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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 9 Recap

Fang Ruoyu received the report and learned that the landlord was killed, guessing that the matter was related to Ma Susu. Ma Susu admitted frankly, and said that Gao Daxia and Fu Jiazhuang went to the landlord last night. If she hadn’t started in time, they would have been exposed. On the other side, Gao Daxia went to the hospital to visit Wan Defu, not only refused the other’s love, but also told Chunni and Gao Shouping to cherish each other’s feelings.

Wan Defu believes that Gao Daxia is for the happiness of her younger brother, so she didn’t stay with him, but Chunni knew that Gao Daxia didn’t like Wan Defu at all, even though Wan Defu repeatedly blocked her daughter’s feelings. Because of this incident, Chun Ni and her father had a very stiff quarrel, and she ruthlessly dismantled Wan Defu’s wishful thinking.

Because Wan Defu was injured and attracted the attention of the party organization, Li Yunguang believed that this spy was indeed powerful and could slip away under Fu Jiazhuang’s nose. But now that the art troupe has come to Dalian, the main repertoire is the controversial white-haired girl. Li Yunguang has repeatedly considered and decided to let Gao Daxia and his brother take charge of the security work of the art troupe.

Ma Susu went to find Fang Ruoyu to plan an explosive assassination of the art troupe. However, Fang Ruoyu saw the poster of “The White Haired Girl” and couldn’t help but panicked, because he did not expect that the protagonist of the White Haired Girl was actually his daughter Yuan Feiyan, who had not seen him for many years. Seeing Fang Ruoyu staring at the newspaper ecstatically, Ma Susu was curious. Fang Ruoyu found an excuse to cover up. How could he think that Ma Susu thought that the white-haired girl’s political stance was clear and intended to point out the contradiction between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. Get rid of Yuan Feiyan first.

Liu Manli learned that Fu Jiazhuang was a gifted student who had returned from studying in the Soviet Union, and suggested that he should sing a Soviet song live, but the Russian lyrics made it difficult for everyone present to understand. After lunch, Fu Jiazhuang took Gao’s sister and brother to watch the rehearsal of “The White Haired Girl”. The head of the arts and crafts team Xing Kefan took the initiative to talk, and invited Fu Jiazhuang to tell the heroic deeds for the members, so that everyone can feel the influence of the revolution.

Yuan Feiyan listened with gusto, and at the same time had a good impression of the handsome and knowledgeable Fu Jiazhuang, and even took out a notebook for him to sign on it. Fang Ruoyu was eager, sneaking into the theater to observe the surrounding environment, and almost met with Gao Daxia several times. Just as Fang Ruoyu was about to leave the theater, he was found by the door guard Lao Bao and had to hide in the toilet.

Gao Daxia and Gao Shouping heard the sound, but they didn’t see anyone in the toilet, so they asked Lao Bao about the appearance of the strange man. Fu Jiazhuang thought that Lao Bao was dazzled, but Lao Bao insisted that he was not dazzled and not deaf. Then, under Gao Daxia’s deliberate guidance, he described Fang Ruoyu’s characteristics. Yuan Feiyan was a little stunned when he heard the name, and connected. The dress rehearsal is also absent-minded.

Because of Yuan Feiyan’s undisciplined attitude, head Xing Kefan was dissatisfied, and he scolded her on the spot. After the rehearsal was over, Yuan Feiyan got rid of the entanglement of the suitor and went to Fang’s house alone. The father and daughter hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and felt a little emotional for a while. When Fang Ruoyu sent her daughter to Tianjin Girls’ High School to study, she thought she would finish her studies and find a stable job, but unexpectedly chose to join the art troupe. Especially after many years, Fang Ruoyu and Yuan Feiyan have different political thoughts. Yuan Feiyan worships Chairman Mao and supports the Communist Party. Her views are completely opposite to Fang Ruoyu’s. At the same time, the conversation caused an unpleasant disturbance.

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