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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 21 Recap

Nine Heavens Dragon Girl carefully bandaged Duan Shui Liu and told him that if he had heard the story of Hittite Princess, he would not want her to go back. Since she was born, there have been violent winds and droughts for years. Everyone regarded her as her. Demon girl, her only value is to marry a foreign country in exchange for peace, so Duan Shui Liu still wants her to go back, because he only wants to keep the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl alive, no matter how much he hates them, but the Dragon Girl disdains to be with them, but If they want to go back, they will need the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl.

This kind of cooperation is more stable than anything else. Duan Shuiliu tells her that she still has herself, as long as she is alive, there is hope. Duan Shuiliu brings the watch to Dragon Girl. No matter where and how far away, as long as Dragon Girl is still alive, Duan Shuiliu will have a thought. Can find her.

Jiang Huizhen and Ouyang Wenshan were watching the stars on the lawn. Jiang Huizhen changed from the waywardness and pampering in the past. This time, he was gentle and cautious. He stared at the stars that are about to flash. I really hope that this flash will fix everything here. , Let all the bad things go away, Ouyang Wenshan can stay, and they can stay too. Ouyang Wenshan said that Jiang Huizhen thought it might be just romance, but for Ouyang Wenshan, for his former ethnic group, life was at stake. They could figure out the source of water based on the changing laws of the stars.

Once the starry sky gave them instructions, they would They have to migrate because they can always find places with fertile water and plants. Their ethnic group has always been happy and peaceful, until a bloodthirsty and warlike prince from Babylon caused their war, but the patriarch’s son Ouyang Wenshan was left behind and asked him to help. Destroy your own life, win the king and lose the enemy.

So Ouyang Wenshan still can’t stay. Jiang Hui is really reluctant. She thinks she can think of a way together, but Ouyang Wenshan doesn’t want to stay. He bears the hatred of the country and the family. He needs to live for more people, even at all costs, and at this price. Including Jiang Huizhen. Moreover, in order to prevent Jiang Huizhen from lingering on him, he deliberately said that what he did for her was just a habit. He had no self and no heart, so how to talk about love.

In the morning Meiru looked at Murong Jaylen, who was still sleeping on the bed, and fell into thinking. The ringing of her mobile phone interrupted her. It was a real call. Meiru looked for her in the past. Jiang Huizhen was still immersed in broken love and couldn’t help herself.

Meiru told her. “Jiang Hui is really cool”, “She has the purest and purest heart and pure and perfect eyes, so her dreams are always there, and her heart is flying”, whether it is Ouyang Wenshan walking or leaving beautifully, she will always be cool. Jiang Huizhen asked her what she meant, but Meiru applied the words in the diary, “The fate of the heroine is always full of twists and turns.

She was immersed in love and tasted all the happiness and pain, but the crisis always followed her, and there were even the beginnings. Unexpected tribulations, the destiny of great love, is not to be afraid of sacrifice,” Jiang Huizhen told her, this is all nonsense, and she does not allow Meiru to do any dangerous things. Tomorrow night will be the blood moon. Meiru wants Murong Jaylen to live well and return to her country. Meiru will also take Murong Jaylen to Wushan to arrange a sweet and unforgettable ceremony.

After Meiru went home, Murong Jaylun was already awake. She was going to look for her when she was away. Meiru wanted to take him to an interesting place. They came to Meiru’s original class.

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