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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 29 Recap

Sang Qihu fell to the ground in a coma, it seemed that he was really poisoning his internal organs. But now it seems that Zhuo Wenyuan has nothing to do. He only knows that the powder is poisonous, but he didn’t find the antidote from Qianjiu. At this point, Zhuo Wenyuan ordered people to spread the news of Sang Qi’s serious illness, only to wait for Yan Yunzhi to be arrested.

Sang Qi was pale and sat on the bed, losing his luster. She looked at Zhuo Wenyuan and asked him without any cover, whether he was responsible for the poison. Zhuo Wenyuan’s eyes were rosy, and he couldn’t speak for a long time. He finally admitted. Sang Qi didn’t understand, she also believed that Zhuo Wenyuan didn’t know about his brother, but she really couldn’t understand why he wanted to frame his father and why he wanted to put himself to death.

Sang Qi stared at Zhuo Wenyuan fiercely, asking him whether he had never read his childhood love. Hearing these words, Zhuo Wenyuan suddenly became excited, and the grievances in his heart surged into blame. For so many years, Zhuo Wenyuan tried his best to get Sang Qi’s attention, hoping that she could look back at herself, even if it was just a glance. But Sang Qi always rushed to one of Yan Yun and never looked back, because she forgot the past.

Sang Qi has a happy family. Although she has not had a mother since she was a child, she has brothers and fathers who love her. She grew up carefree outside the Great Wall, but Zhuo Wenyuan had nothing. Zhuo’s father took a wrong step, and the Zhuo family was expelled from Bianjing. Fortunately, Concubine Zhuo had a firm foothold in the harem, otherwise he would not even have the chance to come back to study.

Zhuo Wenyuan will always remember that those who have fallen into trouble and spared no effort to attack him, he has been climbing up according to the existing rules, in order to climb to a high place, so that everyone can look up to him. And Sangqi was also her bottom line. Although Sangqi was destroying his plan everywhere, he never blamed it. It’s just that now all this is Sang Qi’s own choice, Zhuo Wenyuan can only be thankful that he has accompanied Sang Qi to the end of his life. As soon as the voice fell, Sang Qi lost his breath.

The white silk of Sang Mansion was full, showing sorrow everywhere. Zhuo Wenyuan suddenly brought a group of people to the Sangjia Ling Hall. He knew that Yan Yunzhi would definitely come. Yan Yunzhi really rushed over afterwards, with some pleading tone, begging Zhuo Wenyuan to let himself see Sang Qi for the last time. Zhuo Wenyuan sneered, and then relentlessly refused, because he wanted Yan Yunzhi to know that the only person who could see Sang Qi for the last time was Zhuo Wenyuan. A dogfight unfolded. After all, Yan Yunzhi and Yan Yan were outnumbered and were controlled by Zhuo Wenyuan. Zhuo Wenyuan gave an order, and the mourning hall ignited a raging fire. Yan Yunzhi’s voice was hoarse, but he could only watch Sang Qi’s coffin slowly burn to ashes.

Having caught Yan Yunzhi, Zhuo Wenyuan removed his disguise. Zhuo Wenyuan said bluntly that Yan Yunzhi’s sending someone to send Yan Saburo up the mountain was indeed a good plan that day, but his body was too unbelievable. Taiwei Sang lost his son and daughter and is now sick in bed. As for the Yan family, although Yan Yunzhi has separated from the Yan family, the Prime Minister Wanmin has set an example and has now thought behind closed doors at home. In the end, the Yan family is just a small official, it is as difficult to recover the lintel. After that, Zhuo Wenyuan triumphantly patted Yan Yunzhi’s face lightly, like a hunter playing with his prey.

Seeing Zhuo Wenyuan’s return, Song Jiayin put down his chopsticks and turned around to leave. Zhuo Wenyuan was in a good mood now, and asked Song Jiayin to come over to dine with him. Song Jiayin asked Zhuo Wenyuan whether Sang Qi’s death was related to him. Zhuo Wenyuan’s hand stopped suddenly, and a trace of panic flashed in his eyes. It’s just that Song Jiayin didn’t notice that he walked in a hurry. Zhuo Wenyuan denied it, as if he did not know about it.

Although Sang Qi always fights against herself, she is also the only person in the entire Bianjing city who dares to fight against herself. Now that Sang Qi went, Song Jiayin couldn’t help but feel sad. Zhuo Wenyuan looked at Song Jiayin’s tearful eyes, gently wiped the tears from her face, and whispered to comfort her. Since getting married, Song Jiayin has seen Zhuo Wenyuan’s appearance. She was surprised and happy, and she stopped tears.

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