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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 12 Recap

Xiong Xingyi came to see Wu You’s parents and accidentally learned that Sophie had skin allergies. They stewed a nourishing and nourishing soup for Sophie. Xiong Xingyi voluntarily asked for soup to be given to Sophie. Mother Wu went out and saw He Xia, so she asked him one thing.

Sophie accidentally discovered that the Helen advertisement she was endorsing had changed. Her large photo was thrown into the trash can. Sophie gritted her teeth with anger. She picked up the big photo and went to the company manager Lao Qin to settle the account. She just happened to run into Xiong Xingyi. Take her to the company by motorcycle.

Sophie asked Lao Qin for the theory, but she didn’t expect Huang Chuchu to take over her special program. Huang Chuchu challenged Sophie face to face. Lao Qin moved out of Sophie’s black material to talk about the matter, and threatened to terminate the contract with her. Sophie resigned in anger. Quit doing it. Xiong Xingyi kindly persuaded her, Sophie threw her big photo into the trash can in a fit of anger.

Sophie asked Wu You to go to the dessert shop and ordered a lot of desserts that he didn’t dare to eat. The two of them each told their bad things. There was a girl next to him who was crying anxiously. She took the wrong boyfriend’s mobile phone. It turned out that the mobile phone was automatically connected to the wireless network of his girlfriend’s home. Wu You and Sophie came together to comfort the girl.

He Xia repaired Wu You’s figure. Wu’s father repeatedly expressed his gratitude to him. Wu You then hurried home, grabbed his beloved figure and returned to the house. Father Wu thanked He Xia for taking the blame for him, but he did not agree with He Xia to be his son-in-law, He Xia couldn’t laugh or cry.

Lin Yueda wanted to bring money and Jiayi back to his hometown to meet his parents, but he didn’t know how to speak. Lin Yueda personally made a sumptuous dinner. He kept giving Qian Jiayi a folder of vegetables, and took the opportunity to persuade Qian Jiayi to go back to his hometown with him. Qian Jiayi promised to finish the work. Go back with him during this time.

Wu You was unwilling to let it go. She asked Qian Jiayi to discuss and wanted to continue to trace the source of the Yaman mask. Wu You firmly believed that the Yaman mask was okay and suspected that there was a problem with the storage. Qian Jiayi reminded her to be careful. Wu You came to the warehouse of the only company and ran into Xiuxiu who was dispatched here. Wu You lied that Mr. Xiao sent her to check the data. Xiuxiu had to take her to the warehouse.

Wu You checked the Yaman mask and found no problems. Xiuxiu urged her to leave as soon as possible. Wu You casually talked about the warehouse clerk being intimidated by someone. She was sentenced to change the genuine product to the fake one. Xiuxiu was frightened and panicked, pestering her to ask questions, and finally started crying with fright. Wu You determined that Xiuxiu had a problem, and she found that there was something wrong with Mr. Xiao. Mr. Xiao went uncharacteristically and carefully reviewed every project.

He Xia concluded that Lin Qing knew the truth of the matter, so she came to him to inquire. Lin Qing talked about him. He Xia guessed that Lu Man posted the quality inspection report of the fake Yaman mask on the Internet. Lin Qing persuaded He Xia to take Lu Yun. To make it clear, and to resolve misunderstandings with Lu Man, He Xia didn’t want to mention those things again. Lin Qing came to the gym to look for Lu Man, complaining that she didn’t make a thorough investigation, so she exposed the quality inspection report without authorization, stating that she wanted to retaliate against He Xia, and Lu Man confessed.

Wu You apologized to Xiao Xue and took the initiative to help colleagues work overtime to organize the materials. Wu You was busy until late, and Qian Jiayi wanted to accompany her. Lin Yueda suddenly called Qian Jiayi. Wu You did not want to destroy their relationship and urged her to hurry. go home. As soon as Qian Jia walked in, he accused Lin Yueda of not calling her, and Lin Yueda promised not to take this as an example.

Colleague Xiaogang gave Lin Yueda a box of chocolates, and Lin Yueda transferred the chocolates to the money plus one. Unexpectedly, Xiaogang pranked a condom in it. Lin Yueda was so frightened that he hurriedly explained to Qian Jiayi, and Qian Jiayi did not pursue it any more. Lin Yueda sent Qianjia’s bedroom curtains to the dry cleaning. Qianjia was furious. Lin Yueda had to cover the windows with sheets. When Qianjia came back, he found that Lin Yueda was asleep on the ground. He was full of pity, so he covered him with a blanket. .

Lu Man quietly followed Mr. Xiao to the bar and saw him giving a customer a USB flash drive. Lu Man secretly photographed this scene. Lin Qing found that Lu Man’s car was posted and immediately called her to inform her. Lu Man was worried that Mr. Xiao had discovered her whereabouts, so he had to get back into the car first. Lin Qing had been waiting for her, and Lu Man was furious. The customer escorted Mr. Xiao home, and Lu Man asked Lin Qing to drive along. Mr. Xiao suddenly turned around and Lu Man was so scared that he hid in Lin Qing’s arms.

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