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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 16 Recap

Ma Susu and others guarded the railway station ahead of time, and Daling was also ambushing the only way for the Jiaodong Special Commissioner. Originally, Fang Ruoyu wanted to investigate on the grounds that someone had hidden a bomb in the train station, so as to openly disrupt the communication between the Communist Party, and let Da Ling stun the platform staff, snatch the other party’s clothes and mix in it. Fu Jiazhuang and Gao Shouping appeared in time. , Realizing that the Kuomintang has acted.

Fang Ruoyu led the police officers to search the site one by one. In order to avoid exposure, the commissioner vehemently opposed him. Da Ling pretended to be the Communist Party and picked him up. He stabbed him with a knife until he came to the toilet. While Da Ling was looking for the contact letter in the luggage carried by the commissioner, the toilet door was suddenly hit violently, and she had to leave first.

When Da Ling had just escaped from the toilet and jumped out of the window, Fu Jiazhuang had rushed in and got the contact letter before the commissioner died, and then went to see Andrei with Gao Shouping. As a result, the two had just arrived at the headquarters and they were watched by the Kuomintang again. Andre happened to be in a meeting, so the Kuomintang agents went to see Fujiazhuang under the pretext of sending tea.

At this time, there was no figure of Fu Jiazhuang in the reception room. Only a letter was placed on the table, which made him mistakenly think it was an engagement letter. He was about to reach for it. Unexpectedly, Fu Jiazhuang got out from under the table and opened it directly towards the man’s left leg. One shot. In order to catch the secret agents hiding in the headquarters, Fu Jiazhuang temporarily thought of this method. Gao Shouping and Andre rushed over after hearing the sound. The secret agents saw that they had been surrounded, and they had broken their guns and ended their lives.

After this incident, Fu Jiazhuang handed over the contact letter to Andre, and decided to change the name of the police station to the Public Security Bureau, which is equivalent to being taken over by the Communist Party. The person who had agreed to connect was suddenly brutally murdered, and the assassin was a woman of unknown origin. Everyone was looking for the identity of this person, but Gao Daxia always felt that this matter was related to Fang Ruoyu, so she went to the police station to find him. Because Gao Daxia claimed to be Fang Ruoyu’s old aunt before, the guard had already recognized her and offered to call her to contact her.

Taking advantage of this time, Gao Daxia asked the guard about Fang Ruoyu’s situation and learned that he had been close to the Japanese in the past because it was completely compelled by the situation. Fang Ruoyu received a call and learned that Gao Daxia was looking for him. At first he wanted to find an excuse to refuse, but finally couldn’t stand the threat of Gao Daxia, so he had to go out with a pistol and talk with Gao Daxia in a remote place.

Gao Daxia once again asked if Fang Ruoyu was involved in the assassination, but Fang Ruoyu tried his best and deliberately pretended to be anxious. In broad daylight, he pulled out his gun to kill Gao Daxia, but was stopped by Fu Jiazhuang at the critical moment. Fu Jiazhuang believed that Fang Ruoyu was a rabbit who was anxious by Gao Daxia, and even if he changed it to himself, he would dig a gun.

Just as Gao Daxia was extremely dissatisfied with Fu Jiazhuang’s attitude, she suddenly learned that there was a list of Dalian martyrs in the special commissioner’s suitcase, including Gao Jinzhu’s name, which is enough to show that Gao Daxia’s father had died, and even her eldest brother confirmed that she was strayed. Passed away.

That night, Gao Daxia told Liu Manli about the incident. The two women were very saddened by the death of their relatives. She planned to visit her father and elder brother in the Shandong Martyrs Garden in person after the situation stabilized. Although Liu Youwei knew the news, he was not at all sad. He even found a few pieces of brother-in-law’s clothes to wear to the store associates. He also imagined that as a family member of the martyrs, he should have a lot of convenience.

Fang Ruoyu persuaded Yuan Feiyan to leave the art troupe, it is best to leave Dalian, but Yuan Feiyan did not agree, she happened to be seen by Ma Susu when she left home. Ma Susu talked to Fang Ruoyu about the Public Security Bureau, thinking that the Communist Party’s takeover of the police station would inevitably be detrimental to the KMT. Now Gao Daxia has become the biggest hidden danger, and we should find a way to get rid of her. However, Fang Ruoyu felt that getting rid of Gao Daxia would make it easy to stun the snake, so he had to think of another way first.

Since knowing that her elder brother had been killed, Gao Daxia could not sleep, always feeling sorry for her sister-in-law, so she wanted to match her with Fu Jiazhuang. However, Fu Jiazhuang’s attitude was firm, showing that sympathy was not love. At this time, Liu Manli came to Fu Jiazhuang and proposed to join the revolutionary team and be a qualified family member of a martyr.

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