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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 10 Recap

After returning home, Gao Daxia talked to Liu Manli about what happened today, but she did not expect Liu Manli to reprimand her for causing trouble to Fu Jiazhuang. This made Gao Daxia feel particularly uncomfortable, thinking that Liu Manli liked Fu Jiazhuang, so she always favored each other. Although Liu Manli didn’t admit it verbally, she couldn’t ignore the feelings in her heart. Coupled with Liu Youwei’s instigation, she always wanted to remarry.

Originally, Gao Shouping wanted to invite Chun Ni to watch the white-haired girl’s rehearsal. However, Chunni deliberately used an excuse to evade her, but in the end she took the initiative to break up. No matter how Gao Shouping asked, she refused to reveal the reason for the breakup. In fact, Gao Shouping knew that Chunni made this decision not from her original intention, but from Wan Defu’s coercion, so Gao Daxia solemnly instructed Gao Shouping to pursue Chunni with confidence and boldness, and that she and Wan Defu would never be together. .

Yuan Feiyan woke up early and didn’t see her father, but she didn’t know that Fang Ruoyu had already gone out to see Ma Susu at this time. As the Kuomintang plans to blow up the theater, there is an urgent need for a batch of explosives. Fang Ruoyu is unwilling to raise good things. However, the explosives are too big and easy to expose. Ma Susu complained a few words but saw Fang Ruoyu’s impatient expression, which made her feel that Somewhat strange.

On the day of rehearsal in the theater, Gao Shouping went to find Chunni again, but the other party refused to open the door and simply left first. However, as soon as he walked away, Chun Ni came to the window to see Gao Shouping’s back, feeling very sad. At the same time, Liu Manli followed Gao Daxia to the art troupe, while Fu Jiazhuang inspected safety hazards outside the theater.

The newcomer Liu Manli feels novel about everything around him, and at the same time has a good impression of the handsome-looking actor Yang Huan, so when he went to the backstage dressing room, he proactively greeted him and had a good chat, and even wanted Gao Daxia to give Yang Huan through his relationship. Change the role. Gao Daxia and Liu Manli watched the white-haired girl so much that they rushed to the stage to fight Huang Shiren, which interfered with the rehearsal process. Fortunately, everyone blocked them in time.

After the incident, Gao Daxia personally apologized to the head of Xing Kefan, but Xing Kefan had long been used to it. At the beginning, many soldiers were too angry with Huang Shiren and almost shot off fire. This shows that this is an endorsement of the actor. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Gao Daxia and Liu Manli continued to watch the performance. Fang Ruoyu also sneaked into the theater and kept watching her daughter’s performance on the second floor. At the closing, she clapped excitedly and quickly evacuated when she saw her daughter beckoning to her.

Andre saw the white-haired girl’s poster at the door and immediately asked the art troupe to cancel the performance. After all, they did not report to the headquarters. Gao Daxia was arrested because the matter was not investigated clearly last time. She had grievances in her heart, and this time Andre’s blockade made her particularly unhappy.

Although Fu Jiazhuang took out the security plan, Andre insisted that it was a special period, and that it was an illegal gathering before it was approved, and the enemy could easily sneak into the scene. Gao Daxia argued for reasons and claimed that “The White Haired Girl” was a play that Chairman Mao had also watched, which aroused Andre’s interest.

In the end, Andre reluctantly agreed to continue the performance, and also accepted Gao Daxia’s invitation, promising to attend on the day of the performance. However, Fu Jiazhuang was extremely dissatisfied with Gao Daxia’s private invitation. He believed that Andrei’s arrival would only increase the enemy’s desire for destruction. Even though Gao Daxia retorted, what Fu Jiazhuang said was not unreasonable.

When Fang Ruoyu saw Ma Susu’s plan, he felt anxious in his heart, so he casually said that the audience who watched the show were all innocent people, and if they used the explosion, they might hurt the innocent. As a result, his remarks surprised Ma Susu again. At this time, his aunt sent a message to inform Andre that he would also watch the performance, and the Kuomintang would not give up this plan.

Liu Manli and Gao Daxia were going to go with a few tickets, but Gao Daxia left one more for Fang Ruoyu, just to observe whether he would be tricky on the day of the performance, and what actions the Kuomintang did. Fang Ruoyu informed Ma Susu of this matter and proposed to cancel the operation, otherwise he would fall into Gao Daxia’s trap, and he was opposed by Ma Susu.

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