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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 13 Recap

Lin Qing and Lu Man followed Mr. Xiao all the way to the door. They saw that the car that sent him back had a Songjiang license plate. Lu Man wanted to find out the relationship between the person in the car and Mr. Xiao. Lin Qing knew that Lu Man was investigating the mask. , Lu Man reminded him not to talk about it.

When Wu You was sorting out Xiao’s general account, he found that the client was in Songjiang Industrial Park. At the same time, Liang Kuai came to He Xia’s office with a lot of information. He wanted to investigate the source of the mask all night. He Xia listed the ingredients in the mask separately, and asked Liang to check it out and purchase these ingredients at the same time. For the manufacturer, Liang quickly opened the wool plug and went to investigate overnight.

Wu You worked overtime until late to go home. As soon as she got out of the elevator, she bumped into He Xia. Wu You was shocked. He Xia asked her to have supper together. Wu You was still very angry. She stayed up late and worked overtime to help. He Xia’s company checked the source of the fakes. He Xia didn’t buy it at all. He also ridiculed Wu You. Wu You paid half of the meal on the spot and vowed to owe nothing to He Xia.

Lin Yueda woke up in a daze and found himself sitting on the floor of Qianjiayi’s bedroom with a blanket on his body. Only when he remembered that he was too tired to install curtains last night, so he sat on the floor and fell asleep. Lin Yueda tiptoed up the ladder and left. He Xia received Liang Kuai’s message early in the morning, and Liang Kua found the counterfeit factory according to the clues he provided. He Xia immediately sent a message to notify Wu You, but Wu You unexpectedly blocked him.

Qian Jiayi got up early in the morning, Lin Yueda prepared breakfast as usual. Qian Jiayi didn’t want him to work so hard, Lin Yueda claimed that she was willing. Wu You found the counterfeit factory-three yuan daily chemical according to the address. He didn’t expect He Xia to come long ago. The two of them went to the factory to investigate together.

The workers were very alert and took them to see the director of the factory. Wu You lied that he was the buyer of the only company and was ordered to agree on the quantity of orders for the next quarter. The director asked three questions. He Xia saw that the other party was prepared and hid the recording equipment in the seam of the sofa. Comfortably pulled Wu You away.

The director immediately called and contacted Mr. Xiao to confirm that Wu You and He Xia were fakes. He Xia took Wu You to hide in the warehouse. He listened to the conversation between the factory manager and Mr. Xiao with headphones. He suddenly saw a big spider crawling over. He was so frightened that he couldn’t help but hugged Wu You. Wu You couldn’t help but make fun of him. . The director heard the movement and rushed over, He Xia pulled Wu You up and ran back into the car. Wu You didn’t expect He Xia to be afraid of spiders and teased him again. He Xia found that the monitoring device had no sound and knew that he had been discovered. Hurry up and drive Wu You away.

Lin Qing drove to pick up Lu Man to work early in the morning and revealed to her that the three-yuan cosmetic mask was made. Lu Man guessed that the secret was in the USB flash drive and wanted to get it as soon as possible. Lin Qing reminded her to be careful everywhere. Wu You reported to Qian Jiayi early in the morning about the three-yuan daily chemical counterfeiting, Qian Jiayi reminded her not to act impulsively, so as not to get rid of the trouble.

Lu Man came to the office to find Mr. Xiao, took the initiative to ask him to have dinner at six o’clock in the evening, and specifically asked Mr. Xiao to pay the bill. Mr. Xiao naturally couldn’t ask for it. Lu Man took the opportunity to write down the appearance of the USB flash drive plugged into Mr. Xiao’s computer and sent a message to Lin Qing. Go and buy one exactly the same. He Xia was not reconciled to give up. He sneaked into Sanyuan Daily Chemical again and saw the workers carrying the fake Yaman mask into the container. He went to the car to investigate and found boxes of fakes. He Xia took it away. One, he called Wu You to explain the situation and sent her the location. Wu You immediately took a taxi to track the truck.

The truck quickly reached the warehouse. He Xia pretended to be in the wrong truck, but the workers didn’t pay for it and locked him in a large warehouse. Mr. Xiao came to the Japanese food store on time. Unexpectedly, Lu Man called all his colleagues in the sales department for dinner. Mr. Xiao bit his head and entered the house. The colleagues enthusiastically gathered around him to take pictures. Lu Man took the opportunity to take Mr. Xiao’s clothes. I searched the U disk and found nothing.

He Xia wanted to escape from the window. Wu You suddenly crawled in from the window and knocked him to the ground. He Xia sprained his foot. Wu You took off the silk scarf around his neck to help bandage him. He Xia was warm. Wu You complained that He Xia should not take the risk alone. He Xia and Wu You bet to find evidence within a minute. If he wins, Wu You must promise him one condition. He Xia took out the family’s facial mask. Wu You was convinced. Oral, call the police immediately, but the phone has no signal.

Qian went home after work overtime, and saw Lin Yueda taking his cousin and nephew into the house, and the shoes at the door were arbitrarily placed. Lin Yueda hugged his nephew and was laughing and playing on the sofa. The cousin was cooking in the kitchen and she wore money plus one. Slippers, Qian Jiada was annoyed. She forced her angrily to question Lin Yueda. Lin Yueda explained that he suddenly received a call from his cousin and could not take them to the house.

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