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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 15 Recap

His mother forced Wu You to take good care of He Xia. Wu You was unwilling to do so, and yelled at He Xia. He Xia clamored to complain to Mother Wu. Wu You could only bite the bullet and wait on him. He Xia wanted to take a bath. Wu You was instructed to help him undress and put in the bath water. Wu You deliberately put a piece of soap next to the bathtub, hoping that He Xia would be slipped.

He Xia pointed at Wu You and asked her to pour water and squeeze the toothpaste. Wu You got a cup of hot water. He Xia was so hot that he could see that Wu You was deliberately fixing him and wanted to drive Wu You away. Wu You accidentally stepped on the piece of soap. She stood unsteadily and fell directly into the bathtub. He Xia was watching a joke. Wu You turned on the shower head and poured He Xia into a soup.

Lin Yueda was sleeping and snoring, and Qianjia couldn’t be more disturbed. He woke up in the middle of the night and went to the living room. When he saw his cousin coming out of the bathroom by the light of the mobile phone, Qianjiayi was shocked and reminded her that there is a bathroom in the room, and the cousin did not want to wake her. son. Qian Jiayi saw the bathroom in a mess. She was so angry that she cleaned up the bathroom overnight. Qian Jiayi returned to the bedroom to wake up Lin Yueda and ordered Lin Yueda to bring her cousin and nephew to stay in the hotel tomorrow. She will pay.

Newspapers and the Internet have reported that He Xia and Wu Youcha made fake factories. Lin Qing and Liang Kuai made fun of the relationship between He Xia and Wu You in a word. Lin Qing revealed that Lu Man had done a good job in this operation. Indispensable, He Xia and Liang Kua didn’t believe it, Lin Qing said with certainty, and persuaded He Xia to take the opportunity to resolve the misunderstanding with Lu Man. He Xia felt unnecessary.

The acne on Sophie’s face finally disappeared, and she happily closed her mouth from ear to ear. Today is the day for the gathering of the four best friends. Lu Man, Sophie, Wu You and Qian Jiayi came to the gym one after another. Lu Man and Wu You refused to greet each other. The atmosphere was very embarrassing. Wu You felt bored and wanted to leave early. So Fei hurriedly stopped her and persuaded her to reconcile with Lu Man, and the tickets for the gym were also provided by Lu Man today. Lu Man also specially reminded her not to tell Wu You.

Wu You took the initiative to challenge Lu Man for a run. The two refused to yield to each other. Wu You apologized to Lu Man. Lu Man felt that there was something wrong with him, and the two of them were reconciled as before. Huang Chuchu suddenly came to this gym to shoot an advertisement. She proudly showed off to Sophie. She claimed to be the spokesperson of this gym. There were endless advertising endorsements and programs, and countless fans sought after. Sophie didn’t want to listen to her long-winded. Huang Chuchu publicly pointed out that Sophie had acne marks on her face, and pretended to recommend acne marks to her. She also made fun of Sophie for not working and getting fat.

Wu You stood up and scolded Huang Chuchu. Lu Man wanted to post a video of Huang Chuchu threatening Sophie to the hospital to ruin her. Qian Jiayi also called the photographer to humiliate and satirize Huang Chuchu in public. Huang Chuchu was besieged. She was so frightened that she ran away. Lao Qin saw that the netizens supported Sophie one-sidedly and cursed Huang Chuchu to the point that he regretted it. Sophie came to him to terminate the contract. Lao Qin struggled to keep Sophie, but Sophie had decided to leave.

Sophie packed up her things and came to Xiong Xingyi to open a studio in his cafe, Xiong Xingyi promised. Qian went home after work overtime and saw Lin Yueda accompany her cousin to make wontons. She turned her face on the spot and immediately packed up and left home. Lin Yueda hurriedly chased it out. He couldn’t bear to send her cousin and her son to the hotel, and apologized to Qian Jiayi. Qian Jiayi didn’t buy it at all, and left without looking back with his luggage.

Liang quickly came to see He Xia, and saw that the family had everything they needed for vegetables and fruits. The Wu family took care of him in every possible way and persuaded him to associate with Wu You. He Xia would not allow him to talk nonsense. Liang Kuai gave He Xia a detailed report on the company’s situation and advised him to rest at ease. Liang Kuai pushed He Xia out for a walk, and met Wu You head-on. Liang quickly took the opportunity to hand He Xia to Wu You and left.

Wu You was swinging downstairs, let He Xia sit by and wait, Wu You announced that he would no longer take care of He Xia. There was a sudden heavy rain in the sky, and Wu You threw He Xia in place and ran away. She couldn’t bear it, and hurried back to find He Xia. Seeing him hiding under the fitness equipment to avoid the rain, she hurried him home.

When his parents learned that Wu You had caused He Xia to catch a cold from the rain, they forced Wu You to give him medicine and food. He Xia was tired and sleepy, curled up on the bed and fell asleep. Wu You looked at his haggard face with pity, covered him with a quilt, and asked the bedside robot to remind He Xia to get up at three in the morning to take medicine, Wu Youcai Leave with confidence.

After the meticulous care of Wu You’s family of three, He Xia’s injury gradually improved. Lin Qing and Liang quickly took him to a barbecue. Lin Qing also called Lu Man to reconcile Lu Man and He Xia. Lu Man rushed to the appointment on time. She saw He Xia turn around and left. He Xia hurriedly stopped her and thanked her for helping check the fake mask, but Lu Man didn’t buy it. She hated He Xia deeply. Lu Man took advantage of Jiu Jin. I asked He Xia bitterly and asked him to clarify the matter with Lu Yun two years ago. He Xia avoided answering, Lu Man refused to forgive him, and He Xia left the meeting in anger. Liang Kuai persuaded Lu Man not to hold on to the past, because letting others go is equal to letting himself go.

He Xia was overwhelmed with alcohol. After returning home, he vomited wildly. Wu You called He Xia to the balcony to celebrate the recovery of his foot injury.

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