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The Pavilion 八角亭谜雾 Episode 2 Recap

Seventeen years later, another vicious murder occurred in Luhu. In particular, the deceased’s biological father was a well-known local entrepreneur. Therefore, the superior leaders paid special attention and requested the Shaowu City Public Security Bureau to set up a 4.17 task force as soon as possible, with Yuan Fei as the team leader. Hurry to solve the case before the provincial civilized city selection.

Originally, Zhu Wensheng and the Ding Luolie couple agreed to cooperate and planned to allocate funds to sponsor the Kunqu Opera Troupe, but now that he suffers the pain of losing his son, this matter is naturally gone. Due to conflicts between Zhu Shenghui and Xuanliang, his parents Zhu Wensheng and Qiu Wenjing were emotionally excited and insisted that the murderer was Xuanliang.

Yuan Fei calmed down the couple’s emotions as much as possible. After they left, they called for surveillance from the bar. It was found that Xuan Nianmei and Zhu Shenghui had walked out of the gate one after another. According to the description of the bar owner, it is not difficult to speculate that Zhu Chaohui was in trouble with Xuan Nianmei during his lifetime, and eventually got into trouble.

After all, the bar owner has been in entertainment venues for many years, and he was used to seeing this kind of right and wrong, and he didn’t take it to heart. Taking into account the complaints of Zhu Wensheng and his wife, Yuan Fei asked Lao Qi to follow Ge Fei to the school to find Xuan Nianmei to find out about the situation. He and Liu Xinli came to the Kunqu Opera Troupe in person and met Ding Luolie and his wife Zhou Yamei.

In fact, Qiu Wenjing was an actor who sang Guimendan in the Kunqu Opera Troupe in the early years. She was valued for her extraordinary qualifications. At first, she wanted to train her to succeed the troupe. Unfortunately, she later met Zhu Wensheng and left the troupe to become a full-time wife. Let her husband provide sponsorship to the troupe. Since Xuanliang was the parent of the student before, Zhou Yamei said that she had met each other several times, although she knew but was not familiar with it. As for other clues, Yuan Fei couldn’t ask why.

Xuan Nianmei discovered that her classmates were secretly telling about her sleeping with others, and the gossip she told Mu Ge last night was just a joke that she told Mu Ge last night, which meant that Mu Ge deliberately spread and discredited her image. . When the two were torn and scrambled at school, the teacher Tian Haipeng hurriedly came forward to stop, Ge Fei took Xuannianmei to the next room for questioning, to get a general understanding of the whole story. On the other hand, Mu Ge revealed in front of Tian Haipeng that Xuan Nianmei’s style was not correct, and distorted the content of the original words, which made Tian Haipeng believe it was true.

In recent days, it has been the rainy season. From morning to night, it has been covered by clouds. Xuanliang went to school to pick up his daughter from school as usual. He also felt that the corpse case had caused panic among the parents, and even talked about the dusty past 19 years ago. . Soon the school bell rang, and the students walked out of the school one after another.

Not long after, Da Liang led a group of people and smashed the Xuan family’s bun shop under Zhu Wensheng’s instruction. Although she was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment and saved her life for the time being, her condition has worsened and the situation is not optimistic. The female relatives in the family have lost an inch, and the always taciturn Xuanliang once again shoulders the heavy responsibility.

The contradiction between Zhu Wensheng and Xuanliang can be traced back almost twenty years ago, when Xuanliang worked in a factory and was declared laid-off for offending Zhu Wensheng. Yuan Fei couldn’t help but inquire about the ins and outs of this incident, but he chose the most improper time and completely angered Xuanliang and almost got into a big quarrel.

The police took Da Liang back to the police station for interrogation, but Da Liang insisted that he was avenging his good buddies, and no one instigated him at all. Zhou Yamei was worried that the Kunqu Opera Troupe would not be able to continue to operate, and couldn’t figure out why such a thing would happen at a critical moment. Ding Ruolie said that he would find a solution and comfort his wife not to worry too much.

At the same time, Xuan Min made dinner at home and took the initiative to chat with Yuan Fei about Xuan’s family, and she had not yet dispelled the idea of ​​pregnancy. Due to Yuan Fei’s special relationship with the Xuan family, the senior police officers kicked him out of the task force. Yuan Fei’s surface seemed calm, but he could not conceal his loss.

The little sister Xuanzhu has been away from home for many years. Even though her career has improved a little, her love life is still chaotic, and she is even involved in the scandal of extramarital affairs, causing her to be beaten up and beaten by the boss’ wife. When her boyfriend Chen Ming heard about this, she left the house where they lived in silence. Xuan Zhu did not make any detention. Even if she received a call from her sister-in-law and heard the news of her mother’s hospitalization, she still hung up without emotion and recalled herself. The unhappiness between Xuanzhen and Xuanzhen, the twin sisters have completely opposite personalities.

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