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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 18 Recap

Yun Qianyue accidentally touched the poisonous weeds on the mountain and fell into a coma. After the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, Ye Tianyi instructed the doctor to lie that Yun Qianyue’s poison needed tiger pupils to cure it. Cailian sent the news to Xian Ge. Rong Jing hurried into the mountain to look for the tiger after learning of the incident, but was caught in the trap arranged by Ye Tianyi.

In the moment of crisis, Shangguan Ming Yue appeared and forced the killer back. Shangguan Mingyue pointed out that Yun Qianyue’s poison does not require tiger pupils to be used as medicine. Rong Jing, who has always been determined and moved because of Yun Qianyue’s concern, is chaotic.

In order to get Yun Qianyue, after Ye Tianyi failed to assassinate Rong Jing, he came up with another strategy. He pretended to be seriously injured and asked the doctor to tell Yun Qianyue that he was hurt to find her tiger pupils. Ye Tianyi said that he was willing to pay for Yun Qianyue without asking for anything in return. The moved Yun Qianyue decided to stay with Ye Tianyi until he recovered.

Liu Yinyin of Wangchun Tower was originally the daughter of the Prime Minister of Qi, and the Prime Minister of Qi and General Murong had worked together in the Kingdom of Qi, and the two had a good personal relationship.

After General Murong took refuge in the Kingdom of Heaven, Prime Minister Qi did not resent him. Instead, he rescued him when he was killed in Murong Mansion, but it didn’t work. After the death of Qi State Prime Minister, Liu Yinyin stayed in Wangchun Tower to inquire about intelligence, and at the same time organized the Old Ministry of Qi State to establish Mo Pavilion.

Taking advantage of the dispute between the standing and the reserve, Mo Ge, under the command of Liu Yinyin, has been creating contradictions between the princes of the Heavenly Sage Kingdom. Liu Yinyin was entrusted by Qin Xiang to follow Rong Jing and others to the Phoenix Valley. After a secret investigation along the way, Liu Yinyin learned that Ye Tianyi had used a huge amount of disaster relief to recruit troops to buy horses at Phoenix Pass.

Liu Yinyin used the sound of the piano to induce Rong Jing to meet with herself and tell her each other. She wanted to use Rong Jingqi’s identity to fight for Rong Jing to support her restoration of the country. Liu Yinyin gave Rong Jing the position of the pavilion master of the Mo Pavilion. Rong Jing remained unmoved. Liu Yinyin mentioned the murder of Murong Mansion. Rong Jing persuaded Liu Yinyin not to cause trouble to her body because of her obsession with resuming the country.

Seeing Rong Jing and Liu Yinyin together, Yun Qianyue was jealous, so she ignored Rong Jing and left. An epidemic situation occurred in the disaster area. Yun Qianyue went to the disaster area to instruct the people to disinfect and sterilize. Rong Jing saw Yun Qianyue and decided to give her these things. Yun Qianyue took advantage of the fire and robbed him and asked Rong Jing to pay for the victims to build new houses.

The interaction between Yun Qianyue and Rong Jing was seen by Liu Yinyin. In order to pull Rong Jing into the water, Liu Yinyin decided to take care of Yun Qianyue, whom Rong Jing valued.

The queen gave a delicate butterfly hairpin to Tuoba Yeqian, and she hinted that Tuoba Yeqian would dress herself well to attract Ye Qingran’s attention. Ye Qingran blames Tuoba Yeqian for seeing the queen privately. The queen tells Ye Qingran not to talk nonsense. She is very optimistic about their marriage. Ye Qingran persuades Ye Qingran to give up Yun Qianyue. She hopes that Ye Qingran can cherish the infatuated Tuoba Yeqian, and Ye Qingran expresses that she does not love Tuoba Yeqian.

The poisonous Nan Lingrui angered Yunxianghe, Yunxianghe mocked him as an idler who was eating and drinking in the Yunwang Mansion, and Nan Lingrui moved into the palace in a rage. Nan Lingrui and Ye Qingran met in the palace. They both looked at each other uncomfortably. Tuoba Ye Qian thought that Nan Lingrui was waiting for Yun Qianyue to stay in Tiansheng.

When Yun Qianyue was distributing food, she was attracted by a little girl holding colorful feathers. The little girl told her that the feathers came from a divine bird. After Yun Qianyue left, Liu Yinyin came out of the little girl’s house. This was the trap she laid down.

Yun Qianyue met Rong Jing while looking for a divine bird in the mountains, and the two saw a well-guarded cave. Rong Jing tried to get Yun Qianyue to leave with his radical method, but Yun Qianyue, who was not convinced, slipped into the cave quietly. Rong Jing and Yun Qianyue found a lot of weapons and silver in the cave, and Yun Qianyue recognized the Lan family’s totem on the box. Rong Jing persuaded Yun Qianyue to leave as soon as possible, otherwise the Yun family would be affected, and the clever Yun Qianyue guessed that these things were prepared by Ye Tianyi for the rebellion.

When Ye Tianyi was looking for Tiger Eyes, several people from the Lan family were killed. Lan Yi asked Ye Tianyi if he really wanted to get Yun Qianyue regardless of the overall situation. Ye Tianyi said that he must get Yun Qianyue, because Zu Xun said that the Yun family A woman must be the queen. Ye Tianyi promised that he would not forget the contribution of the Lan family after he succeeded. He hoped that Lan Yi would believe in himself.

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