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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 15 Recap

Just as Fu Jiazhuang and Gao Daxia were arguing about Fang Ruoyu’s identity, it was unexpected that Fang Ruoyu took Yuan Feiyan downstairs and the four met head-on. Yuan Feiyan saw Fu Jiazhuang eating steak with Gao Daxia and felt a little unhappy. On the contrary, Gao Daxia patronized and questioned Fang Ruoyu’s involvement in the theater explosion. He hadn’t noticed Yuan Feiyan’s strangeness.

After completing the task, Ishida Yuanzou found Masusu and asked her to fulfill her previous promise as soon as possible. Ma Susu temporarily dealt with Ishida Genzo, asking him to do the last thing for the KMT, handing over the weapons hidden by the Japanese in Lushun, before he could leave with a seal.

However, Ishida Genzo disagreed, and even thought that Ma Susu had made an inch. The two did not speculate, and a dispute broke out immediately. Ma Susu wanted to shoot at Ishida Yuanzo, but he did not expect to escape. Even Zhen Jing was not an opponent, so he could only watch him riding away on his bike.

Some time ago, Liu Youwei was choosing the scarf on the street, but he hesitated because the price was too expensive, so Ma Susu eventually paid for him to buy it. Now Liu Youwei wanted to give the scarf to Chunni, but was rejected. He walked home dejected that night, and happened to meet Gao Daxia, so he gave it to her. Gao Daxia found that the money was much less when she checked the accounts, so she thought it was Liu Youwei who took the money to buy the scarf without permission, and severely scolded him.

The next morning, Gao Daxia posted a lot of missing persons notices about Ishida Genzo in the city. When Wan Defu went to the hospital for a review, he happened to see Ishida Genzo treating a fracture and subconsciously followed. The Kuomintang agents prepared to kill Ishida Genzo, and Wan Defu also wanted to catch him, but he was beaten on the ground in twos or twos.

When the police downstairs blew their whistle, the secret agent had to evacuate first. Ishida Yuanzo escaped. Gao Shouping learned from the driver that Ishida Genzo would often take bus No. 101 in the afternoon. Chunni offered to change shifts with the driver, and Gao Daxia personally accompanied her after learning about it.

Gao Daxia deliberately gave the scarf to Chunni, falsely claiming that it was a gift bought by Gao Shouping, which made Chunni very happy and tentatively asked her about the relationship between her and Wan Defu. In order to reassure Chun Ni, Gao Daxia repeatedly assured that she had nothing to do with Wan Defu, at most the distance between her comrades and friends.

Ishida Yuanzou got on the 101 tram as usual, Gao Daxia stared at each other until he got out of the car and went home, and he watched at the door. Ishida Genzo confessed something to his wife and then left. Gao Daxia followed. The KMT secret agent lurking in the headquarters also saw Ishida Genzo. He wanted to shoot him and kill him. How could he have seen him go to Andrei? .

At a critical moment, Ishida Yuanzou was shot and fell to the ground, and the person who shot was a mysterious man not far away, and immediately drove away. Gao Daxia analyzed that Genzo Ishida came to the headquarters to seek protection, but he was silenced by the Kuomintang. She did not know that the Kuomintang had no knowledge of this. The secret agent went back to talk to Masusu about this matter, and both were speculating about the person who fired the gun. identity of.

Although Ishida Genzo had been killed, the whereabouts of the arms were unknown. Gao Daxia remembered the Japanese woman she had seen, so she took Fu Jiazhuang to follow the woman to the outskirts and witnessed her handing a car to several men while the men took it. Going into the cave with something.

Realizing that the cave may be the Japanese den, Gao Daxia immediately went to report to Li Yunguang. Fu Jiazhuang and Gao Shouping destroyed the den overnight, and finally got the arms. Afterwards, while commending Gao Daxia, Li Yunguang stated that the contact letter would arrive in Dalian on the next day, so that Fu Jiazhuang was ready to go to the joint. Ma Susu dressed up to contact Fang Ruoyu, and wanted to get the contact letter before Fu Jiazhuang.

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