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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 17 Recap

Because Wan Defu’s left leg was disabled, she couldn’t continue to drive the tram in the future, and she would inevitably be a little bit disappointed. So Chunni took a day off and accompanied him to go shopping in the car and watch the show, so as to relieve her mood. It just so happened that this astronomical troupe was rehearsing a new program. Gao Daxia asked its head Xing Kefan to convene everyone for a meeting and asked Wan Defu to give a report on his fighting deeds in the arson group.

Before leaving, Yuan Feiyan and Chun Ni were very close to each other, and they actively invited her to come to the art troupe to see her frequently. She even thought her voice was very magnetic and was a good material for singing, and she was willing to teach her to sing. Wan Defu thinks that Chunni should drive the tram honestly and do her job well, but Gao Daxia is very supportive of Chunni learning to sing.

Now the police station has been officially renamed as the Public Security Bureau and handed over to the Communist Party. Li Yunguang has appointed Gao Shouping as the chief of the administrative section. Gao Shouping believes that he has no experience and may not be able to do the job. However, Li Yunguang stated that only excellent Communists can learn by doing and learn by doing. Everyone finds out experience bit by bit.

With Fu Jiazhuang’s encouragement, Gao Shouping no longer declined, but felt that the burden on his shoulders was heavier. Originally, Fu Jiazhuang wanted to recommend Gao Daxia to join the Public Security Bureau. However, she lacked some materials and needed to wait for the Mudanjiang to fill up, so she would work in the cultural troupe for the time being. Taking into account the shortage of staff in the Public Security Bureau, Fu Jiazhuang recommended Liu Manli. After all, her family was innocent and her in-laws were excellent revolutionaries, so Li Yunguang accepted Fu Jiazhuang’s recommendation.

After Gao Daxia learned of the incident, she was particularly envious and offered to work in the internal organization, and wanted to catch the spies as soon as possible. Fu Jiazhuang believes that the art troupe is also an important part of the revolutionary cause. Although he can understand Gao Daxia’s dislike of martial arts, but now there are foreign transfer materials about Gao Daxia that have not been sent back, and there is really no way to arrange a job for her.

Although Gao Daxia was reluctant, she had no other choice but to wait patiently, and at the same time proposed to Fu Jiazhuang that Wan Defu should ask for a job in the Public Security Bureau. Fu Jiazhuang considered that Wan Defu was injured in a leg, which might not be easy to move. Gao Daxia said that Wan Defu was injured because of her, and she must not forget her gratitude.

Fang Ruoyu was about to leave Dalian, but he was very depressed because he failed to get the approval of his aunt. Ma Susu conveyed the meaning of Auntie, and repeatedly emphasized that the construction of the party-state in Dalian is inseparable from Fang Ruoyu, and he still does not have the mood to calm Fang Ruoyu. He returned home and wrote a few large characters with a brush, which was meaningful.

The Communist Party made the takeover of the police station public, and at the same time added many policies that benefit the people, which won unanimous praise from the people. On the contrary, Ma Susu was angry about this and believed that only the Kuomintang was the real organization in China. With the completion of the Dalian Public Security Bureau, Wan Defu changed his uniform vigorously to report and became the chief of the logistics department.

As the host, Andre invited Li Yunguang to speak on stage. Everyone applauded and welcomed them. At the same time, they realized that the Kuomintang had become an underground party and had to ask the Communist Party for instructions. At the same time, Yuan Feiyan deliberately embarrassed Gao Daxia in front of everyone because Gao Daxia aimed at Fang Ruoyu everywhere, claiming that she was ignorant and came to direct the art troupe, so that the other party had nothing to say. Although Fang Ruoyu knew that his daughter was venting his anger, he was really not in the mood, because there were more important things waiting for him to deal with right now.

Before long, the central government will appoint ten leaders to guide the work here. Li Yunguang asked Fu Jiazhuang and Gao Shouping to seize the time to clarify their work ideas. The main understanding at present is to identify enemy agents. Fang Ruoyu saw that Wan Defu came to work at the Public Security Bureau and took the initiative to get close to him, just to get more inside information from this population.

Fu Jiazhuang learned that Li Yunguang wanted to find an experienced old man to go to the warehouse for fire prevention, so he recommended Gao Daxia. At this time, Wan Defu brought in fruits and vegetables and brought in an anonymous letter. Class exchanges are close. Wan Defu was extremely emotional and threatened that Gao Daxia would be a traitor for the party and the country, so he tore up the letter on the spot. Even Fu Jiazhuang believed that this letter needs to be studied.

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