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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 19 Recap

The scene is abnormally gloomy, the smoke is everywhere, the people are living in the war, Ouyang Wenshan is captured, but it is the Hesit prince Keane waiting to send off, holding the Deborah sword in his hand, the Hesit holy artifact, the prince kicks Kick Keen away and ask him what it means. The people are living in dire straits. The prince told him that this represents loyalty and eternal loyalty. But since then both the sword and Keene belong to the prince, and Ouyang Wenshan can only use it.

A lifetime of loyalty in exchange for the lives of him and the rest of his people. Seven years later, a mysterious woman came to the city of Gubyen, a beautiful Hittite princess, who planned to marry her sincerely. But they think that it is an insult to her that they have sent a guard to come here all the way, but the prince will have better arrangements, and she also knows her responsibilities, so there is no need to say more.

The Babylonian Empire was teaching their previous history, expounding the prince’s bravery, where the sword was pointed, and they were all courtiers. Even the Hittite, an old enemy of Babylon, talked about defeat. The prince came to train, and everyone could not calm down and attend the class. Hurriedly ran out to see, the prince and Keane competed together, defeating him three times by five and taking away his sword, winning the hearts of many people.

The princess was taken away, and she didn’t know where to go all the way. When she opened a door, she was like a prisoner. She said she had to go to the countryside and do what she had to say. She actually put the princess in a water cage and killed all the princess’s attendants. She was brutal and savage, letting the princess be Hatred in his heart, but the prince has long seen the conspiracy of the Hittite Empire.

The clay tablets used for sacrifice are written on the history of royal power, and they are protected by gods. These girls are carefully carrying them, but they use the blood of the girls to sacrifice. The king of Babylon wades through the mountains and rivers to build the empire. They will eventually achieve long-lasting peace. Knowing that the King of Eternal Life is not him, a generation of new kings will rise up to replace him. The new king is the son he called the bastard, the God of War of Babylon.

The king instantly exploded and felt that the bastard was unworthy. He wanted the prince’s name to be completely obliterated by history. He, the great King of Babylon, will be remembered forever. This conversation was heard by the girl hiding outside the door, and she was absent-minded every day, but it just so happened that her birthday came, and she thought she could be favored by the gods.

Although the prince has seen through the conspiracy of the Hittite Empire, he personally came to the water cage to ensure that she would not affect the worship of Babylon. At this time, the King of Babylon did not want his son to be the king, and was ordering the crow to get rid of him. , Only he can be the king of eternity. Murong Jaylun came to the place where the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl was imprisoned. It was the time of the blood moon.

These guards came to assassinate the prince and stabbed Ouyang Wenshan. The prince thought he was a spy of the Hittite Empire, but he was actually the king’s person. Although the prince knocked all these people to the ground, Keane also betrayed the prince, so that his people and the world would no longer suffer from his slaughter. Although the prince has made great achievements, he exterminates humanity, and Keane will never be loyal to him forever. But Keane lost to the prince, and all the prince wanted was invincible.

The prince carried Ouyang Wenshan on his back to the walls of the Babylonian Empire and found his father who wanted to kill him, but his father confirmed that he was a bastard and could never replace him. Everyone felt that he was superior to the master, and the king could never replace him. Tolerate. Just when the prince was killed, a woman rushed to rescue the prince. There was a mysterious power in the words she wrote on the tablet.

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