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The Pavilion 八角亭谜雾 Episode 1 Recap

For many days, Xuan Nianmei has suffered from stalking and harassment, but the instigators are actually two people, one is Zhu Shenghui, a local gangster with a lot of connections, who has done evil with his prominent family background; a suspected paranoid and irritable father, Since her daughter entered high school, her supervision has become more stringent. After she was eighteen years old, she decided to ride a bike every day.

When the school bell rang, Xuan Nianmei carried her schoolbag and walked out of the school gate with her classmate Mu Ge, but not far away she saw Zhu Shenghui waving at her, leaning boredly next to the motorcycle, with a very obvious smile on the corners of her mouth, and behind this smile, it was precisely Xuan Nianmei is extremely disgusted with the special meaning. She ran hurriedly with Mu Ge, ran from the street into the alleys, and then to the remote courtyard full of babbles. Under the guidance of the coach, a group of Kunqu opera actors rehearsed the repertoire earnestly.

Zhu Shenghui and Da Liang followed, and found that Xuannianmei seemed to be attracted by Kunqu opera. They stood motionless in front of the window, so they took her in his arms and boasted about the wealth of the family, thinking that all they needed was money. Let the girl yield and be willing to be his plaything.

Just as Xuan Nianmei tried to break free from Zhu Shenghui’s shackles, fortunately, his father Xuan Liang appeared in time and knocked him to the ground in a rage, with his fists on his face until the leader Ding Luolie and his wife and the other members were attracted. Seeing Zhu Shenghui scolding and riding away, Xuan Liang said nothing, and returned home with his daughter.

Wife Xiuyuan seems to be accustomed to the contradiction between the father and daughter for a long time, and even thinks that the husband is too deep in his heart, so she does not realize how unpredictable what happened to her daughter will cause unpredictable consequences. That night, Xuan Liang was tossed and awake, and he couldn’t help but recall the scene that happened 19 years ago. The body of his sister Xuan Zhen sank by the river. When she was salvaged and landed ashore, it was forever separated.

However, seventeen years later, the cause of Xuanzhen’s death has become a mystery. The murderer has not yet been arrested and brought to justice. Instead, Xuan Nianmei has grown more and more like a dead sister-in-law, not only tore the scars hidden in Xuan Liang’s heart, but also to make Aunt Xuan Xuan. Sensitive to panic, even after hearing the rumors of the gods, he mistakenly believed that his infertility for many years was caused by Xuan Zhen’s innocence.

Taking advantage of the weekend to rest, Xuan Min chose a mobile phone to give to Xuan Nianmei, not so much the aunt’s love for her niece, it is better to regard her as Xuanzhen as compensation for the debt. The Xuan family’s brothers and sisters had differences in discussing education, especially when Xuan Zhen was mentioned, they made Xuan Liang furious, and immediately seized Xuan Nianmei’s mobile phone and smashed it directly.

Xuan Nianmei did not understand her father’s behavior, and she was still in the rebellious stage of adolescence. At this moment, she was full of hatred. She hated Xuanliang’s inhumanity and her lack of spine to resist. Finally she chose to run away from home and take the initiative. Contact Mu Ge, under her guidance, it is the first time to learn makeup and dancing.

Coincidentally, at this time, Da Liang and Hu Peng Gou were going to the bar to have a drink, and he accidentally saw Xuan Nianmei and immediately informed Zhu Shenghui. After receiving the news, Zhu Shenghui rushed to the bar quickly. He thought he would return the beauty tonight. How could he have thought that Xuan Nianmei took the opportunity to bit him, ran away by stealing the door, and finally got rid of the entanglement.

On the way back, Xuan Nianmei complained that Mu Ge took herself to that kind of entertainment venue, and used words to test her intentions by the way. Xuan Liang did not see his daughter coming home for a long time, and searched many places to no avail, so he planned to go to the police station to call the police, but the familiar house in front of him made him unable to take steps anymore. He suddenly remembered that he had also hoped to ask the police for help back then. The other party ignored this and missed the best time to rescue.

There were not many pedestrians on the street, it was late at night, Xuan Nianmei and Mu Ge went home separately, but passing the alleys, vaguely noticed someone was following. At the same time, Zhu Shenghui was so drunk that he walked leisurely by the bridge, only to see a cat running by under the street light, and he fell to the ground.

When Xuanliang came to the Octagonal Pavilion, he happened to see his daughter sitting on the ground, and the black-clothed man approached her step by step. It seemed that the man heard Xuan Liang’s humming sound, turned and left, and quickly disappeared into the dark night. Although Xuan Nianmei was safe and sound, Xuan Liang did not feel that the danger had been relieved. Instead, he remembered that his daughter was often followed some time ago, so he went to the eldest brother-in-law Yuan Fei and told him the whole story. He suspected the murderer of his sister 19 years ago. Reappear.

Yuan Fei was the captain of the local criminal police and had participated in the death of Xuan Zhen. He believed that Xuan Liang was too sensitive, and now it is just a speculation with no substantive evidence. To make Xuanliang feel at ease, Yuan Fei promised to go to Liang’s house to investigate the situation. As a result, he received a call from Deputy Captain Ge Fei as soon as he arrived home.

A corpse was found in Luhu. The deceased was the son of Zhu Wensheng, the owner of Xinyuan Company, and Zhu Shenghui who often harassed Xuannianmei. Mother Qiu Wenjing found that her son hadn’t returned overnight, so she called Zhu Wensheng, worried about an accident. Knowing his son’s habits, Zhu Wensheng comforted his wife with a few words. However, the jade tag hanging in the office suddenly dropped, making him a little nervous. He immediately ordered the driver to take him home and found that the green lake was cordoned off and the crowd was watching. .

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