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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 25 Recap

Wei Zhanhong’s false accusation of the Sang family was revealed, and was escorted to Jingzhao Mansion for investigation. Yan Yunzhi and Sang Qi made a request to the officials, hoping to withdraw the marriage. However, the official thought that the marriage was a grace he bestowed on Su Jieyu. If you want to change it, you have to ask for the consent of Su Jieyu.

Yan Saburo still knew little about Wei Zhanhong this time. After leaving the palace, he hurriedly asked Yan Yunzhi and Sang Qi. That day, Sang Qi frowned over his father’s affairs, and Yan Yunzhi felt distressed in his eyes. Yan Yunzhi promised Sang Qi that he would find a way to rescue Taiwei Sang, and even if the official ordered the marriage, he would never be separated from her. But where can Sang Qi endure Yan Yun’s resistance and be punished unless they make dangerous moves.

They searched the entire city of Bianjing and couldn’t find Wei Zhanhong. Maybe he was in Zhuofu. Sang Qi had visited Zhuo Wenyuan’s palace before, and he had already noticed something strange in his heart. It was really strange that a group of skilled guards appeared in the mansion of a civil official for no reason. Cautious Yan Yunzhi guessed that Zhuo Wenyuan might have done it deliberately, just to let Sang Qi fall into the trap. But now there is nothing to do, only one risk.

In this way, Yan Yunzhi and Sang Qi made a plan to hide from the sky and cross the sea. First, Zhuo Wenyuan felt that his plan was successful and Sang Qi had nowhere to go. After entering Zhuo Mansion again, Sang Qi paid close attention to the layout of the courtyard and found a suspicious place. Afterwards, Sang Qi found Song Jiayin and used her feelings for Zhuo Wenyuan to change the situation.

Sang Qi reminded Song Jiayin that if he wants to get Zhuo Wenyuan, the means are not important, but the result is important. Seeing Song Jiayin still hesitating, Sang Qi spurred her and threatened to marry Zhuo Wenyuan, so Song Jiayin could only enter Zhuo’s house as a concubine. Song Jiayin, who has always been proud, could not hear this, so he puffed up her cheeks and hurriedly agreed.

The two also knew that they were being closely monitored by Zhuo Wenyuan, so on the eve of the wedding, Sang Qi deliberately found Yan Yunzhi and staged a parting scene. For one thing, Zhuo Wenyuan’s worries can be eliminated; secondly, Sang Qi also has this opportunity to transfer the map of Zhuo Mansion. On the day of the wedding, Yan Yunzhi asked Yan Yan to attack Zhuo’s mansion, and Bai Shi pretended to sneak in, thereby distracting the attention of the guards in the mansion, while Yan Yunzhi blocked the road to grab his relatives and try to delay time. The bride had been on the sedan chair, and no one noticed that a woman had broken into the house.

After hearing the story, Yan Saburo couldn’t help applauding. Unexpectedly, when he raised his head, Zhuo Wenyuan appeared in front of him. As the war song sounded, Yan Yunzhi clasped Sang Qi’s hand tightly and led her past calmly. Zhuo Wenyuan confessed his mistake to the official, and Zhuo Guifei took the opportunity to plead for Zhuo Wenyuan. The official hurriedly helped Zhuo Guifei and promised to spare Zhuo Wenyuan.

Concubine Zhuo gave Zhuo Wenyuan a severe lesson, but fortunately Song Jiayin was still in the Zhuo Mansion, so the Song family could also be tied up. At this point, Zhuo Guifei also revealed the cause of Sang Yu’s death. At that time, Sang Yu had no intention of knowing about the activities of the Zhuo family. Guifei Zhuo sent someone to kill Sang Yu as soon as she learned about it, because only the dead can keep the secret. How can Zhuo Wenyuan accept this truth, but now that the boat is done, he can only walk to the dark one by one.

Yan Saburo found the ledger, but who knew that a group of people in black appeared in the forest. Fortunately, Yan Yunzhi had anticipated that and sent Yan Yan to guard quietly in the forest. It’s just that the people in black were desperadoes, and after seeing nowhere to escape, they committed suicide one by one. Fortunately, Yan Saburo found a pharmacy land transaction through the ledger, and fixed his eyes on Zhang Xiuping.

But this person’s name has never been heard, so where to find it. Yan Yunzhi and Sang Qi hurriedly went to the Classics Room to investigate and found some clues from Dr. Feng. The Zhang Xiuping they were looking for was Mama Zhang from Qingfenglou. Several people immediately followed Zhang’s mother and found that she was indeed acting strangely and had close contacts with Zhuo Mansion.

Yan Yunzhi and Sang Qi checked the ledger carefully, but apart from the pharmacy land transaction, there were no useful clues. Fortunately, none of the information on the ledger involved Taiwei Sang. Presumably, it won’t be long before Lieutenant Sang will be released from prison.

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