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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 18 Recap

Taking into account the authenticity of the content of the report letter, Fu Jiazhuang has always reserved his opinion, especially Gao Daxia arrested Ishida Yuanzou some time ago, so he still needs to investigate carefully. Li Yunguang is relatively more rational, but he believes that the reason why the Communist Party can develop to the point where it is today is entirely because it has always maintained the purity of the Communists. Moreover, it is also a critical juncture. It must not be careless about the Kuomintang. If Gao Daxia is a real revolution, it is inevitable. Can stand the test of the organization.

In order to prevent Wan Defu from continuing to be emotional, Gao Shouping took him away first, and finally met Gao Daxia halfway. Originally, Gao Daxia came to deliver the files in person. When she learned of the anonymous report letter, she went to Li Yunguang to explain the situation, saying that all this must be related to Fang Ruoyu. Li Yunguang found that there were traces of passiveness in the archives, and he couldn’t help but doubt it. Gao Daxia explained that when he came back from Harbin, he encountered a robbery list and the archives were almost lost.

Just as Li Yunguang was about to check the materials, he suddenly received a call from Andre, asking Gao Daxia to go home and waiting for news, while he and Li Yunguang went to the headquarters to attend a meeting. After several people left, Fang Ruoyu opened the office of Fujiazhuang with the key, and just wanted to transfer Gao Daxia’s files, but Gao Shouping came in from the door and was so scared that he hurriedly hid under the table until the other party left, and then quietly stole it. file.

Gao Daxia did not leave the Public Security Bureau directly, but went to talk to Wan Defu first, hoping that he would not interfere with the relationship between Chunni and Gao Shouping. Wan Defu felt that Gao Daxia sacrificed her happiness for her younger brother and drew a clear line with herself. In fact, Gao Daxia had no interest in him at all. Not only was she resolute, she even strongly recommended Liu Manli to him.

Fang Ruoyu returned to the office and called Ma Susu to visit the Public Security Bureau on the grounds of applying for a business license, and brought a carrot by the way so that he could imitate the seal. Ma Susu did everything according to Fang Ruoyu’s instructions, pretending to be looking for Fu Jiazhuang. After being told by the guard that Fu Jiazhuang would go to the headquarters for a meeting, he went to the public security bureau hall to wait and met Fang Ruoyu smoothly.

Fang Ruoyu carved a seal with carrots, deliberately forging the false impression that the information was incorrect, completely making Gao Daxia’s identity a mystery, and jumping into the Yellow River was also unclear. When Ma Susu took advantage of Fang Ruoyu’s old seal, he went to the bathroom, but Gao Daxia suddenly appeared, which really shocked Fang Ruoyu and made him incoherent.

Gao Daxia saw the carrot on the table and picked it up directly, without noticing the seal on the bottom of the carrot. But when he saw a lady’s handbag next to him, Gao Daxia was immediately alarmed, and Ma Susu had no choice but to walk out, falsely claiming that he had come to Fu Jiazhuang for his documents.

Although Ma Susu explained that there were no loopholes, Gao Daxia didn’t trust Fang Ruoyu at all and asked her to open the handbag and check the contents. Just when Gao Daxia was reluctant to respond to Ruoyu, Fu Jiazhuang had returned to the Public Security Bureau and came forward to stop the quarrel, and Ma Susu also secretly hid things in the trash can to survive a crisis.

In order to put back the file without knowing it, Fang Ruoyu took some personnel information and handed it to Fu Jiazhuang. After Fu Jiazhuang opened Gao Daxia’s archives, he couldn’t help but fall into deep thought, including Li Yunguang also seeing that there was a problem with the seal. Although there is no way to directly prove who did the file, considering that at this point, we can’t easily let go of the clues, we simply suspend all of Gao Daxia’s work and investigate him.

Before the family received a list of sacrifices from relatives, the atmosphere was naturally low. Everyone was in a bad mood. Gao Daxia also delayed work because of this, and even had trouble with the comrades of the art troupe. Gao Daxia took the initiative to apologize to everyone and tell the story of herself and her father and brother. At this time, Li Yunlong brought Fu Jiazhuang and others to the theater.

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