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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 22 Recap

Opening the door, Jiang Huizhen put on the performance costume and the crown that Ouyang Wenshan gave him. She jumped the unfinished Babylonian story. She jumped three stories. In the first story, there was a concubine. The prince and a humble historian who sacrificed for him, the prince forgot to kill, but learned what love is. The second story is that a princess who lives in the folk is rescued by a commoner, but she never speaks the word of love until her death.

The three stories are about a taciturn guard met a wandering female entertainer. The two of them obviously love each other, but they feel like they are separated. The end of these three love stories is very tragic. People always hope that love can save everything, but they can’t escape death and death. Separation, a massacre, wiped out all their love, Jiang Huizhen used to think that there was only the highest level of tragedy, but now she doesn’t like tragedy, she hates tragedy so much.

Duan Shuiliu took a taxi and took Jiutian Dragon Girl to Wushan. Jiutian Dragon Girl didn’t want to sit. Duan Shuiliu wanted to take Dragon Girl to a high-end restaurant for dinner. But Duan Shuiliu had instilled a different thought into her before. Duan Shuiliu asked him if he was I don’t know that I lied to her, but Jiutian Dragon Girl only believes in him, but Jiutian Dragon Girl also understands his love. Duan Shui Liu told her that if he could start from scratch, he would never lie to her again, from the first second he saw her. Be honest with her from the beginning.

But words are like a breeze, blowing away without leaving a trace, and actions are like stones that can withstand the baptism of years. It is a sentence that Dragon Girl heard when she was a child, and now it is spoken in a modern voice, and it seems to be more charming.

Meiru tried her dress at home, facing herself in the mirror, she put on that shiny dress, slightly on her tiptoes, put on a headdress, it was beautiful, Meiru was about to get married, and suddenly she seemed to see When I was a child, I didn’t look good. Meiru still talked to her, saying that she was picky, but this time she didn’t listen to her own words when she was a child. Little Meiru ran over to pick up Meiru’s cosmetic bag. I don’t understand anything.

I feel troublesome when I grow up. Yeah, when I was a child, I always wanted to grow up. I didn’t know it. Growing up is a troublesome thing. When I was a child, happiness was carefree. But when you grow up, you can fall in love. This is important. She also asked her grown-up, did you meet him? Our Prince Murong smiled beautifully and told her that not only did she meet, but she also wanted to marry Murong Jaylun is here, and “When the love is strong, go to Wushan together” refers to Wushan.

Meiru looked at herself when she was a child, she apologized like she was when she was a child, you believed in love so sincerely, and looked forward to surprises and miracles so seriously, you wrote our diary so seriously, but now she has betrayed for twelve years , Betrayed my childhood self. However, she met the most precious person, and Murong Jay Lun aroused Meiruai’s courage and determination, so that she could calmly tell her in front of her at this moment that what a great thing we did back then, the beauty of childhood Ru happily hugged the diary and ran away, and when she grew up, Mei Ru also cried with excitement.

Duan Shuiliu was stabbed by him when he came to Sin, and Duan Shuiliu fell into the cliff. Jiang Huizhen repeatedly blocked Meiru, but after Meiru’s conversation, she decided to fulfill her. The ceremony began. Murong Jaylun and Meiru were about to get married in Wushan. Sin rushed over and asked Jiang Hui who really was. Ouyang Wenshan tried his best to protect her.

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