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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 8 Recap

Gu Xixi looked at Yin Sichen, blushing and heartbeat involuntarily, she quickly changed the subject and said to take Yin Sichen to a place with blushing heartbeat, Gu Xixi took Yin Sichen to the street food stall for a drink, she again I ordered the abnormal spicy chicken wings. Speaking of this abnormal spicy chicken wings, Gu Xixi suddenly remembered that she had kissed Yin Sichen outside the bar. She was a little embarrassed. Yin Sichen also said that she was not a fuel-efficient lamp. Gu Xixi joked. Ask Yin Sichen to resign himself, Yin Sichen took the side of the paper and wrote down the supplementary agreement: Unconditionally promise to Party B a condition.

Gu Xixi thought that Yin Sichen was really going to resign himself, so he didn’t even notice that he signed the agreement. After signing Yin Sichen, he said that he was going to extend the three-month contract and let Gu Xixi be himself again. The three-month-old nanny, Gu Xixi hurriedly tore the agreement, but Yin Sichen had already taken a photo and sent it to Fei Ang. Gu Xixi saw the news and was very happy to learn that Nian Xi was about to hold a sales meeting.

Shang Ke saw Mu Ruona on the phone with someone at the company. After a while, Mu Ruona told Shang Ke that she would leave work early and that she had important things to see Fang Ming. Shang Ke said she would also go. Thinking about confessing to Mu Ruona affectionately in front of Fang Ming, when Shang Ke arrived at the place Mu Ruona said, he was stopped outside because there was no invitation letter.

As a result, he saw Fang Ming kneeling at the door to propose, and Mu Ruona Standing in front of Fang Ming, but in fact Fang Ming was proposing to the person next to Mu Ruona. Because of the blind spot of the perspective, Shang Ke mistakenly thought that Fang Ming was proposing to Mu Ruona. Shang Ke did not go in, but turned and left to go home. Drinking alone to vent, Mu Ruona came to Shang Ke’s house to find him. Shang Ke was drunk and accused Mu Ruona of giving herself hope and making herself desperate. She agreed to Fang Ming’s marriage proposal.

Why did she come to find herself? Ruona confessed, Mu Ruona did not explain, just took Shang Ke’s wine and drank it, and the monk Shang Ke hugged and kissed each other. The two spent the night, and when they woke up, both of them were a little embarrassed. Before Shang Ke thought about how to deal with it, Mu Ruona found an excuse to leave.

Here Gu Xixi also woke up from the hangover, Yin Sichen still followed the words that Gu Xixi said when Zhao Zegang said at the time, and took Princess Gu Xixi to the restaurant. Gu Xixi thought Yin Sichen would listen. On the day of his own recording, Yin Sichen asked Gu Xixi to hand it over as soon as he heard that there was a recording. Gu Xixi only felt ashamed and hurried away when he said that he hadn’t recorded it.

Mo Zixin’s signing meeting started immediately. Gu Xixi rushed to the signing meeting and got the signature of “Nian Xi”. Mo Zixin also offered to hug Gu Xixi, and Gu Xixi could get close contact with the idol. Naturally, I happily agreed to the opportunity.

The photos of Zhao Zegang and Gu Xixi’s meeting were exposed. Gu Xixi was on the hot search again. Gu Xixi quickly contacted some reporters to develop the conference. Although she had a voice recorder as evidence, the reporters were reluctant and asked. How did she manage to marry Yin Sichen after breaking up with Zhao Zegang a month later, Gu Xixi was a little unsure of how to answer when asked. Fortunately, Yin Sichen came forward to relieve Gu Xixi and said that she fell in love with Gu Xixi at first sight. So he pursued Gu Xixi, no matter what Gu Xixi was like before.

The reporters were speechless, and Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi away. Yin Sichen got Gu Xixi’s recording pen and played the recording in front of Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi was so shy that he wanted to get into the cracks in the ground, so Yin Sichen quickly returned the recording pen to himself. The two even accidentally kissed each other. Yin Sichen said that it would be okay to return it to Gu Xixi, but Gu Xixi could only agree to extend the three-month contract with him.

After returning, Fei Ang told Yin Sichen that there was still some negative news about Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi on the Internet. Yin Sichen sent the photos he took in the restaurant to Fei Ang and asked him to write about himself and Gu Xixi. Fei Ang agreed with the story of the ex-boyfriend of the wise fight scum boy, and reminded Yin Sichen that Gu Xixi and Mo Zixin were very close recently. When Yin Sichen went to find Gu Xixi, he found that Gu Xixi was looking at today’s photo with “Nian Xi”. He was a little jealous, confiscated the photos, and said that Gu Xixi can only have an idol of his own.

Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya have a headache about how to write their brand plan. Lin Xiaoya suggested to ask Yin Sichen for help, but Gu Xixi didn’t want to bow to Yin Sichen, and said that he wanted Yin Sichen to feel that she was talented and capable. People, let Yin Sichen volunteer to help himself. The next day Gu Xixi and Grandma Yin went to Yin Sichen’s company. Grandma Yin asked Fei Ang to take her to the office to rest. Grandma Yin asked Sichen Yin to take Gu Xixi around the company. Gu Xixi saw the company.

In his market research, he deliberately pointed out the mistakes in the marketing department’s decision-making in front of Yin Sichen, but when Yin Sichen asked Gu Xixi how to solve the problem, Gu Xixi refused to say, deliberately sold the gates to Yin Sichen, Yin Sichen asked Gu Xixi didn’t say whether she wanted to ask herself, only that she was here to accompany Grandma Yin. After returning home at night, Gu Xixi finally waited until Yin Sichen came to ask for a solution. She gave out the plan and asked Yin Sichen to help her change the plan. Yin Sichen readily agreed.

Shang Ke heard Mu Ruona chatting with her colleagues in the company. Mu Ruona was talking to her colleagues about doing myopia glasses, but Shang Ke mistakenly thought that Mu Ruona was talking about their one-night stand. It was a little complicated. After the colleague left, he kept asking about that night, but Mu Ruona told him not to take it seriously.

Yin Sichen added the plan proposed by Gu Xixi to the plan for the next quarter. This plan was well received. He found that his contractual marriage with Gu Xixi had unexpectedly gained a windfall. Fei Ang said that he was very good to Gu Xixi. Yin Sichen’s attitude has changed a lot. Yin Sichen didn’t admit it, and said that his favorite toys had been thrown away by Yin’s mother. Fei Ang comforted Yin Sichen that he has grown up now and has the ability to protect the things he likes. After seeing Gu Xixi’s plan, Yin Sichen said that Gu Xixi was not suitable for writing this, and asked Gu Xixi to give up. Gu Xixi, who refused to admit defeat, called Mo Zixin for help, but Yin Sichen heard it.

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