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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 11 Recap

Because the Soviets would bring flowers whether they were watching a show or going to an appointment, Andrei ordered a handful of Bai Baihe on the day of the performance, but did not know that Ma Susu had installed a miniature bomb in the flower in advance. The florist owner was afraid to tell Andler the truth because of Ma Susu’s life threats with the whole family.

Just as Andre was about to leave, he suddenly felt that the meaning of the lily was not appropriate enough, so he decided to give him a bunch of white carnations. The flower shop owner had no other choice but to follow suit. Originally, he wanted to give the lily to Andre, but the other party tactfully refused. Masusu hid in the dark to observe the whole process, until Andrei walked out of the flower shop satisfied, saw that he had not taken the flower bomb, and chased him in a hurry.

Liu Youwei boarded the tram and invited Chun Ni to watch the white-haired girl. At first, Chun Ni stated that she had no time on duty, but could not hold his stalker, but responded in silence. Seeing her brother coming back happily, Liu Manli always felt that this deliberate way of digging walls was not good, and even felt sorry for Gao Shouping.

Taking advantage of the early hours of the performance, Andre went to the Western restaurant to dine. Masu Su took the opportunity to drive away the driver, knocked on Andre’s car door, and just wanted to put on the bomb. Unfortunately, Andre had already finished the meal, so she didn’t. Opportunity to start. Seeing the open car door, Andre realized that someone was doing something in the car. With a sneer, he told the store to put the things down and drove away.

Since the bomb was not put in the car, Ma Susu had to contact Yang Huan, an insider in the art troupe, and asked him to find a way to complete the plan. At this time, Fang Ruoyu was stopped by Gao Daxia at the entrance of the theater. Although Gao Daxia pretended to search to check whether there was a bomb hidden in his body, she actually wanted to scare him.

Fu Jiazhuang chose a location in the theater and left it to Andre. Ma Susu and Yang Huan explained the plan, then threw the flowers into the props, and Yang Huan moved the props away. After the handover was successfully completed, Ma Susu went to Zhen Jing and learned from him that Fang Ruoyu’s subordinates were nearby, that is, the female spy chief.

Gao Daxia couldn’t find Fang Ruoyu’s heart anxious, but unexpectedly met Ma Susu and Zhen Jing at the door, so she took the initiative to greet her. Zhen Fine heard that Gao Daxia was about to arrest the Kuomintang agents in the theater, and couldn’t help but look flustered. When Ma Susu saw this, he stood in front of him to deal with Gao Daxia.

Before long, Chunni came to the theater with a ticket, and Liu Youwei was overjoyed. Fang Ruoyu peeped at his daughter in the background, and suddenly found Ma Susu and Gao Daxia walking into the theater, only then realized that the plan had already started. In order to prevent Yuan Feiyan from being injured, Fang Ruoyu hurriedly pulled her daughter into the corner and told her not to perform on stage today.

But there is no substitute role for the white-haired girl, so Yuan Feiyan refused Fang Ruoyu’s request. As a result, just turned around to leave, she was stunned by Fang Ruoyu’s veil. Xing Kefan was too late to wait for Yuan Feiyan to come on stage, and quickly notified everyone to help find it. Gao Daxia and Fu Jiazhuang also participated. On the contrary, the audience was impatient and complained.

Fortunately, at a critical moment, Gao Daxia found Yuan Feiyan in the rockery and sprayed her up with cold water. With the opening of the theater curtain, Yuan Feiyan pretended to be on the stage, everyone’s hanging heart finally fell, while Gao Daxia firmly believed that Fang Ruoyu must have a problem. From the beginning to the end, he deliberately prevented himself from looking for Yuan Feiyan, indicating that there was something ulterior secret.

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