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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 15 Recap

Shangguan Mingyu found out that the gunpowder in the explosion of the Xiangyaju Bank came from Moge, a mysterious organization composed of the old members of the Qi country. Pavilion Master Mo is a woman of outstanding demeanor, and she seems to be inextricably linked with General Murong.

The imperial concubine Leng is the younger sister of Prince Leng. Concubine Leng has been in the palace for a long time but has no children. For this reason, she begged the emperor to give herself a reward of the thousand-year purple ginseng, but the emperor gave the queen the thousand-year purple ginseng. Grudge. When Lord Leng entered the palace to visit Concubine Leng, he asked Concubine Leng for a box of powdered medicine, which was a tribute from Yueqi Kingdom.

When the emperor arrived in the palace, he heard Yun Qianyue say that he did not want to be given a marriage. The emperor granted Yun Qianyue’s request, and he asked Yun Qianyue to spend more time with the queen in the palace. Concubine Leng asked the queen to meet Yun Qianyue in Ann. She alluded that Yun Qianyue lived in the queen’s palace for a long time to marry the emperor and occupy the position of the queen. The angry concubine Yun Qianyue slapped Concubine Leng.

The queen and Ye Tianci were very popular with the emperor, so the emperor declared Li Ye Tianci as the prince. The civil and military officials talked a lot about this, but didn’t dare to openly contradict him. An angry Ye Tianyi clenched his posterior molars. Lord Leng had a secret meeting with Concubine Xiao, Ye Tianyi’s biological mother. He implied that Ye Tianci was a stumbling block to Ye Tianyi. Concubine Xiao felt that the emperor liked the new and hated the old and must solve the trouble for his son Ye Tianyi.

Yun Qianyue teased Ye Tianci, and the emperor felt that Yun Qianyue was connected to Ye Tianci. The emperor asked Yun Qianyue about concubine Leng. According to the facts, Yun Qianyue had told that the emperor had a grudge against Concubine Leng. While chatting with a few people, the nurse found that Ye Tianci was suddenly in a coma. After being diagnosed by the imperial physician, although Ye Tianci had no life concerns, she would become sluggish and stupid. In anger, the emperor ordered Rong Jing to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Rong Jing, who has a sensitive sense of smell, found a rare herb in the wick. After the candle burns, the temperature rises, and the colorless and odorless herbal ingredients will slowly volatilize. The volatilized herbs will penetrate into the skin, paralyze the perception, and will not hinder the adult but inhibit the baby’s breathing. This kind of scheme, which was obviously aimed at Ye Tianci, made the emperor very angry. Rong Jing reminded the emperor that further investigations would probably affect the emperor. The emperor was determined to investigate to the end, even if other princes were found, they would never tolerate it.

Yun Qianyue asked for help, and Tuoba Yeqian discovered that this rare herb was the Datura herb unique to Yueqi Kingdom, and she had this medicine in her daily diet for the Rouge Chilian Snake. Yan Zhi Chi Lian Snake followed the smell and found Concubine Leng’s palace. Rong Jing found Datura Herb powder on the dressing table. The emperor ordered Concubine Leng to enter the Palace. The concubine Leng, who understood the story, remembered her brother Leng Wangye Zeng. A box of Datura herbal powder that I took away from myself a few days ago.

Ye Tianci was sent to Nanliang for diagnosis and treatment, and Yun Qianyue persuaded the heartbroken queen to cheer up. The emperor was worried about this, and Ye Tianyi personally stewed the ginseng soup to honor the emperor, but the emperor felt that he was not doing his job properly.

The emperor was suspicious of Ye Tianyi, which made Ye Tianyi very annoyed. He complained that the emperor was too unfair to himself. Ye Tianyi felt that Lord Leng had done too much to Ye Tianci. Lord Leng reminded him that Ye Tianyi was not only Ye Tianyi’s younger brother, but also the prince. Lord Leng told Ye Tianci that the rebel army at Phoenix Pass was ready, and since the emperor had begun to be suspicious, he might as well take this opportunity to raise his arms and conspire.

General Murong’s old knowledge settled in the Phoenix Pass, and the Phoenix Pass was flooding recently. At this time, the emperor summoned Rong Jing into the palace and asked him to go to the Phoenix Pass with Ye Tianyi to deal with the flood. Rong Jing and Ye Tianyi were polite on the surface, but in their hearts. They are all guarding each other. Ye Tianyi informed Lord Leng of this matter. He also told about Rong Jing’s investigation of the Murong family tragedy in Yueqiguo. Lord Leng smiled after listening to the matter so that Ye Tianyi did not have to worry and arranged freely.

Ye Qingran and Tuoba Yeqian were quarreling endlessly. It happened that they were bumped into by the emperor. Tuoba Yeqian asked the emperor to give him a marriage. Without a word, the emperor decided Ye Qingran and Tuoba Yeqian’s marriage. The emperor revealed that he wanted to give the Heavenly Sage to Ye Qingran. He persuaded Ye Qingran to accept the marriage. In this way, after marrying with Yueqi Country, Ye Qingran would have more say. The emperor released Ye Qingran. As the emperor, he couldn’t do what he wanted, let alone Ye Qingran as the prince. Seeing that Ye Qingran didn’t express his position, the emperor asked Ye Qingran to think about whether Yun Qianyue was really suitable for living the intriguing life of the harem.

Yun Xianghe asked his mother to ask Mrs. Yun to help him get married. The second wife felt that Rong Jing was not suitable for her daughter Yun Xianghe. In a hurry, Yun Xianghe stood by the river to force her to death, and the second wife hurried. Shouting, Yun Xianghe fell into the water at this moment, and Yun Qianyue immediately jumped into the water when she saw it.

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