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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 21 Recap

In recent days, Yang Huan has become taciturn, even in the rehearsal of the art troupe, he was in a state of statelessness, so he was reprimanded by the group leader Xing Kefan. At this time, Chunni took the initiative to come to Yuan Feiyan to watch the movie, but Yuan Feiyan thought she should give the ticket to Gao Shouping. After all, the cinema is an excellent place for couples to have a tryst.

However, Gao Shouping is too busy to get away from work. Yuan Feiyan likes Fu Jiazhuang, but unfortunately her concubine is ruthless. In the end, two girls go to the theater together. After the rehearsal, the art troupe agreed to go to Gao Daxia’s restaurant for dinner. Yang Huan was absent-minded. On the other hand, Chunni went to the kitchen to help. Liu Youwei took the opportunity to talk ill of Gao Shouping, and Chunni turned and left with anger.

Because Liu Manli had already worked in the Public Security Bureau, Ma Susu temporarily thought of a plan, which was to get Yang Huan to approach Liu Manli and use her feelings to obtain important secrets. Originally, Yang Huan did not agree to this arrangement, but under the strong threat of Ma Susu, he had to agree to the decision to use beautiful men’s tactics against Liu Manli.

Yang Huan waited at the gate of the Public Security Bureau to wait for Liu Manli to get off work, and invited her to have dinner with him. Originally, Liu Manli had a great affection for Yang Huan, so she immediately went to the western restaurant with him, listening to the music, and at the same time, under the sweet words of the other party, she was completely desolate.

During this period, Yang Huan continued to show her courtesy to Liu Manli, teaching her to dance by the way, and after the dinner, he took out a movie ticket to invite her to watch a movie. Unexpectedly, when he came to the entrance of the movie theater, Liu Manli met Yuan Feiyan and Chunni. In order to avoid the other party’s discovery, she dismissed the idea of ​​watching the movie.

On the way back, Liu Manli confessed to Yang Huan that she had been married. Yang Huan didn’t care about it, but said that she could have the right to choose love. Seeing that the atmosphere was right, Yang Huan confessed to Liu Manli affectionately, even told the other side the story of Romeo and Juliet, singing a beautiful love song.

Liu Manli was shocked, and fell into love, leaning in Yang Huan’s arms. Liu Manli returned home happily and found that Liu Youwei was drunk in the room, and Liu Youwei also found the lip prints on her elder sister’s neck. She couldn’t help but become curious, but when she saw Liu Manli’s words flickering, she was prevarication.

Fu Jiazhuang intends to send people to Mudanjiang to investigate Gao Daxia. However, the Public Security Bureau is currently under-staffed, and it is difficult to decide for a while. Moreover, this matter is serious and requires a reliable person to be responsible. After repeated consideration, Li Yunguang decided to appoint Wan Defu to Mudanjiang. Wan Defu was very excited when he received the task. Before leaving, Wan Defu urged Li Yunguang to make sure that the organization would not embarrass Gao Daxia, and Fu Jiazhuang Xiang Wande. Fu promised that she would not be embarrassed.

Gao Daxia entrusted Wan Defu to Mudanjiang. She must find a person named Zhao Zhiming, because this person is her superior and knows everything about her. Wan Defu readily agreed, and then told Gao Daxia that he had beaten Fang Ruoyu hard at the door of the Public Security Bureau. Gao Daxia thought Wan Defu was impulsive. After all, she couldn’t be sure that Fang Ruoyu was a spy.

Now that the Kuomintang is advancing into the northeast, the Communist Party also wants to use Dalian’s geographical advantages to ensure sufficient supplies of the front station personnel. Fang Ruoyu reported to the material company that the doorman Cui Haifeng saw the letter of introduction in his hand and asked him to find Manager Sun first. At the same time, Gao Shouping suggested that more people should be sent to protect the material company. It happened that Gao Daxia passed by the door and overheard the conversation between him and Fu Jiazhuang.

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