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Jun Jiu Ling 君九龄 Episode 37 Recap

Since Uncle Qinghe took over the Zhu Family Army, he began to withdraw defenses, divide forces and divide powers, which aroused suspicions from the soldiers and gave Bei Qi an opportunity. Now that Beiqi watched and Tian Yu was attacked by the enemy, nearly half of the large number of reinforcements did not end. Chu Rang was shocked and annoyed when he heard that the soldiers and horses could not stop the enemy’s invasion.

However, for a long time, the news spread to the North. Qing Hebo knew that Cheng Guogong was advocating to dispatch troops and horses. He was very angry. He didn’t know what Cheng Guogong had done. It was nothing more than having learned of the Beiqi plan in advance and planning to rob the other party’s food and grass. , In order to facilitate Qinghebo’s rescue, but also to reverse the situation in Tianyou.

For this reason, Zhu Zan speculated that the North Qi sent a large number of troops to the south. I am afraid that the domestic defense was empty, and perhaps he could use his own way to cure his own body. He decided to personally go deep into the enemy’s territory and assassinate the North Qi emperor. Although Mrs. Yu cares about her son’s safety and believes that this trip is dangerous, Cheng Guogong agrees with Zhu Zan’s proposal. In his opinion, as a Zhu family man, Chen should put life and death aside.

After Zhu Zan bid farewell and went to Beiqi with Li Sanbing and Zhang Baotang, Cheng Guogong would also go to the north to support Qinghebo. Before leaving, he promised his wife that if the thief slaves could be killed, the family would be reunited. Mrs. Yu understands that Cheng Guogong is loyal and courageous, and she has been a married couple with him for decades. Naturally, she supports any decision made by him, and she is willing to wait here for the safe return of father and son.

The people in the Northern Region persuaded Qinghe Bo to break out of the siege and flee, but he was afraid of the army’s disintegration and insisted on fighting the Beiqi until Cheng Guogong led his soldiers to repel the enemy. Bo Qing He reprimanded Cheng Guo to transfer troops and horses privately, but Cheng Guo Gong was not eager to argue with him. Instead, he mentioned that the North Qi 60,000 cavalry drove directly to the capital, so he urged Qing He Bo to issue orders as soon as possible to support, and to take Suning troops and horses.

Prime Minister Huang has repeatedly received frontline battle reports, knowing that the capital is in danger, and pretending to ask North Qi for peace talks on behalf of Chu Rang. Uncle Ning thought that Cheng Guogong had to deal with Beiqi all the year round, and he must know how to save the crisis of losing the city gate, so he begged Chu Rang to take his order back and appoint Cheng Guogong to return to Beijing to respond to the enemy.

Chu Rang was furious and wanted to punish Uncle Ning. Fortunately, Ning Yunzhao made a timely statement to relieve him, so that Uncle Ning would not be harmed. On the other side, Jin Shiba was seriously injured by Beiqi soldiers, and when he was brought back to Wu Desi, he was dying. Lu Yunqi was deeply saddened and wanted to take Chu Jiuling away from the capital after the incident. But Chu Jiuling declared himself and wanted to guard Tianyou for his father.

Although Lu Yunqi expected that Jun Jiuling was the princess herself, he couldn’t help crying when he heard her confession in person. In the end, Lu Yunqi realized that he had done too many wrong things, so he was willing to return Chu Jiuling’s freedom, and gave her the token, even if he couldn’t protect him by his side, at least Wu Desi had to protect him.

After Chu Jiuling left the Lu Mansion, she found that the people in the capital lived peacefully as usual. She seemed to have no knowledge of the Beiqi Army’s invasion of the capital, which made her hate Chu Rang, who was completely disregarding the life and death of the people. At this time, Chu Rang instructed the palace people to pack up their fines and flee to Lincheng. When Ning Yunzhao helped Yuan Bao organize things, he stole Yuxi in the chaos, and Lu Yunqi happened to see it in his eyes.

Lu Yunqi did not dismantle it on the spot, and continued to pretend to be innocent, arranging to be responsible for other affairs. On the contrary, Chu Rang didn’t care about the people in the city at all, and even willing to hand over the capital. Ning Yunzhao was embarrassed when he saw it. The Manchu civil and military officials could not wait for Chu Rang to go to court until he knew that he had run away overnight. As for Uncle Ning It is the righteousness of the country, and he rushed to the gate of the city to support him.

Considering that the Beiqi Army’s attack on the city will inevitably cause panic among the people, especially the emperor’s abandonment of the city, it is even more difficult to calm the public’s anger, so Chu Jiuling first returned to the medical hall to arrange for Fang Jinxiu and others to purchase weapons, food and grass, and then to ask the king to preside over the overall situation and stabilize the people’s hearts. ,

Led the whole city to resist foreign thieves. The wise king was extremely shocked when he learned of this, but he had no real power to mobilize the capital to deploy defenses, so he hesitated. Chu Jiuling confessed his identity to the virtuous king, and his blood relationship moved the virtuous king.

Zhu Zan took advantage of the assassination of the Beiqi Emperor when he was rewarding the three armies, which caused him to be under siege. Zhang Baotang and Li Sanbing left Beiqi with Zhu Zan and found Fang Chengyu who was hiding in the suburbs. He arranged for a reliable doctor to treat Zhu Zan’s injuries.

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