambling money around the corner, and immediately went up to find him to settle the account. However, the other party had already lost everything, Gao Daxia thought about it, and then took off the necklace and put it into the gambling game, without noticing the surroundings. Not far away, Ma Susu and Zhen Jing were sitting next to the food stall, and she was the “old aunt” the female spy that the old uncle was looking for.

Ma Susu was more alert. In order to avoid exposure, he simply put the secret signal in his hat and asked his subordinates to take the hat to gamble on the stalls, and pay attention to a person who could speak Dalian dialect. It happened that Gao Daxia exposed her accent, so that her subordinates had a misunderstanding, and she took the initiative to talk to her, but she had been witnessed by Fu Jiazhuang all the way upstairs.

Because of this, the underground parties that had been lurking for a long time acted immediately to arrest people, and their subordinates threw their hats to Gao Daxia, and then turned around and ran away. Seeing the bad news, Ma Susu immediately shot and declared that it disrupted the joint operation, and then hid in the alley, vaguely aware that someone was following him, but he did not expect that the other party was actually the “old uncle” Fang Ruoyu, the head of the Kanto Police Agency.

After confirming each other’s identity, Fang Ruoyu and Ma Susu mentioned the origin of Gao Daxia. This person has always been a fugitive wanted by the National Police Agency. He used to burn the Japanese arsenal and was even the top of the Japanese blacklist. When Ma Susu heard what Fang Ruoyu said, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit afraid. If she handed over the list to the Communist Party, all those party-state elites ambushing within the Dalian government would be exposed.

Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Ma Susu discussed with Fang Ruoyu how to get the list back as soon as possible, but the list is hidden in the red intestine and is not easy to be noticed. In fact, Gao Daxia mistakenly took the red sausage with hidden intelligence while escaping, but she didn’t take it seriously at all, and even put the red sausage in the suitcase, planning to see the strange hat man in the future. , And then return the things to the other party.

Fu Jiazhuang thought Gao Daxia was the rumored old uncle, and deliberately got close to her. As for Ma Susu and Fang Ruoyu, they watched nearby. Originally, Ma Susu wanted Zhen Jing to take away Gao Daxia’s burden, but Zhen Jing was not worthy of his name. He was too stupid, which caused him to fail to complete the task and instead lost a dagger.

Gao Daxia, who was shopping for red sausage at the train station, found that Fu Jiazhuang always pestered herself, thinking that he was a malicious gangster, knocked out his watch on the spot with a burden, and took advantage of his time to pick up the watch, turned her head and ran in the direction of the train. Watching the train slowly start, Zhen Jing dragged Gao Daxia through the aisle to catch up. Finally, with the help of Ma Susu, she successfully boarded the train.

Fang Ruoyu was afraid that Gao Daxia would recognize herself, so she simply hid. Instead, Gao Daxia regarded Ma Susu and Zhen Jingjing as kind siblings. While the train was running, Gao Daxia found her seat and wrapped her red sausage in newspaper, but after a while, she unexpectedly saw Ma Susu bringing Zhen Jingjing over to chat with her.

Thanks to the brothers and sisters for helping them in a ride, Gao Daxia gave a red sausage, and Ma Susu quickly took the red sausage and went to find Fang Ruoyu. They found that there was no list at all. At this time, Fu Jiazhuang also caught up with the car, even sitting next to Gao Daxia. Originally, Gao Daxia had a very bad impression of him, especially now it looks like a dog skin plaster, and it is even more out of breath.

Ma Susu racked his brains to take away Gao Daxia’s red sausage, but unfortunately there was no clue for each one. Gao Daxia was surprised to see the dagger appeared out of thin air in his baggage, and mistakenly thought it was a gift from Daliba. , Did not arouse suspicion. Fang Ruoyu knew that it would continue to be delayed and that the site might be exposed, so he prescribed the medicine in the drink and asked Ma Susu to give it to Gao Daxia.

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