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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 16 Recap

He Xia also had this intention. He promised not to interact with Wu You forever. Then he picked up the beer that Wu You had brought and drank a big sip. As a result, he started to vomit again. Wu You couldn’t help making fun of him. He Xia angrily rebuked her for her lack of education. Wu You announced that she would keep a safe distance from him in life and work. He Xia promised to let Liang Kuai hand over Yaman’s plan to others as soon as possible. Wu You and He Xia didn’t talk speculatively and ended up unhappy. And scattered.

Witnessing this scene, Wu You’s parents couldn’t help worrying about Wu You’s marriage. Mother Wu racked her brains to match Wu You and He Xia, but the result was a mess. Wu’s father was so happy that he couldn’t look down on He Xia. Mother Wu became sad as she talked and couldn’t help crying. Father Wu kindly persuaded her, but Wu You promised to go on a blind date tomorrow, and her mother broke down into laughter.

Lu Man drank a lot of alcohol. She went to Lin Qing’s house to spread alcohol and jumped around on the sofa. Lin Qing stayed by her side to protect her. Lu Man clamored to sing to relieve her pain. Lin Qing treated her. With pity in his heart, Lu Man went crazy for a long time before falling asleep quietly. Lin Qing remembered Liang Kuai’s reminder, and felt that there was something in his words, so he sent a message to ask him to meet and discuss in detail after work.

Wu You got up early in the morning and changed into a beautiful outfit. He was going to go on a blind date after work. Father Wu gave her a thousand warnings. Lu Man woke up in a daze and saw Lin Qing preparing breakfast. She took the opportunity to visit Lin Qing’s house and found that Lin Qing had cleaned up the house in an orderly manner, so she concluded that he was also insecure. After the meal, Lin Qing brought Lu Man sober soup to go to work, and Lu Man’s heart was warm.

Wu You came to the company with breakfast in his hand, and a man at the front desk couldn’t help but look at her a few more times. Meili, Xiao Xue and others bet on the candidate to take over as the sales director. Wu You feels that money plus one is well-deserved. Others also bet money plus one, but Lu Man bet others. Mr. Fan took the new sales director Qiu Mingyu to take office. Qiu Mingyu was the man at the front desk just now. Wu You was dissatisfied with the airborne director, thinking that Qianjiayi was more suitable. Lu Man inferred that the company did not want Qianjiayi to concentrate, and Qianjia had no interest in the sales director. Lu Man and Wu You found Qianjiayi strange of.

Qiu Mingyu was resolute and meticulous, and Wu You did not dare to take it lightly. She passed by Qiu Mingyu’s office holding a large stack of documents. Qiu Mingyu just came out. The two of them bumped into each other, and the documents in Wu You’s hand were scattered all over the place. Qiu Mingyu squatted down to help her pick it up. When Wu You accidentally saw the wound on Wu You’s wrist, he asked curiously. Wu You claimed to be a scar from a fight when he was a child. Qiu Mingyu was thoughtful and took the opportunity to ask her name.

Lin Qing came to Liang Kuai to inquire about the matter between He Xia and Lu Yun. Liang Kuai asked three questions. Lin Qing didn’t want to see He Xia and Lu Man accumulate too much resentment. He wanted them to resolve their misunderstanding. Liang Kuai couldn’t stand Lin Qing’s hardship. Pao, had no choice but to tell the past two years ago. He Xia asked Lu Yun to marry him, but Lu Yun refused face-to-face. As a result, she was killed in a car accident when she went out.

Lu Yun was two months pregnant. Liang Kuai concluded that the child was not He Xia’s because he and He Xia had been working day and night. Staying at the base waiting for the first batch of products to come out, He Xia had never seen Lu Yun at all. Lin Qing asked the person who made Lu Yun pregnant, Liang Kua didn’t know this, and persuaded Lin Qing not to investigate this matter again.

Xiong Xingyi vacated a large area for Sophie. Sophie couldn’t wait to decorate a studio. She also let Xiong Xingyi be her little attendant. Xiong Xingyi complained repeatedly. Qian Jiayi came to Xiong Xingyi’s cafe for dinner. Sophie could tell at a glance that something was wrong with her. Qian Jiayi told Lin Yueda about Lin Yueda’s coming to live with his cousin and nephew. Sophie persuaded Qian Jiayi to understand Lin Yueda’s Difficulties, think about his good, but the money plus one will not let go.

Since He Xia established the pre-sales and after-sales customer service team, the sales volume of Yaman masks has been rising, but the sales volume of the sole company has been declining. Liang Kuai suggested that the sole company should terminate the contract and then find other e-commerce platforms to cooperate. He has full authority to deal with the matter.

Wu You came to the appointed place on time to meet on the blind date. When he walked in, he saw the blind date entangled with his girlfriend. The girlfriend complained about his half-heartedness and secretly came out on blind dates many times. The man vowed to promise that the girlfriend he loved the most was his girlfriend. Wu You hurriedly hid to the next table and wrote a note to explain to the guests on the opposite side. He did not expect He Xia to be sitting on the opposite side.

He Xia witnessed the actions of Wu You’s blind date, and encouraged Wu You to expose his true colors face to face. Wu You walked over to introduce himself and persuaded the woman to leave the scumbag. The woman left with anger, and the scumbag followed him out. He Xia’s yin and yang is strange and exaggerated, and Wu You is so happy about why Xia praises himself. He Xia explained the truth. Wu You was so angry that he gritted his teeth and threatened to intimidate He Xia. After Professor Jiang came, Wu You learned that He Xia had an appointment with Professor Jiang, so she hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

Lin Qing asked He Xia to go to a bar for a showdown and asked him to explain to Lu Man clearly that Lu Yun was pregnant with other people’s children. He Xia was used to being misunderstood. He didn’t want to destroy Lu Yun’s perfect image in the eyes of others. Lin Qing would fight the injustice for him. He Xia vowed to keep this secret forever, and Lin Qing was helpless.

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