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The Pavilion 八角亭谜雾 Episode 3 Recap

The police found the scene of the first crime through monitoring, but Xiliu Lane in a residential area was far away from the place where the body was found, which meant that someone moved Zhu Shenghui to Green Lake three kilometers away. The specific reason is unknown. Xiaojun investigated Zhu Wensheng’s social relations and found that he contracted a rice wine factory in his early years. In order to save costs, he found an excuse to lay off a group of workers, including Xuan Liang. Later, Xuan Liang could not swallow this breath. He sued Zhu Wensheng for years. The result was nothing, so the two completely forged a beam.

Under Liu Dali’s suggestion, the police decided to first investigate the river where the body was most likely to be transported, and visited residents around the river, which was a major breakthrough in the end. At the same time, Xuan Liang accompanied his daughter to the police station to make a transcript, and took the initiative to talk about the encounter with the man in black that night. Unfortunately, the man was wearing a baseball cap and couldn’t see his face at all, so he provided other substantive clues.

As the Kunqu Opera Troupe’s funding problem has not been resolved for a long time, and it is about to be disbanded, Ding Luolie thought of a lot of ways, but it didn’t work at all. In desperation, Ding Luolie took the initiative to talk to Zhu Wensheng about sponsorship, hoping that he could fulfill his previous agreement. However, Zhu Wensheng turned his back and drove Ding Luolie out of the company directly.

Seeing Ding Ruolie lost and returned, Zhou Yamei planned to seek Qiu Wenjing’s help. She didn’t know that Qiu Wenjing was making a noise in the Xuan family at this time, and she kept accusing Xuan Liang of killing her son. Sister-in-law Xiuyuan was afraid that Xuan Min and Qiu Wenjing would fight, and hurriedly came forward to stop her, and then dragged her back to the room, leaving Qiu Wenjing alone in the courtyard crying bitterly.

After repeated consideration, in order to keep the Kunqu Opera Troupe, Ding Luolie had to follow his wife Zhou Yamei to Zhu’s house, hoping to persuade Qiu Wenjing to make it easier. However, Qiu Wenjing did not believe in Xuanliang’s innocence, and only wanted to find the murderer for her son as soon as possible, so she promised to allocate funds to the Kunqu Opera Troupe, provided that Ding Luolie and his wife were to perjury and falsely claimed that Xuanliang had threatened to kill Zhu Shenghui before. However, Ding Luolie knew that the matter was big and did not agree on the spot, but left with his wife first.

In the next period of time, Xuan Nianmei always felt that someone was following her, as if she could perceive the other’s existence no matter where she went, but could not see the other’s appearance. Xuan Min wanted to take Xuan Nianmei to dinner, but Xuan Nianmei walked to the roof alone on the grounds of going to the bathroom. Even if the rain was pouring, she stood motionless in the rain, trying to make herself sober and wash herself in this way. Lose the sense of horror that permeated my heart.

Fortunately, the police had worked hard for many days, and they quickly found the corpse ship. After combining the testimony of the residents, they calculated the trajectory of the corpse. At the same time, after comparing the blood stains on the ship, it was confirmed that it was Zhu Shenghui himself. Ge Fei reported the situation to the Director, who was regarded as clearing the suspicion about Xuanliang, and the Director informed Yuan Fei to return to the 4.17 task force to continue working.

The surveillance video showed the approximate outline of the person transporting the corpse, but because the person was wearing a hoodie with his back to the camera, it was difficult to distinguish the true identity. Liu Dali observed from the side and found that the murderer was suspected of having long hair and wearing a skirt, indicating that it was most likely a woman. His discovery surprised the people present and overturned all previous speculations.

Xuan Min received a call from Yuan Fei on the way home, and took Xuan Nianmei to the police station. Liu Xinli called up the video of the man in black. It is not difficult to see that this person is suspicious and seems to be following a girl. Xuan Nianmei carefully distinguishes it, vaguely feeling a little familiar, and subconsciously mentions the teacher Tian Haipeng.

Ge Fei and Liu Xinli went to the school to find Tian Haipeng about the situation and asked him where he had been on the day of the crime. Tian Haipeng explained that he was eating at his parents’ house, and he answered vaguely, including other questions. However, Xiaojun believes that even if Tian Haipeng is a stalker, he does not mean that he has a relationship with the murderer. After all, the time is not right at all. However, Liu Xinli said that both of them are related to Xuan Nianmei, especially the female student Mu Ge. It should be the biggest doubt.

Yuan Fei agreed with Liu Xinli’s point of view and asked him to find Xia Mu Ge personally, at least to clarify the relationship between the two girls. Under Liu Xinli’s cross-examination, Mu Ge admitted that he slandered Xuan Nianmei at school, mainly because she was jealous of her popularity at school, and finally accepted Zhu Shenghui’s benefits. What he could do was to inform him about Xuan Nianmei. Whereabouts. But when Liu Xinli took the initiative to mention Tian Haipeng, he clearly noticed Mu Ge’s tension.

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