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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 17 Recap

Ouyang Wenshan returned to the hospital, recalling the conversation with Duan Shuiliu, the more he thought about it, the more he felt wrong, and he even became suspicious of the diary. He came to the basement loaned to sin, and suddenly a crow flew over to remind him of his previous relationship with Murong. The crows that Jay met, Sin seemed to have been waiting for him for a long time. Although Ouyang Wenshan had said that he would not disturb him, he still came, and indirectly asked him if he was more than a scholar, thinking that he still underestimated him, and heard.

The scent of him was the same as the balm that he gave him before, almost putting him and Murong Jaylen in a dangerous place. Sin did not shy away from saying that it was just his tool. Ouyang Wenshan asked him his true identity, and sin told him that Keen was It’s time to know the truth. On that wooden board was written about their origins. Looking at the scene on this wooden board from ancient Babylon, Ouyang Wenshan seemed to be out of control.

Meiru took Murong Jaylen on the only way into the city. Every spring there will be a kind of pink flower blooming here. They use it to dye their nails. The place where he lived, tell him the bit by bit of Meiru when he was a child. Although the diary here has become as beautiful as an indelible nightmare, but because Murong Jaylun let Meiru have the eyes of discovering beauty again, he can still remember It’s good to start here, you can create a world in order to love someone.

Ouyang Wenshan seems to have been instilled in some memory, but that part of the memory is only the bad things Murong Jaylun did to him, killing his brothers, destroying other people, and starting a war. Sin told him that he should not be with Murong Jaylun, only Qiang Weak fights, bloody feuds, and suggestions to join forces, just like in the home country. Sin also bluntly told Ouyang Wenshan that he needs a diary. He is a door and only through this door can he return.

At this time, Ouyang Wenshan recalled that the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl had said similar things before, and made him believe even more that the beauty is such a thing. The instigator of it. Sin told him that only by working together he promised to release his tribe and be free forever, and that if he didn’t get the diary, he would completely disappear in the next blood moon, and the catastrophe would be overwhelming.

Duan Shuiliu saw Dragon Girl standing on the balcony waiting for him after returning home, and promised that he would never leave. He was the least likely to disappear and get rid of the setting of the diary together. No matter what fate, he could resist the past together.

Jiang Huizhen was putting up a poster and changing the model into a costume to look at it. Ouyang Wenshan came over but looked reluctant. Jiang Huizhen never accepted Ouyang Wenshan’s affection and threw the clothes away. Ouyang Wenshan asked Jiang Huizhen why he didn’t want it. He could originally help her realize her dream.

This is the only meaning he exists and will never have again. Hui Zhen beat him and scolded him, but Ouyang Wenshan forced her to kiss her and was slapped, but Jiang Huizhen was still very distressed. , Ouyang Wenshan confessed affectionately, saying that he missed her very much, Hui Zhen hugged Ouyang Wenshan behind and told him that he missed him too, telling her true heart.

Duan Shuiliu woke up and saw breakfast, and found that Dragon Girl is now very different from before. She can wash her clothes, and she keeps trying new things. At this time, Jiang Huizhen came to him in a hurry and told him that his diary was lost. Duan Shuiliu immediately exploded when he heard it. He began to doubt Ouyang Wenshan, but Jiang Huizhen couldn’t say that he could not believe it was Ouyang Wenshan. Duan Shuiliu suddenly thought of sin.

He immediately ran to look for Sin, Ouyang Wenshan was with him and took advantage of Jiang Huizhen. At this time, the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl also chased him. As soon as Sin wanted to kill Duan Shui Liu, she was blocked by the Dragon Girl, but the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl accidentally printed her hands. Pressing it on the wooden board, it instantly darkened and remembered some bad memories.

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