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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 8 Recap

In fact, Fang Ruoyu did not approve of Ma Susu’s act of arrogantly frightening snakes. After all, Fu Jiazhuang had not eliminated his suspicion about her. Originally, Ma Susu was planning to get the play box back, so she turned on the device to monitor that day, but she and Fang Ruoyu were silent for a long time. They didn’t realize that the wrong line was connected until the noise of the owner of the biscuits shop and his daughter-in-law was heard.

Zhen Fine was reprimanded by Ma Susu, and she couldn’t help but feel aggrieved, explaining that she hadn’t installed it yet, but because Fu Jiazhuang was in a hurry to leave, she had to throw the wiretap into the biscuits shop. Ma Susu asked Zhen Jingjing to quickly get back the bug, and at the same time received the news that she learned that the aunt was to protect Fang Ruoyu and found a dead ghost to protect him in advance, so the Communist Party would never track down Fang Ruoyu’s body.

Although Fu Jiazhuang found out the identity of Wang Mingqi, Gao Daxia insisted that the man in the hotel was Fang Ruoyu. To prove her doubts, she quickly found the address of Wang Ming’s starting place and learned from the neighbor’s aunt that Wang Mingqi had moved away for many days. Fu Jiazhuang knew that Gao Daxia was investigating with her back behind her back, and immediately ran to look for her. He happened to meet Wan Defu halfway through, and the two went together.

That night, Fang Ruoyu and Da Ling saw Gao Daxia alone, so they wanted to take the opportunity to start, so they stunned her and took her to the abandoned room. Unexpectedly, the homeowner and tenants appeared at this time, Fang Ruoyu disguised his identity and lied that he was also here to buy a house, so he followed them around.

When Gao Daxia woke up, she found that she was wrapped in a sack and her mouth was stuffed with cloth, unable to speak. She could only rely on the weak light to walk towards the door, and happened to meet Fang Ruoyu. As Fang Ruoyu hindered the landlord’s presence at the scene, it was not easy to make any unreasonable actions, Gao Daxia saw them leave and opened the door with her backhand and ran out.

Fang Ruoyu saw Gao Daxia escape, and immediately pursued her, and soon found her trace. Originally Fang Ruoyu wanted to stab Gao Daxia to death with a dagger, but Wan Defu was also looking for Gao Daxia nearby. Da Ling appeared in time and pushed Wan Defu downstairs, and immediately followed Fang Ruoyu to escape the scene.

When Fu Jiazhuang hurriedly arrived, Wan Defu was unconscious and was sent to the hospital. Fortunately, Wan Defu was not in serious trouble. He woke up and recalled what happened at night. It was because it was too dark at night to see the other person’s appearance. However, Gao Daxia thought that person was Fang Ruoyu, because she felt that Wang Mingqi did not look like a KMT spy. After all, he was a spy. People are not very poor.

Now the Communist Party has sent a group of people from the cultural and industrial troupe into Dalian, and they did not know that there were KMT agents during this period. After Gao Daxia and Fu Jiazhuang came out of the hospital, they ran directly to the abandoned house and found the landlord according to clues. However, they were still a step late after all, and the landlord was killed by Ma Susu.

At the same time, Gao Shouping took advantage of no one to sneak into Fang’s house, but when he saw Fang Ruoyu in the room, he had to leave first, and told Gao Daxia that Fang Ruoyu was a good person. In fact, as early as three years ago, after Gao Daxia participated in the arson group, he and everyone set fire to the Japanese warehouse.

As a result, the Japanese called the police to hunt down members of the arson group that night, and the Gao family was traced to them. Fang Ruoyu, who was still working in the National Police Agency, did not hand over Gao Shouping and Liu Manli to the Japanese, so they were considered the life-saving benefactors of the Gao family. At least Gao Shouping still cares about this kindness. Hearing Gao Shouping’s words, Gao Daxia still had some worries, even though she was very grateful.

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