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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 20 Recap

The prince’s handprints were pressed on the tablet, recalling the previous events. Meiru’s second uncle told them that many things could not change the result, but he could only remind Meiru that the diary was written by her, Jiang Huizhen added oil and jealousy, and Duan Shui-liu can not be separated from the diary, so they and the diary The fetters of the middlemen are all destined, but Sin said that no matter what kind of grievances he had in the past, he should now cooperate to return to their original time and space and serve their gods.

And Murong Jaelun believed that it was Sin’s unrighteous act that caused this chaotic situation, but Sin said that it was because the humble girl historian carved personal love on the stone slab that he would be punished by the gods. But the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl was puzzled, everything was caused by them, why she was here, and Ouyang Wenshan. And all this is because the modern girl, that is, Meiru, opened two channels.

The second uncle said that everything has time. If they want to return to the ancient country, they must restore a sacrifice on the night of the blood moon, on the holy mountain. If they succeed, they will return to their time and space. Meiru is not the creator, but unexpectedly hits the door of taboo. Sin must make Meiru pay the price to let them go back.

The second uncle also said that someone must pay the price of blood in the ceremony, and this person is the girl who wrote the words, but what the second uncle wants to say is that Meiru is not allowed to serve as the sacrifice, but if there is no such ceremony, Murong Jaylun and the others Will disappear forever in two time and space. But Murong Jaylun would never allow anyone to hurt Meiru, and would rather disappear than cooperate with Sin’s plan.

The lights in the room suddenly went out, and the TV station reported that the long-awaited Blood Moon spectacle by astronomers would be lifted off at around 7 o’clock on Sunday, and it would be the best time to observe this spectacular sight. Sin hoped that Murong Jaylun could see the situation clearly and asked him to bring Chen Meiru to the altar on the night of the blood moon. Of course, Murong Jaylun would not allow anyone to hurt Meiru.

Murong Jay Lun returned to Meiru’s home, thinking about what Meiru had said, love is the best emotion in the world, many people already have it, more people are pursuing it, and the monogamous, inseparable marriage system is even more affectionate. Murong Jaylun was very confused about the final belonging of the person. He shattered the mirror, and he was helpless.

When Meiru came home and saw Murong Jaylen sticking to the mirror, Murong Jaylen explained that he wanted to do some housework, but he accidentally broke the mirror. Murong Jaylun thought that Meiru didn’t know it, and he comforted her to renew it. After the beginning of cooking, cleaning, and disposal of garbage, these physical-consuming tasks were all done by him. In fact, both of them knew in their hearts that they were sad, but they didn’t show it.

Duan Shuiliu returned home and saw that Jiutian Longnv was touching the sword. Jiutian Longnv changed a knife with a silver basin. He told Duan Shuiliu that she had something to do on her own, and she went to various places without worrying about her. ,

Go your own way. But Nine Heavens Dragon Girl is still very grateful to Duan Shuiliu for taking care of her. Duan Shuiliu told her that this is because her family can treat him as a family member. But Jiutian Dragon Girl knew that this was not her home, and she would leave after doing what she had to do. Although Duan Shuiliu would support her, Jiutian Dragon Girl didn’t want to hurt him.

Ouyang Wenshan went to Jiang Huizhen with the Sichuan Opera copyright agency contract. He wanted to help Jiang Huizhen realize his wish, but Jiang Huizhen changed his previous careless speech and became gentle.

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