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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 28 Recap

Sang Qi thought about it and didn’t think of a good way, so he had to talk to himself to his brother’s portrait, hoping that he could give himself some enlightenment. There was a gust of wind from nowhere, and the door was suddenly closed. Lian Pian hurried over, but found Sang Qi fainted on the ground. The doctor diagnosed that Sang Qi was overworried and angered in his heart, and he fainted suddenly.

In fact, apart from being anxious, Sang Qi diagnosed from the pulse condition and showed symptoms of evil poison invasion. Zhuo Wenyuan was aware of Sang Qi’s illness, because this evil poison was exactly what he did. After Yan Yunzhi fell off the cliff that night, Zhuo Wenyuan found the dropped purse. He was furious and decided to put poisonous powder in it. Today Zhuo Wenyuan regrets that he wants to take away the purse in Sang Qi’s hand, but Sang Qi refuses to let it go.

The weather gradually turned cold, and the wood fell down, but the news about Yan Yunzhi still didn’t come back. I still remember that time, Yan Yunzhi’s white clothes fluttered, descending from the sky, saving Sangqi in distress, but now, only Sangqi is alone. The sky cleared this day, and Sang Qi could hardly go for a walk, and his mood improved. Who knew that Yan Yan brought back bad news. Zhuo Wenyuan replaced Yan Yunzhi as the director of the Imperial College. Now the Imperial College is no longer what it used to be. Not only that, Zhuo Wenyuan also relieved Sang Qi from his post on the grounds of non-compliance.

Sang Qi hurried to Zhuo Mansion and asked Zhuo Wenyuan impatiently how he would give up. It will be the Spring Festival in a few days, and Zhuo Wenyuan made a condition to Sang Qi. If she is willing to accompany herself, and if she is in a good mood, things may turn for the better. Sang Qi thought for a moment and agreed to his terms. As long as Zhuo Wenyuan can keep his brother’s last wish, Sang Qi is willing to follow Zhuo Wenyuan’s wishes for the rest of the matter.

As soon as he left the house, Sang Qi saw Su Jieyu. Su Jieyu bluntly said that she had complained about Sang Qi in the past. After all, she had been looking forward to the life of a future husband and child since she was a child, and she also regarded Yan Yunzhi as her wishful man, and the appearance of Sang Qi disrupted everything. But now when I think about it, Su Jieyu also understands why he couldn’t compete with Sang Qi, because Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi share life and death and depend on misfortune and good fortune, and if she is herself, she may not be so courageous. Sang Qi held Su Jieyu’s hand and wished her an early marriage.

On the day of the Spring Festival, the lights are brightly lit and the streets are very lively. Sang Qi and Zhuo Wenyuan were hanging out on the street, and she quietly left when people came and went. In the night, Yan Yunzhi suddenly flashed out and pulled Sang Qi into the alley. Seeing Yan Yunzhi, Sang Qi showed a smile and was very pleasantly surprised.

But who knows that the other party glared at him, saying that he was going to call her Madam Zhuo instead. Sang Qi wanted to explain, but the other party didn’t give her a chance. Yan Yunzhi shook Sang Qi’s shoulder heavily, angrily threatening that he would never forgive her. Zhuo Wenyuan hurried over, Yan Yunzhi caught Sang Qi’s neck when he saw it, and escaped with her as a hostage.

After returning to the room, Sang Qi no longer looked sad, looking at Yan Yunzhi’s eyes full of playfulness. Yan Yunzhi hurriedly stepped forward to please, the two were noisy and very happy. In fact, after Yan Yunzhi fell off the cliff that night, Taiwei Sang, who was out for fun, happened to spot him in the valley and quietly brought him back to the city for treatment. Sang Qi prayed in front of his brother’s portrait that day, and Yan Yunzhi closed the door. After reuniting after a long absence, the two discussed countermeasures and wanted to uncover Zhuo Wenyuan’s mask.

Zhuo Wenyuan led people to encircle Sang Mansion, claiming to protect Sang Qi’s safety. Taiwei Sang was angry, but the other party had no choice but to hold the imperial decree. Zhuo Wenyuan hurried to Sang Qi’s boudoir and was ready to leave after learning that she was not in serious trouble. But the more puzzled in his heart, he rushed into the room, but found no abnormality. Looking at this posture, Yan Yunzhi can only stay in the room tonight. Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi lay on the bed, discussing their future plans.

Yan Yunzhi had a good idea, and Zhuo Wenyuan sent someone to Jingzhao Mansion to assassinate Yan Saburo. Fortunately, Yan Yunzhi was prepared early and sent Yan Yan to pretend to be Yan Saburo to capture the killer smoothly. And Yan Saburo has been picked up by Yan Hexing and he is personally protected.

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