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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 12 Recap

Mo Zixin and Yu Nong went to Gu’s mother’s laundry, only to find that Gu’s mother’s shop was suddenly closed. They went to the store and asked. I can’t afford the new equipment, so I can only stop business first. Mo Zixin said that he is an e-commerce company and hopes to put some new brand dryers in Gu’s mom’s store as a pilot. Gu’s mother is very grateful to Mo Zixin’s. help.

After Yin Sichen went back, he told Fei Ang of Erics’ request. Fei Ang wanted to use a legal contract to restrain Gu Xixi, but Yin Sichen didn’t want to deceive Gu Xixi anymore, and if Gu Xixi took his favorite agent If you are right, you can’t manage your own brand. Yin Sichen decided to consider this matter in the long run. Soon after Fei Ang left, Gu Xixi also came back. She still remembered that today was Yin Sichen’s birthday. She brought a piece of cake back to celebrate. She also sang a birthday song to Yin Sichen. Gu Xixi watched Yin Sichen eat. While holding the cake, I asked casually whether the cake was delicious or not, but Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi and kissed him. Gu Xixi was a little confused and hurriedly fled.

The two returned home the next day. Gu Xixi went to Lin Xiaoya first. Xin Xiaoya looked at the picture of Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen on Gu Xixi’s phone and asked if there was anything wrong with her and Yin Sichen, Gu Xixi hurriedly changed the subject and asked how the fashion pattern was going. Lin Xiaoya was interrupted and talked about the progress of the clothing store. Pattern patterning was only the first step, and there was still a lot to go. Yin Sichen also reminded her that it is difficult to open a physical store. Gu Xixi said that no matter how difficult it is, she will complete it by herself. This is her dream since childhood.

When Shang Ke and Mu Ruona were dating, Mu Ruona said it was time to talk about her ex, and said that she would never be jealous. Shang Ke started talking with confidence. From the fifth grade of elementary school to the present, Mu Ruona said The more angry she heard, Shang Ke keenly sensed Mu Ruona’s murderous aura, and she quickly asked her about her love history. Mu Ruona said that Shang Ke had met her first love, Fang Ming, and after Fang Ming was Shang Ke, Mu Ruona was so angry. Shang Ke was deducted twenty points.

Gu Xixi went home and gave the gift she bought to her mother. She talked about the things Mo Zixin had come to help a few days ago. Xi forwarded it to Mo Zixin. After Gu Xixi went back, he gave Mo Zixin the snack. Mo Zixin wanted to invite Gu Xixi to have a meal. At this time Yin Sichen came back and asked the two of them what they were doing with a bad face.

Mo Zixin explained. After that, Yin Sichen told Gu Xixi to go home. After returning home, Yin Sichen asked Gu Xixi what the Qingtuan was, and Gu Xixi had to make it for himself. Gu Xixi made a plate of Qingtuan. Yin Sichen took a bite and didn’t like it, but someone ate it. If you eat what your mother-in-law made, you have to eat Gu Xixi’s.

Yin Sichen has not told Gu Xixi about Erics’ request, but Erics will come to discuss cooperation next Wednesday. Fei Ang said that it’s better to satisfy Gu Xixi’s wish first, so that it’s better to ask for it. With Gu Xixi’s help, Yin Sichen thought of the cartoonist named Nian Xi, and wanted to let Nian Xi and Gu Xixi have a meal to satisfy Gu Xixi’s wishes.

He asked Fei Ang to contact Nian Xi, and When he asked him out for dinner, Mo Zixin agreed to the meeting when he knew it. Mo Zixin revealed his identity to Yin Sichen, and Yin Sichen also guessed from his pen name Mo Zixin’s thoughts on Gu Xixi. Zi Xin knew that Sichen Yin was about to realize Gu Xixi’s wish, and there must be something to ask Gu Xixi. He warned Yin Sichen not to hurt Gu Xixi.

After Yin Sichen went back, he heard Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya talking about the excitement of opening a store soon, so he decided to return to the company for a meeting, hoping to impress Erics in other ways, but Gu Xixi accidentally saw Eli After learning about the contract that Alex sent to Yin Sichen, Gu Xixi didn’t know if Yin Sichen would force him to ask him. However, Yin Sichen has decided to use a compromise method to let Gu Xixi participate in the cooperation with his favorite brand.

If Erics does not accept it, he will give up the cooperation with Erics, because it is compared with Erics’s brand. , He already had something he wanted more. After returning home, Yin Sichen hoped that Gu Xixi could postpone the opening of the store, saying that it is not a good time to open a store. There are some problems with the store and foundry she chose, but Gu Xixi mistakenly thought that Yin Sichen was going to buy and sell her love.

Abandoning his dream, Yin Sichen saw that Gu Xixi knew about it, so he said that he needed some time to deal with the matter. Yin Sichen did not express his meaning clearly, and Gu Xixi also thought Yin Sichen preconceived. To sacrifice her dream, she said that she would definitely keep her store. As a result, Gu Xixi learned that her renovated shop had been acquired by Wanmao the next day. She thought that Yin Sichen did this. After Mo Zixin knew about it, he helped her find a new shop.

Ran Xiwei’s subordinates learned that Erics had appointed Gu Xixi as the principal through Eric’s assistant, and knew that Gu Xixi had created her own brand. Ran Xiwei deliberately contacted the media and took the two The news came to light. Suddenly, Gu Xixi’s rejection of Erics’s news caused a heated discussion among the people. Yin Sichen thought that Gu Xixi did it to keep his store, so he went home to look for Gu Xi. When Master Xi Xing asked the crime, Gu Xixi said that he did not know it, and also accused Yin Sichen of buying his original shop and causing him to change to a new address. The two had a lot of misunderstandings.

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