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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 27 Recap

Seeing that Taiwei Sang was about to be released from prison, Sang Qi kept going to make snacks for his father, and Yan Yunzhi stepped forward to help. The two talked and laughed, very sweet. Unexpectedly, Yan Yan suddenly flashed out, breaking the scene of love. Master Yan felt that Taiwei Sang was framed for speaking up for himself. He wanted to visit him personally, but was unwell, so he had to let Yan Yan act on his behalf.

Although he was locked up in a dark prison, Lieutenant Sang knew that Yan Yunzhi was with Sang Qi during this period, and he was doing his best for his innocence. Taiwei Sang gently patted Yan Yunzhi’s arm as a thank you. Surprisingly, Sang Qi tried his best to protect his shortcomings and blamed his father for slapping his sweetheart.

Because of the Nishizhao and Qianjiu incident, Zhuo Wenyuan’s careful thoughts and vicious methods are obvious. Yan Yunzhi expected that he would never let it go, and that there would be another storm, so he decided to continue investigating him. Yan Saburo also had this intention, and promised that Yan Yunzhi would investigate Zhuo Wenyuan secretly. Just out of some consideration, Yan Yunzhi didn’t want Sang Qi to know about this.

To say that Concubine Zhuo and Xi Zhao are a cooperative relationship, it is better to say that it is a relationship of interests. Now that Xi Zhao is annihilated, it can be regarded as a wish of Concubine Zhuo Gui. Regarding the Xizhao gang hidden in the city of Bianjing, even if the Jingzhao Mansion did not do anything, Zhuo Guifei would have already murdered them. However, Concubine Zhuo was also worried that Jingzhao Mansion would study Xizhao deeply, and worried that it would lead to fire. Zhuo Wenyuan talked about it so that my aunt didn’t have to worry, she had already planned.

On this day, Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi and other doctors discussed enrollment matters. Everyone agreed to recruit students, regardless of the degree, and to open women’s classes. But just as everyone was looking forward to the future of the Imperial College, I don’t know what wind was blowing. Zhuo Wenyuan brought a team to the Imperial College, saying that the staff had discussed the new regulations sent by the Imperial College and felt inappropriate. Sang Qi was dissatisfied in his heart and wanted to come up with the theory. Who knew that the other party took the lead, and solemnly said that he was only following orders, and then turned around and left.

Yan Saburo investigated and learned that Zhuo Wenyuan would meet important people outside the city tonight, and he planned to send some cronies to investigate. Zhuo Wenyuan has always been tricky, but Yan Yunzhi was worried that something might happen, so he planned to go with Yan Saburo. That night, Yan Yunzhi and Yan Saburo went to the location provided by the informant. Along the way, Yan Yunzhi thought the more things went wrong, feeling that this informant might not be reliable. It’s just that it’s too late now, Zhuo Wenyuan’s people have already been in ambush here, and Yan Yunzhi’s words came out as soon as they fell.

The shadow of the moon was quiet, and it was full of chills. In the chaos, both Yan Saburo and Yan Yunzhi were stabbed. The group of people chased Yan Yunzhi and forced him to a cliff. The masked man took the opportunity to launch a fierce attack on Yan Yunzhi, but fortunately, Yan Yunzhi dodged in time. The two sides fought, and the purse Sang Qi gave to Yan Yunzhi unfortunately fell, and Yan Yunzhi was outnumbered in the end and was pushed off the cliff by the masked man.

When the officers and soldiers arrived, only the injured Yan Saburo was found, but Yan Yunzhi was nowhere to be seen. Rummaging through the entire forest, there was still no clue to Yan Yunzhi, only the dropped purse was found.

Unexpectedly, Wei Zhanhong died in Jingzhao’s Mansion after another wave of unrest. Now that Yan Saburo is injured and unconscious, the Jingzhao Mansion has no leader, the official has sent Master Xiao from Dali Temple to temporarily take the post of Jingzhao Mansion Yin. At this time, there was news that the officers and soldiers involved in the operation that night had awakened.

Sang Qi and Yan Yan arrived in a hurry, only to hear that the officer and soldiers pointed out that Yan Yunzhi had injured Yan Saburo. Sang Qi seized the loopholes in the officers and soldiers and forced him to ask him why he framed Yan Yunzhi. The officer and soldier consciously lied to be exposed, so they could only pretend to have a headache and did not want to answer.

After some debate, Sangqi seemed to have the initiative. Who knows that Zhuo Wenyuan suddenly appeared, with a ledger in his hand. Zhuo Wenyuan directly pointed to Yan Yunzhi’s private account book, assisted in the investigation of false, and helped Xi Zhao destroy evidence and disturb Chao Gang as true. Zhuo Wenyuan was really serious, but Ke Sangqi knew that he was full of lies. Sang Qi was angry and anxious, sorrowful and frustrated with anger, and his eyes were instantly red.

Sang Qi held his forehead with a sad expression on his face. Yan Yunzhi suddenly called her name and whispered softly. Sang Qi hugged Yan Yunzhi and asked him where he went. Yan Yunzhi murmured in her ear, don’t worry, all she has to do now is to take a good rest, and when she is well rested, she will naturally return to her side. Sang Qi’s voice choked, fearing that Yan Yunzhi was lying to him, so he held his hands tightly. It’s just that this is just a dream.

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