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The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia 霞光 Episode 7 Recap

The sound of the hanger falling on the ground caused Fu Jiazhuang’s alertness. Just as he was about to rush in, he suddenly saw the cat in the room. In addition, the store owner’s repeated explanations gradually dispelled his suspicion. On the way back, Fu Jiazhuang and Gao Daxia reviewed what had happened just now, and felt that something was wrong, so they turned back to check the room.

Fu Jiazhuang sensed the panic look of the store owner, so Gao Daxia prepared to continue delaying time on the grounds that the clothes were not measured in size. Unexpectedly, Ma Susu had already informed the shop owner of the size, and the two had to leave first, and accidentally ran into a woman burning paper at their door. After inquiring, they found out that this person was a dumb person. No one knew the origin of the other party and the reason for burning the paper.

Liu Manli’s younger brother, Liu Youwei, has been out fooling around for many years. He is an out-and-out prodigal. He occasionally asks for money from his relatives when he has no money. Even the factory left by his parents is defeated by him. Now that Liu Youwei suddenly appeared, it was nothing more than just eating and drinking in the same way, and persuading Liu Manli to remarry early. However, Liu Manli also considered this matter, but also thought of the Gao family, the brothers and sisters. Moreover, the life or death of her husband is unclear. It is naturally difficult. Make a choice.

Because of this, Liu Manli decided to arrange the life-long events of her siblings as soon as possible, and proposed that Gao Daxia call Wan Defu for dinner. Liu Youwei mistakenly thought that Wan Defu was the new brother-in-law, so he made a small calculation in his heart. Wan Defu received a call from Gao Daxia. After he got off work, he happily went to the foreign store to buy the play box and test the radio effect by the way.

Li Yunguang found out that the Kuomintang had appointed Shen Yi to a key position in the Dalian government, and the Soviets tried their best to prevent Shen Yi from taking office. Therefore, Ma Susu conveyed to Fang Ruoyu the tasks assigned by higher-level leaders. At the moment, it is necessary to provoke relations between the Soviet Union and the Communist Party as much as possible. Ma Susu deliberately soiled Wan Defu’s clothes, and Zhen Wei secretly changed the parts inside the theater box outside, and secretly placed eavesdropping equipment.

Without questioning, Wan Defu came to Gao’s house holding the play box and gave the play box to Liu Manli. Gao Daxia blamed Wan Defu for spending money, but Liu Manli was very happy and treated him completely as her brother-in-law. Wan Defu knew that Liu Manli liked Fu Jiazhuang and took the initiative to call Fu Jiazhuang her brother-in-law. Except for Liu Manli and Wan Defu, the others were somewhat helpless.

After several days of investigation, Fu Jiazhuang learned that the person Gao Daxia met in the hotel was Wang Mingqi, and was later hit and killed by a car during sabotage in Harbin. Although Fang Ruoyu’s suspicion was lifted, Gao Daxia still felt that he had a problem, but Fu Jiazhuang was convinced that it was Gao Daxia who thought too much.

Gao Shouping introduced Chunni to everyone, but he didn’t expect that she was Wan Defu’s daughter. Once the relationship became public, everyone felt embarrassed, especially Wan Defu, who immediately turned around and went out. Upon seeing this, Gao Daxia caught up and learned the general situation from Wan Defu. Seeing that Chunni looks good, Liu Youwei took the initiative to get close to it, but Chunni decided to break up with Gao Shou in order to fulfill her father’s happiness.

The conversation between the two was clearly heard by Gao Daxia. Gao Daxia saw that Chunni was a good girl and showed that she and Wan Defu had no relationship between men and women, so that she should not be too psychologically burdened. At the same time, Fu Jiazhuang discovered the play box in the room and accidentally noticed the scratches on the screw fasteners. Especially when he heard that the play box was bought from a foreign goods store, he immediately realized that someone had moved his hands and feet.

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