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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 14 Recap

Since Ishida was a high-ranking official in the Japanese army, he often eats fragrant and spicy food, so it is difficult to change his habit for many years. Gao Daxia believes that even if he is hiding in disguise, he is definitely not used to clear soup and water. It is recommended to go to a restaurant near Siergou first. As everyone knows, Fang Ruoyu also thought of this, and both groups have already sent out, but unfortunately there is no clue after searching for a long time.

Just when Gao Daxia had no idea how to continue, she suddenly saw a sneaky man hit by a rickshaw, and subconsciously spoke a Japanese sentence, which made her suspicious, so she followed. At this time, Fang Ruoyu came near the hotel and he observed that the mysterious man was neatly dressed, but the mud on the soles of his shoes was piled up, which was enough to show that he had walked a long way before entering the city.

After the mysterious man left, Fang Ruoyu took the initiative to inquire about the identity of the person from the restaurant owner, and learned that he didn’t like to talk in the opposite direction, only that he lived near the temple. Gao Daxia followed the man to the temple. Unexpectedly, Fang Ruoyu had already taken the lead. He and Ishida Yuanzo fought in the room.

Gao Daxia did not dare to act rashly, so she stood at the door and watched, unexpectedly she was found by a man and held her with a gun. Originally, Gao Daxia wanted to take the opportunity to escape, and the man shot her directly. Fortunately, Fu Jiazhuang appeared and killed the man in time, but Gao Daxia tripped over the threshold and barely saved her life.

Fang Ruoyu took advantage of the chaos and took Ishida Yuanz away, and then went to see Ma Susu, indicating that he would cooperate with the National Government. Under Ma Susu’s instigation, Ishida Motosan killed more than a dozen Japanese expats overnight, thus blaming the Communist Party. The next morning, the murder of the Japanese nationals appeared in the newspapers and spread all over the streets, causing panic.

Andrei was very angry when he learned that if he did not make a reasonable explanation, it would definitely affect international relations. Fu Jiazhuang repeatedly explained that the Communist Party would never be like this. Obviously, the Kuomintang intends to put the blame on it. However, there is no substantive evidence now. In particular, Shen Yi, who was appointed by the Kuomintang, will soon come to Dalian to take up his post, which will be extremely detrimental to the Communist Party by then.

Knowing that the art troupe would have a new performance, Liu Manli took the initiative to watch the rehearsal. He happened to see Yang Huan at the door and chatted with him intimately. Although Yang Huan seemed to be smiling, he looked down on Gao Daxia in his heart and even disliked Liu Manli’s entanglement. Because of Liu Manli’s appearance, Yang Huan and Yuan Feiyan’s rehearsal were restricted, so Liu Manli was driven away.

When Fang Ruoyu passed by the theater, she saw her daughter’s performance preview poster. Liu Manli recognized him as the savior who had saved herself and Gao Shouping, and enthusiastically took him to the restaurant to order a large table of good dishes. As Fang Ruoyu saw that Liu Manli was a person who knew her kindness and must repay her, she asked her to help persuade Gao Daxia not to stare at her, and it happened that the Gao family sisters and brothers came in from outside.

Seeing Fang Ruoyu appearing in the restaurant, Gao Daxia directly started the fire and asked Fang Ruoyu to pay for the food at the table. Fang Ruoyu was afraid that Gao Daxia would continue to find fault, and quickly left after giving the money. On the other hand, Liu Manli was very dissatisfied with Gao Daxia’s attitude. After leaving the hotel, Fang Ruoyu saw Yang Huan pursuing Yuan Feiyan. Unfortunately, Yuan Feiyan liked Fu Jiazhuang. As a father, he knew his daughter’s thoughts and objected on the spot.

In fact, Fang Ruoyu knew Yang Huan’s identity, so he wanted to match him with Yuan Feiyan and dispel Yuan Feiyan’s desire to share. On the other side, Gao Daxia saw Fu Jiazhuang in a western restaurant, and at the same time worrying about finding Ishida Yuanzo. After all, it has been so long, and if he is found by the Kuomintang in advance, the consequences may be unimaginable. Gao Daxia thought that the people he saw at the temple that night looked like Fang Ruoyu, but Fu Jiazhuang frankly said that Fang Ruoyu had no problem at all and reminded her not to be suspicious anymore.

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