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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 11 Recap

Wu You asked Fangyuan to check the customer’s feedback on the Yaman mask. Sure enough, some customers complained that the mask was allergic. Wu You carefully checked the customer information provided by Fangyuan. She was distraught and called Qian Jiayi overnight to report. Lin Yueda and Qian Jiayi have obtained a marriage certificate. Qian Jiayi insisted on sleeping in separate rooms. She suddenly received a call from Wu You and immediately decided to ask Wu You to take the problematic mask back for inspection.

Wu You called Sophie to get back the remaining mask. She had asked Lu Man to throw it away. Wu You had to contact the customer who complained online and was willing to buy back the mask in her hand at double the price. Lin Qingming knew that Lu Man wanted to use the problematic mask to completely destroy He Xia, but he couldn’t say it clearly, so he came to He Xia to buy a box of Yaman masks, and even rounded the corners to remind him that there is a factory producing fake facial masks that have been sold in the market. Xia immediately became alert, and he sent someone to check the customer’s feedback on the mask.

Wu You came to report to Mr. Fan about the problem of the Yaman mask early in the morning. It is recommended to immediately remove the Yaman mask in the name of being temporarily out of stock. Mr. Fan asked him to report to Mr. Xiao first. Wu You worried that this matter would soon cause an uproar. To report by a leap, Mr. Fan signed her on the spot.

He Xia learned that a customer was allergic to facial masks, and immediately guessed that it was a fake Yaman facial mask. There was no conclusive evidence. He Xia worried that the matter would ferment quickly. He called the only company to stop the sale of Yaman facial masks. Send someone to take back the problem mask at three times the price, and call allergic customers to verify the situation.

Wu You asked his colleagues to take the Yaman mask off the shelf. Mr. Xiao resolutely refused to agree and insisted that there was a problem with the quality of the Yaman mask. Wu You lied that he wanted to engage in hunger marketing. Mr. Xiao still tried his best to stop him. Wu You felt that something was wrong with him. What to hide, Mr. Xiao had to leave angrily. Lu Man handed the quality inspection report of Sophie’s remaining Yaman mask to Wu You, and determined that there was a problem with the Yaman mask. Wu You sorted out the customer’s bad reviews and immediately came to Master He Xiahing to inquire.

Mr. Liang took out the test reports of each batch of Yaman facial masks, and everything was normal. Wu You didn’t believe this report. He Xia took Wu You to the laboratory for sampling and testing. There were no problems. Wu You reported to Qian Jiayi that they both suspected that the facial mask Lu Man sent for inspection was fake. Lu Man exposed the quality inspection report of the Yaman mask on the Internet, and also sent out big photos of He Xia and Liang Kuai. The incident immediately caused an uproar. Liang Kuai was desperate, but He Xia was very calm. He took the matter in and out. Once again, it was determined that Lu Man was behind the scenes.

Wu You guessed that Lu Man had exposed the quality inspection report of the mask and came to her directly. He Xia and Liang Kuai brought the company’s legal team to the sole company to negotiate and determined that the sole company sold fake facial masks. Mr. Xiao refused to admit it. Mr. He Xia showed two masks on the spot. Mr. Xiao admitted that the platform sold fake masks. He urged that the supply of Yaman company was problematic, and He Xia firmly believed that the quality of Yaman mask should be brought to court with the sole company.

Mr. Xiao called Wu You to the office alone and asked her to kill the fake mask provided by Yaman. Wu You resolutely refused to do it and insisted on finding out the truth of the matter. Mr. Xiao asked Wu You to notify all staff to work overtime for thorough investigation from the beginning of the year. In all cases now, once a problem is discovered, it is either fined or expelled, and Wu You has no choice but to follow suit. The colleagues complained and spread all the anger on Wu You. The colleagues threw all the documents and information to Wu You, and Wu You had to check them one by one.

Xiao Xue asked Mr. Xiao to leave to propose to his girlfriend. Mr. Xiao was not allowed to leave and put the blame on Wu You. Seeing this situation, Wu You repeatedly apologized to Xiao Xue. Xiao Xue didn’t buy it at all, and he deliberately prevented his colleagues from doing it. Important documents were handed over to Wu You, and Wu You was too busy to find them until late. Liang Kuai quickly drafted a contract for breach of contract, and He Xia wanted to discuss it with Wu You.

He Xia came to the house to look for Wu You after work. Father Wu accidentally broke Wu You’s beloved hand. He didn’t know how to explain to Wu You. He Xia took the hand to do a closer look. Wu You rushed home angrily. Misunderstanding why Xia broke her hand, and yelled at He Xia without asking Qinghong indiscriminately. He Xia didn’t explain, and wanted to wait until she died out.

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