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The Pavilion 八角亭谜雾 Episode 4 Recap

Yuan Fei personally went to the scene of the first crime, which was the first house on the corner of Xiliu Lane, which was unoccupied for many years. As the night was cloudy and rainy, many traces were washed away by the rain. Next to the alley was a river leading to the Green Lake. Yuan Fei asked Lao Qi to find a boat. Several people drove along the river by boat. They still couldn’t figure out how she could easily move the body if the murderer was a woman.

Nowadays, Xuan Nianmei is gossiping about sleeping with men in the class. Xuan Nianmei shields these sounds as much as possible. Except for class as usual, she usually shuts herself in the room. Little did she know that Mu Ge took the initiative to find Tian Haipeng that day, and since she entered the dormitory, she has never appeared again.

Ding Luolie and Zhou Yamei went to discuss with Manager Wu a few days of grace to pay the deposit. Although Manager Wu knew the difficulties of the Kunqu Opera Troupe, he was really helpless. Considering the difficulty of the Kunqu Opera Troupe so far, Manager Wu suggested that the couple go to the Propaganda Department to discuss the situation. If they can participate in the national performance, it is equivalent to giving glory to the Propaganda Department.

After the incident, Yuan Fei called on the bar surveillance on the day of the crime. One of them entered the bar 13 minutes later than Xuan Nianmei and Mu Ge. After comparison, this person was found to be extremely similar to the murderer on the Peng boat. high. At this time, Zhu Wensheng and Qiu Wenjing came to the criminal police squad and learned that Yuan Fei had returned to the task force. They immediately became angry and insisted that the police arrest Xuanliang and bring them to justice.

Although Yuan Fei has produced a lot of evidence to prove that Xuanliang has nothing to do with this case, Zhu Wensheng is stubborn and can’t hear anything at all. This shows that Xuanliang has sufficient criminal evidence and even committed assaults and witnesses. The witness, threatened to find a way to kill Xuan Liang.

Too much has happened recently, Xuan Nianmei did not want to go to school, but spent her eighteenth birthday in her grandmother’s ward. Xuan Liang felt very guilty of this. However, Xuan Nianmei did not blame her father. Instead, she was even more curious about whether she looked a lot like her aunt Xuanzhen. Xuan Liang was a little confused, especially seeing her daughter blowing out the candles in the blessings of the crowd. This scene reminded him of the past, as if ten The eight-year-old Xuan Zhen was right in front of her.

On the way home, Xuanliang met an acquaintance nearby, and learned from the other party that several students were talking about Xuan Nianmei and the head teacher Tian Haipeng messing up the relationship between men and women, and it was Mu Ge who provoked the conversation. Xuan Liang ran to Mu Ge’s house angrily, only to see Mu Ge’s mother, Han Xueping.

Han Xueping saw that Xuanliang’s expression was not right, indicating that her daughter had not yet returned home. Xuanliang had no choice but to leave. He was so drunk that he almost collided with the motorcycle and was yelled at by the other party. That night, Xuanliang lay in the bed and cried bitterly until he saw the vain Xuanzhen return home and was horrified to wake him from the nightmare.

There were rumors inside and outside the school, with numerous cases, and the Xuan family’s internal and external troubles, and everyone fell into a seemingly peaceful anxiety. But in the next morning, Han Xueping took the initiative to come to her door, completely breaking the calm of the morning. Because of Mu Ge’s sudden disappearance, Han Xueping believed that the incident was related to the Xuan family, and immediately quarreled at the door, so angry that Xuanliang and Xiuyuan almost rushed to fight her. Xuan Nianmei ran out after hearing the sound, and looked at the appearance of her parents fighting for her own reason.

The two families entered the police station, and Ge Fei asked Han Xueping to take notes. Because of the impact of this incident, the principal asked Tian Haipeng to talk, hoping that he would pay attention to the impact. Tian Haipeng pretended to be calm and dealt with the principal, then ran back to the dormitory, panicking and tidying up his secret photos of female students and deleting everything in the camera.

Mrs. Xuan disappeared for no reason, Xuan Min was shocked, and quickly called her elder brother and husband. At this time, Yuan Fei talked to Xuan Nianmei, but it was a pity that she wanted to shut herself in the room and refused to come out. Yuan Fei and Xuanliang revealed Mu Ge’s true intentions for spreading the rumors. After receiving Xuanmin’s call, he hurried to the hospital and finally found Mrs. Xuan in the garden downstairs.

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