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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 11 Recap

When Gu Xixi measured Yin Sichen’s waist, the two got close, and Yin Sichen also secretly looked at Gu Xixi, Gu Xixi was very shy. In the evening, the two went to the opening dinner of Ran Xiwei’s studio together. As soon as they arrived, Ran Xiwei took Yin Sichen to the party. Soon Mu Ruona and Shang Ke also came. Mu Ruona didn’t like to entertain.

Gu Xixi was alone, so she came forward to chat with her. When the two were drinking, Mu Ruona accidentally spilled the wine on her clothes. Mu Ruona wanted to leave because her clothes were dirty, but Gu Xixi used her The silk scarf redecorated Mu Ruona’s clothes, and Mu Ruona praised Gu Xixi’s skillful hands.

At the dinner, Ran Xiwei thanked Sichen Yin for his help and asked him to come up on stage to say a few words. Sichen Yin congratulated Ran Xiwei on the opening of Ran Xiwei’s studio and promoted Gu Xixi again, saying that her evening dress was from Gu Xixi tonight. With the hands of Xixi, Gu Xixi’s upcoming personal brand Xixi will be launched soon. I hope everyone will support me. Ran Xiwei also invited Gu Xixi to speak a few words on stage. Gu Xixi is not in danger and came to the stage to talk about his design philosophy. Nothing went wrong.

On the second day after attending the dinner, Yin Sichen, Gu Xixi and Fei Ang were invited to Milan. When they arrived in Milan, Yin Sichen told Gu Xixi that he must play the role of Mrs. Yin. Gu Xixi wanted When I went to see a show, Yin Sichen said that he would not be able to eat tonight. He wanted to have dinner with Erics. He also said that Gu Xixi had to report to himself when he went out these days, explaining where he was going, who he had contacted, and what he said.

The entrance is at eight o’clock at night. Because it was six o’clock in the evening with Eric, Gu Xixi left a note to Yin Sichen, saying that he would go out and be back before five o’clock. Who knows that Eric’s appointment will be changed temporarily and the time will be changed. It was changed to four o’clock, Yin Sichen quickly called Gu Xixi, but Gu Xixi’s cell phone ran out, Yin Sichen asked Fei Ang to hold Alex, and went to find Gu Xixi, Gu Xixi. Lost in the forest. Fortunately, Yin Sichen found Gu Xixi, but his hand was injured by looking for Gu Xixi.

After Yin Sichen found Gu Xixi, he was relieved. Only then did he realize how panicked he would be when he couldn’t find Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi was originally lost in the forest and was very scared to see Yin Sichen coming. Some grievances, Yin Sichen didn’t have time to say more, so he took Gu Xixi to see Erics. Although Yin Sichen was very worried about Gu Xixi, in front of Fei Ang, he still refused to say that he was worried, and only said that Gu Xixi’s safety should be guaranteed during the contract period.

After returning at night, Fei-Ang had already bandaged Yin Sichen’s wound, but he still called Gu Xixi to his room to bandage the wound for himself. Gu Xixi did not see it as a fashion show today, so Yin Sichen explained that he would take her with her. I went to see a similar one, but Gu Xixi said no, Yin Sichen didn’t bother him. After talking, Gu Xixi fell asleep with exhaustion, and Yin Sichen was still muttering after watching that he fell asleep. Gu Xixi mumbled, feeling very cute in her heart. Taking advantage of Gu Xixi’s sleep, Yin Sichen dared to confess to Gu Xixi quietly.

The next morning, the two went to see Erics for the appointment. Gu Xixi threw a coin in the wishing pool to make a wish. After throwing it away, she realized that she had thrown a commemorative coin that Gu’s father gave her when she was a child, but there were too many coins in the pool. , I guess I can’t find it back, so I can only give up. Erics took the two to play for a day. After returning to the studio, Erics’ assistant said nervously that the design drawing approved by Erics last time could not be found. That design drawing, Gu Xixi accidentally glanced at it when she came last time, and said that she could take the picture down. In addition to drawing pictures, Gu Xixi also added his own design. Erics praised her a lot, saying that she had solved the problem she had been struggling with for a long time.

At dinner, Yin Sichen went to the bathroom. Gu Xixi couldn’t help but concealed to Erics that he and Yin Sichen had something to hide from him, but Erics said that there is no absolute relationship between people. Sometimes white lie does not necessarily have unintended consequences. After dinner, Yin Sichen asked what Gu Xixi and Eric had said, and Gu Xixi said about his entanglement, Yin Sichen Said that although I would use the preferences of others to achieve my own interests, I would never harm the interests of others. If this matter troubles Gu Xixi, I will look for opportunities to interact with Ericstein, and there is a simpler one. The direct way is to do a fake show with yourself.

Yin Sichen used his personal account to postpone the fashion show that Gu Xixi wanted to watch yesterday for one day, and asked Gu Xixi to go out to play. Fei Ang asked Yin Sichen if he already liked Gu Xixi. , And asked him if he wanted to hold a confession ceremony for him, but Yin Sichen said that he was already in love with Gu Xixi, and Gu Xixi hoped that the relationship should be based on sincerity, and he would go back and terminate the contract with Gu Xixi. , Let her accept her feelings as a free person. Yin Sichen went to Erics again to discuss the merger and acquisition of his favorite things. Erics said that he came to them this time also for this matter, and asked Gu Xixi to manage the favorites.

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