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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 14 Recap

Qian Jiayi learned that Lin Yueda’s cousin and children would stay at home for a few days. She turned her face on the spot. Lin Yueda promised to let her cousin live in the hotel tomorrow, asking Qian Jiayi to take them in for the night, Qian Jiayi reluctantly agreed.

Lin Qing came to Lu Man on time to give Lu Man the USB flash drive. He was worried, so he ate in the next room. Lu Man pulled Mr. Xiao to change the cup, desperately to please him, Mr. Xiao was disoriented by the praise. The cousin made a table of dishes and asked Lin Yueda to celebrate their wedding with wine. Qian Jiayi and Lin Yueda did not drink. The cousin mistakenly thought they were preparing for pregnancy and tried to recommend them the recipe for giving birth. Qian Jiayi clearly explained her. She didn’t want children, even though Lin Yueda was on the sidelines, her cousin was still very angry.

The waiter took the 15,800 bill and asked Mr. Xiao to pay the bill. Mr. Xiao was immediately dumbfounded. The colleagues hurried over to toast Mr. Xiao. Lu Man took the opportunity to open Mr. Xiao’s file bag and get his wallet. He did not find the USB flash drive. Man was anxious, and Xiao always wanted to pay with his mobile phone. Lu Man deliberately spilled a glass of wine on Mr. Xiao’s pants and asked Mr. Xiao to take out everything in his pocket. When Lu Man found the USB flash drive, he used the USB flash drive bought by Lin Qing to adjust the package. After her mission was completed, he left with Mr. Xiao. President Xiao refused to give up, entangled the landing vines, and Lin Qing came out of the room after hearing the news and took the initiative to send President Xiao home.

Wu You was unwilling to be trapped in the warehouse. She wanted to escape from the window. She couldn’t ignore He Xia, so she spread a big cardboard box and slept, and drove He Xia to another bed to sleep. Lin Yueda gave the room to her cousin and nephew, so she had to come to Qianjiayi’s bedroom to make a floor plan. Qianjiayi repeatedly emphasized that she did not like other people living at home. Lin Yueda guessed that the cousin was on behalf of her parents to see how the two of them were doing. The cousin suddenly broke in. Lin Yueda was so frightened that he hurriedly picked up the bedclothes and lied that he was going to add bedding to the cousin. The cousin took it and left, so that Lin Yueda could go to bed with the money.

Wu You fell asleep in a daze, He Xia took off the cover and covered her. Lin Yueda tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. He had a crush on money plus one since college. He never dreamed of marrying her. Qian Jiayi was curious about why Lin Yueda married her. Lin Yueda admitted that he had always liked money plus one, but money plus one was already I fell asleep without hearing a word.

Wu You woke up early in the morning and found out that He Xia hadn’t slept all night. Wu You escaped from the window. He Xia told her to remember to call the police. Soon, Wu You brought the police to rescue He Xia. He Xia was unable to walk on the excuse of her foot injury, so Wu You helped him go home. Wu You didn’t return all night, and his parents were distraught. Suddenly they saw Wu You come back with He Xia. The two of them greeted He Xia. Wu’s mother was not allowed to say that he took He Xia home and asked her husband to take the medicine box. She wanted to help him. Xia massaged her foot injuries and asked Wu You to wash He Xia’s feet, but Wu You had no choice but to follow suit.

Lin Qing drove Lu Man to work early in the morning, and deliberately circumvented the road with beautiful scenery. Lin Qing was curious about why Lu Man wanted to help He Xia. She repeatedly claimed that she just wanted to help Wu You. As soon as Lu Man arrived at the company, he gave the USB flash drive to Qian Jiayi, and asked her to help pass it to Wu You. Qian Jiayi found out that there were fake accounts made by Mr. Xiao, and she handed it to Wu You as soon as possible.

Mr. Xiao and his assistant were fired from the company. The colleagues congratulated Wu You. After Wu You received a message from his girlfriends, they made an appointment to meet in the gym. He Xia went to the hospital to check for her foot injury, and happened to meet Wu’s father and Wu’s mother. They enthusiastically pushed He Xia to see a doctor. He Xia politely declined. Wu’s mother forcibly pulled him and left. He Xia raised her leg and accidentally kicked him. In the wheelchair, his calf fractured, Wu Mu promised to be responsible for He Xia, she had already regarded He Xia as the son-in-law.

Father Wu found the wheelchair and asked Wu You to send it to He Xia. He Xia transferred the medical expenses paid by Wu’s mother to Wu You. After hearing the news, Mother Wu pushed He Xia home to eat, and deliberately stewed pork knuckle soup and spare ribs. Wu You wanted to drink soup. Mother Wu resolutely opposed her, bearing He Xia’s three meals a day, and asked Wu You to take care of He Xia. For three months, Wu You complained repeatedly. Wu’s father worried that Wu You was being bullied by He Xia, so he secretly made up his mind to prevent He Xia from interacting with Wu You.

Qian went home after work overtime, and saw that the house was in a mess, she resisted the anger and cleaned up a little bit. Lin Yueda took his cousin and nephew and then hurried home. Qian Jiayi suddenly became angry and furious. Lin Yueda was so scared to make amends. Because his parents wanted to video with them tonight, Lin Yueda promised to take his cousin and nephew to stay in the hotel tomorrow.

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