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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 20 Recap

Ma Susu got so drunk and took the opportunity to talk about the affairs between her and her husband. Both of them were once the Lanyi Club. Later, her husband died heroically during the revolution, so she hated the Communist Party a lot. It was precisely because the Communist Party revealed information that he lost his beloved and became a widow for more than ten years.

As it got late, Ma Susu pretended to be drunk and wanted to stay at Fang’s house, and even took advantage of Fang Ruoyu’s time to get a towel and lay directly on the bed, unbuttoning his clothes to lure. After all, Fang Ruoyu was a man with a wife and daughter, and naturally knew what Ma Susu meant. When he didn’t know what reason to refuse, he suddenly heard someone knock on the door.

Fang Ruoyu lied that Gao Daxia came to the door and hurriedly urged Ma Susu to leave from the back door. When he saw the nanny Cui Ling, he was relieved and lamented that Cui Ling had saved her life. In the evening, Gao Daxia took the initiative to chat with Wan Defu.

At this time, Li Yunguang and Fu Jiazhuang were still having a meeting upstairs, and even Gao Shouping had just left, also annoyed by the eldest sister’s affairs. When Wan Defu saw that the Gao family’s sisters and brothers had come to where they are now, it was inevitable that they would blame themselves. If he hadn’t handed the false accusation letter to Li Yunguang, I am afraid he would not have caused Gao Daxia to be suspended.

However, Gao Daxia does not blame Wan Defu, she can only lament that the Kuomintang has done too much. Seeing a pile of calligraphy papers on the table, she couldn’t help but become curious and realized that Wan Defu wanted to write a certificate. Material, thus confirming Gao Daxia’s innocence. Wan Defu heard Gao Daxia always saying that Fang Ruoyu was a spy, but from what he knew, it seemed that the other party had nothing suspicious.

In the office, Li Yunguang asked Gao Shouping what he would do if he knew that his sister was an enemy. Gao Shouping stated to Li Yunguang that if Gao Daxia really had a problem, he could deny this elder sister, and Fu Jiazhuang stood up and defended it. It happened that Gao Daxia came to the door to hear the content of the conversation. She immediately turned and left. Gao Shouping hurriedly chased it out. Gao Daxia pretended to be strong, showing that she had done so many years of revolution and was innocent in her heart.

Even though Gao Daxia believes that the organization will not unjustly wronged people, and will return her innocence sooner or later, she is now burdened with traitorous crimes, and it is difficult for anyone to bear it. Gao Daxia went back to her room alone to sing “Mu Guiying”, Liu Manli and Fu Jiazhuang were very unbearable when they heard it, and waited quietly outside the door.

The next morning, Liu Manli was wearing her uniform and preparing to go to work. Gao Daxia was full of envy, but she pretended not to care on the surface, so the atmosphere was particularly embarrassing during breakfast. Fu Jiazhuang was afraid that Gao Daxia would think too much, and deliberately made her happy. Even Liu Manli would chat with Gao Daxia after work. In the end, Gao Daxia became clear with the care of the two.

Wan Defu held injustice for Gao Daxia and beat Fang Ruoyu at the police station, but Fu Jiazhuang was severely criticized. Fang Ruoyu took the opportunity to find an excuse to resign. Li Yunguang couldn’t persuade him, so he simply brought a list for him to choose where to go. Fang Ruoyu bluntly said that he was going to the material company, and Li Yunguang ignored Fu Jiazhuang’s opposition and appointed Fang Ruoyu as the chief of the security department.

When Liu Manli saw Fang Ruoyu’s letter of resignation, she felt guilty, but she wanted to stay but to no avail. Fu Jiazhuang felt that it was a bit improper to assign Fang Ruoyu to the material company, but Li Yunguang said that Fang Ruoyu was well-known in the police station, even if he was really a spy, he would show his feet. Ma Susu was particularly happy to learn that Fang Ruoyu had successfully entered the material company, and the next step was to win over Liu Manli. On the day he left the police station, Fang Ruoyu packed up his things and said goodbye to Fu Jiazhuang, and asked him to tell Gao Daxia not to disturb her life.

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