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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 18 Recap

Sin asked the Dragon Girl what camp she should be in this time. Although the Dragon Girl saw the memory of the past, she would not care about Sin’s instigation and separation. No matter what they were going to do, she would not be with them. Sin told her They can only work together, otherwise they will disappear in the night of the blood moon, but the dragon girl will not listen to him, and leave angrily, without letting sin’s strategy succeed, the dragon girl left with Duan Shui Liu after going out.

Duan Shuiliu asked what happened to Dragon Girl. It was a little weird. She could only tell Duan Shuiliu that she didn’t need to look for her anymore. The diary was not important anymore. Nothing was important. There was no need to fight with others for her in the future. No matter how much you care about her, even if she leaves, you don’t have to ask her whereabouts. She has to walk her own way, and the watch is returned to Duan Shui-liu. She is determined to say goodbye to Duan Shui-liu and everything is over. It’s time to go everywhere. The Dragon Girl left, leaving Duan Shuiliu standing alone.

Ouyang Wenshan read the diary that Meiru wrote when he was a child, and their love was revealed between the lines. Unfortunately, he was interrupted by sin. He thought that the will of the prince of the Hessite clan is as strong as steel, and he should not worry about these inadequate people, Ouyang Wen Shan directly asked him what he wanted to do, he only had to make a choice by Murong Jaylen.

Murong Jaylun also had a sweet love relationship with Meiru in Wushan. Just about to leave, Meiru went to help him buy tickets and told him that there would be no secrets between them this time. At first, Murong Jaylen agreed. At this time, the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl suddenly came over. This time, it was completely different from the usual. She said that she was a princess of the Hittite Empire, and he was not Murong Jaylen, but a bloodthirsty bastard.

They The two were also old enemies. Murong Jaylun didn’t know what the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl was talking about, and he realized later. And she came to tell Murong Jaylun that from today onwards, she will not be anyone’s pawn. No matter what anyone does, she will not let them succeed. After a spell cast, Murong Jaylun was pushed down on the opposite wall. After Meiru came out, he said that he was accidentally hit by a car and he wanted to go home quickly.

Duan Shuiliu ran to Jiang Huizhen to tell her that something serious happened, and Murong Jaylun went to Ouyang Wenshan without knowing anything. When he saw him, he found something was wrong, but he still told the story that the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl is very different today. Although usually spoiled and self-willed, this time it seemed like a different person said a bunch of strange things, not like groundless words. Ouyang Wenshan also had a deep smile. Murong Jay Lun asked him if he knew the truth, but he said that if there was the truth, the relationship between him and Chen Meiru would be nothing.

Chen Meiru looked for the diary anxiously, and Duan Shuiliu told Meiru that Ouyang Wenshan had taken the diary, but Jiang Huizhen still didn’t believe it. Ouyang Wenshan told Murong Jaylun that their true origin was the Babylonian Empire thousands of years ago. Chen Meiru’s diary written 12 years ago created a passage. The world they are in at the moment does not belong to them. It is false and temporary. , Chen Meiru did not create him, but just imposed a new identity on him, like a change of heart and memory, and Sin is Murong Jaylun’s father, and Murong Jaylun couldn’t believe it.

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