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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 19 Recap

Although Gao Daxia was aggrieved, as a revolutionary who has been on the front line of the Anti-Japanese War for many years, she finally failed to produce any evidence to prove her innocence. Considering that she was about to leave the art troupe, Gao Daxia proposed to go back and say goodbye to everyone. After all, there have been a lot of conflicts before, and at least there must be a good gathering. Originally, Li Yunguang did not agree, but Fu Jiazhuang and others had to agree to this matter because of the help of Fu Jiazhuang and others.

After returning to the art troupe, Gao Daxia continued to tell the story of her father and elder brother, and urged everyone to worship her when passing by the Jiaodong Martyrs Cemetery in the future. The members were very moved by this, thinking that Gao Jinzhu was not dead at all, but was always alive in their hearts. When Gao Daxia said goodbye to everyone, she followed Fu Jiazhuang to leave the theater. Gao Shouping was reluctant to part with her elder sister and couldn’t help crying.

As Gao Daxia found out that the file had been dropped, she insisted that Fang Ruoyu did it, and immediately ran over to question her, but Fang Ruoyu denied it, deliberately pretending to be a solemnity. In the end, Gao Daxia was taken away from the Public Security Bureau by Fu Jiazhuang, and she happened to meet Liu Manli before leaving. She was embarrassed when she learned that she was coming to the Public Security Bureau to report, and she quickly found an excuse to leave.

At the recommendation of Fu Jiazhuang, Liu Manli met Li Yunguang. Considering that Liu Manli is a martyred and possesses certain cultural literacy, she was recruited to the Public Security Bureau to be responsible for file management in the organization. Fu Jiazhuang asked Gao Shouping to take Liu Manli to pick up the clothes, which is considered to be a formal post. Liu Manli met Fang Ruoyu when she was familiar with the work environment and greeted him excitedly and asked to go to work on the same day.

Gao Daxia continued to return to the restaurant to help with the kitchen. The cultural workers in the restaurant talked about her from behind. Liu Youwei went out to fight the injustice. He went back and talked with Gao Daxia, saying that he must help her out. But Gao Daxia has no complaints about the organization. In her view, the organization is like parents. Even if parents do wrong, children will not blame it.

Now the plan to bring down Gao Daxia is completely successful, but Fang Ruoyu does not have any joy. After all, he feels that Gao Daxia is an anti-Japanese hero, and he is suddenly wronged and turned into a traitor, which is really a bit immoral. Ma Susu disagrees with this, and even suggested that Fang Ruoyu find a way to resign from the Public Security Bureau and go to work in a material company. In fact, he took the opportunity to set fire.

Fang Ruoyu was worried that if she confronted Gao Daxia, she would not be able to eat good fruit in the future, but now Gao Daxia belongs to the mud bodhisattva crossing the river, so Ma Susu told Fang Ruoyu not to worry too much. Instead, Liu Manli was already working as a secretary in the archives. This made her I find it interesting, maybe I can find an opportunity to do something.

That night, Ma Susu found that Fang Ruoyu’s handbag was left in the store, so he specially selected a good bottle of wine and went to look for her. Little did he know that Fang Ruoyu had just opened the door to go home, and was knocked out from behind. When he woke up, he saw Liu Youwei and Gao Daxia sitting directly across from him.

Because Fang Ruoyu was bound by Gao Daxia with twine, it was really impossible to break free, Gao Daxia asked him to explain how to exchange files, but Fang Ruoyu refused to admit it. At the same time, Ma Susu walked to the door, deliberately picked a flower in her hair, and was about to push the door into the house, when she suddenly heard Gao Daxia’s voice, so she hid next to witness the whole process.

Gao Daxia asked to no avail, and simply decided to leave. Liu Youwei couldn’t help but feel a little upset because he couldn’t eat the cooked rice. Seeing Gao Daxia and Liu Youwei walk out of the Fang family compound, Ma Susu enters the house to untie Fang Ruoyu. Liu Manli went home in her uniform to show off to Liu Youwei, claiming that she was able to work in the Public Security Bureau thanks to her husband’s blessing. Liu Youwei was also quite moved compared to the current situation of Gao Daxia.

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