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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 12 Recap

Although the crisis seems to have passed, the greater conspiracy continues. Xing Kefan guessed who stunned Yuan Feiyan and hid her in the rockery. Unfortunately, Yuan Feiyan refused to reveal any clues. At this time, Ma Susu pretended to go to the toilet, checked the flowers placed in the toilet again, and put the note in his pocket by the way.

But for a moment, Da Ling changed into the costume of a waiter, carrying a wooden bucket and a teapot to pour water to the VIPs in the first row, taking advantage of the situation, placing the bucket at Fang Ruoyu’s feet, and handing him a note indicating that he was at the right time.” Stealing beams and changing posts”, using buckets of fresh flowers to exchange the bouquet in Andrei’s hand.

When Da Ling was pouring water, he deliberately touched the flowers in front of Andre to the ground. Fang Ruoyu stepped forward to help pick the flowers when he saw it. After the performance was over, Andre took the initiative to give Yuan Feiyan flowers to Yuan Feiyan amidst the applause of the audience. Although Yuan Feiyan was a little embarrassed, she still took it shyly and took a group photo with everyone.

Yang Huan knew that the flowers in Yuan Feiyan’s hand were loaded with bombs, and stepped back unconsciously. Just as the camera shutter flickered, the theater exploded. The audience panicked and fled. Gao Daxia felt that the matter was related to Fang Ruoyu and hurried. Grab him and buckle.

Fortunately, the explosion did not cause any casualties, because Fang Ruoyu was worried about her daughter’s safety, and did not package the flowers at all. At most, the actors were frightened. After returning, Fu Jiazhuang and Andre analyzed the mastermind of the explosion, and Gao Daxia determined that Fang Ruoyu was the murderer behind the scenes.

Fang Ruoyu couldn’t laugh or cry, so he had to explain again. Andrei knew that there were no bombs in the flowers that Fang Ruoyu picked up, so he could basically rule out his suspicion and let him leave first. Fu Jiazhuang suggested that Andre need to establish a government and army belonging to the Communist Party as soon as possible. After all, this kind of thing will not happen again only when his team grows. Now the Kuomintang has sent people to establish an organization in Dalian, but even if Andre is biased towards Fu Jiazhuang and others, Must also comply with national regulations.

Since Yuan Feiyan was the person involved in the kidnapping case, Gao Daxia and Fu Jiazhuang took the initiative to find her to find out about the situation. Unfortunately, Yuan Feiyan still avoided responding for various reasons, even saying that the reason for the fainting was the exhaustion of the rehearsal. Ma Susu blamed Fang Ruoyu for failing to drop the package, but Fang Ruoyu explained that he couldn’t see clearly at the scene.

Although Fang Ruoyu’s explanation was reasonable and well-founded, Ma Susu did not believe it. Instead, he felt that he had made some mistakes, which were not like the mistakes an experienced spy should have made. Yuan Feiyan knew that his father was involved in the explosion, so he went home to question Fang Ruoyu, but Fang Ruoyu was also arguing in various sophistry, believing that this situation was inevitable. After all, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party were fighting for territory in Dalian. Safe performance.

It is precisely because of Yuan Feiyan’s doubt that Fang Ruoyu is exhausted and sometimes self-denying, feeling whether the original choice was correct. His wife died in hatred, and her daughter’s whereabouts are unknown. Fang Ruoyu joined the KMT in search of her daughter. But now the party-state he is loyal to is hurting the closest relatives, so much pain in his heart can only be confided to the nanny Cui Ling.

After learning about the theater, Li Yunguang guessed that the Kuomintang would still have a second hand, so he planned to let Gao Daxia stay in the theater. Fu Jiazhuang went home and delegated the task to Gao Daxia, letting her join the art troupe as an instructor, and at the same time introducing everyone to the origins of the Dalian Fire Troupe, and let Gao Daxia tell everyone about this thrilling and great feat.

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