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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 26 Recap

Jingzhao Mansion had already taken action, but Zhuo Wenyuan was still calm and relaxed, Qian Jiu was anxious. The salt road has been broken, and the plant’s business cannot be done. If things go on like this, won’t Xizhao’s wealth road be ruined. But just as the so-called inadvertent loss, Zhuo Wenyuan believes that in the current situation, it is better to be careful, otherwise it will be difficult to protect your life. However, the cooperation between Xi Zhao and the Zhuo family was just because it was profitable. Now Zhuo Wenyuan has entered the court and gained power and has not fulfilled his promise. Xi Zhao is afraid that he will be blamed. Qianjiu couldn’t help reminding Zhuo Wenyuan, hoping that he would make plans early.

Bai Shi kept stalking mother Zhang, but she was still thrown away. It is now certain that Mother Zhang does have a problem, and she is definitely not waiting for her. Before, she wanted to follow the vines and find other strongholds in Xizhao when she was reporting the news, but she escaped unexpectedly. In this way, the evidence from the previous autopsy can come in handy.

The Xizhao dead man had hard calluses on his fingertips, but his palms were very smooth, and he was preliminarily determined to be a musician. There is the smell of ambergris on the hair, and this kind of spice is only used in Shuyukan in Bianjing. The second face is greasy and covered with blister heads, which should be caused by oil smoke all year round. In addition, there are hard calluses on the palms and scald marks on the back of the hands, which can be inferred to be a cook. The third shoulder has an imprint and obvious indentation. It should be a bearer. The fourth foot is soaked in water all year round, with dry lips and dark skin. It should be a fisherman. Yan Saburo and Yan Yan hurriedly sent people to investigate one by one, and decisively discovered Xi Zhao’s stronghold.

A wave of unsettled waves recurs, and the account book has not been cleaned up, and the Xizhao stronghold here has been taken away again. How can Qianjiu not be anxious. Those who have been arrested have served Xi Zhao for many years. Once the Jingzhao Mansion obtains evidence, the consequences will be disastrous. Qianjiu asked Zhuo Wenyuan, hoping that he would use the power of the court to let Xi Zhao survive the disaster.

Zhuo Wenyuan shook his head and sighed. He knew very well that after Wei Zhanhong’s incident, the officials had already felt grudge against him, and the Zhuo family would not intervene in this matter again, otherwise it would inevitably lead to fire. Now that Xi Zhao is in trouble, Zhuo Wenyuan is so indifferent, Qian Jiu is anxious, and decides to report the matter to the leader of Xi Zhao.

Having worked for Xi Zhao for many years, how Zhang’s mother could leave those who were arrested in Xi Zhao, she decided to rob prison. Zhuo Wenyuan heard that he promised to send someone to deliberately cause trouble on the day of the robbery, so as to get away from Jingzhao Mansion. But he was not sure whether the robbery would go smoothly. Zhuo Wenyuan prepared a retreat for Qianjiu and asked her to leave Bianjing with the evidence.

In the dead of night, Zhang’s mother led people to the Jingzhao Mansion, and Yan Yunzhi and the others had already prepared. Jingzhao Mansion surrounded the Xi Zhaolai people, and a woman in black flew over the eaves. The two sides fought, and Xi Zhao was outnumbered one by one. Jingzhao Mansion originally wanted to keep Zhang’s mother alive, but a dark shadow flashed out of nowhere. With the sound of a bow and arrow tearing open the night, Zhang’s mother fell to the ground and died. Several people caught the black-clothed woman, and after unmasking the mask, it turned out to be a light wine.

From Qianjiu, Sang Qi learned that his brother had died at the hands of Xi Zhao. But she faintly felt that the death of her brother was probably related to Zhuo Wenyuan. It was night, Zhuo Wenyuan mixed into prison as a guard.

In the dark prison, Zhuo Wenyuan gently stroked the hair on Qianjiu’s face. But Qianjiu pushed away Zhuo Wenyuan’s hand fiercely, gritted his teeth and looked at him. Zhuo Wenyuan regretted that Qianjiu shouldn’t have returned so early. Qian Jiu smiled suddenly, Zhuo Wenyuan’s words could not mean that he still has a trace of affection for himself. Zhuo Wenyuan pushed Qianjiu’s hand away, put down the snack, and left.

Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi wanted to give Qian Jiu a chance to do meritorious service, but she took the snack in front of her on her own. Qianjiu seemed to be talking to herself. She was taught how to kill since she was a child, and she never felt any warmth until someone appeared. Sang Qi wanted to ask if that person was Zhuo Wenyuan, but who knew Qianjiu suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood, and then lost his breath.

The Xizhao thieves hidden in Bianjing have now all been arrested. Sang Qi smiled brightly and met Yan Yunzhi in the yard. Yan Yunzhi suddenly hugged Sang Qi from behind and whispered in her ear.

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